Transfer Credits & Advising

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 32 semester credits at Ripon College, including at least one-half the credit hours required for any major or minor and, except under circumstances described in the Ripon College catalog, the senior year must be spent in residence. As a rule of thumb, all college-level coursework in a liberal arts and sciences discipline will be accepted as transfer credits provided the courses were completed at an accredited college and a grade of C- or higher was earned.

The requirements for a degree at Ripon College are:

  • Completion of 124 semester credits
  • A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00
  • Completion of a major (the grade point average for the courses presented for the major must be at least 2.00)
  • Completion of the Catalyst Curriculum
  • Credits from online, hybrid, e-learning, blended, or comparable courses taken at accredited institutions can be accepted. Approval of transfer credit for these courses will follow the same procedures used to evaluate transfer credit for traditional courses. No credit will be given for correspondence courses. Transfer grades are not included in computing a student’s GPA at Ripon. The catalog contains all of the policies regarding the degree requirements.

View the sortable table below to see how your credits transfer to Ripon College. Don’t see your institution? No problem. Fill out a Transfer Credit Request to send an inquiry to the Registrar’s Office.

What Credits Transfer?

School NameCourseStatus  
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeASL 1101 Amer Sign Lang/Cul ITransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeASL 1102 Amer Sign Lang/Cul IITransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeBIOL 1103 Envir ScienceTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeBIOL 1104 Human Body-Structure/FuncTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeBUS 1104 Written Bus ComTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeBUS 1125 Financ AcctingTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeCHEM 1020 Interp Chem Lec/LabTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeCHEM 1061 Prin Chemistry I-LEC/LABTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeDMST 1110 Intro to CommunicationTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeECON 1100 Intro American EconomyTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeECON 2206 Prin Econ IITransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeENGL 1121 Coll Write/Critical ReadTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeENGL 2202 Introduction LiteratureTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeENGL 2204 Short StoryTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeENGL 2208 PoetryTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeENGL 2263 Fiction WritingTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeHIST 2211 US History ITransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeHIST 2221 US History IITransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeHPER 1115 Stress MgmtTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeHPER 1120 Weight Train/Cond LABTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeHPER 1120 Wellness for LifeTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeJOUR 1109 Prac Exp JournTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeMATH 1110 Intro to StatisticsTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeMATH 1400 Calculus ITransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeMATH 1401 Calculus IITransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeMUSC 1109 Singing 101Transfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeMUSC 1188 ChoraleTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegePHIL 1101 Intro PhilosophyTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegePHIL 1105 Introduction to LogicTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegePHIL 1115 Comparative World ReligTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegePOLS 1111 Amer Govt & PolTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegePSYC 1110 General PsychologyTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeSOC 1101 General SociologyTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeSOC 1102 Relat/Marr/FamTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeSOC 1145 Soc of WomenTransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeSPAN 1101 Beg Spanish Lang/Cult ITransfers
Anoka-Ramsey Community CollegeSPCH 1110 Intro Spch CommTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegeACCT 111 BookkeepingTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegeACCT 201 Financial Acct Decision MakingTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegeACCT 205 Mangerial AccountingTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegeANTH 102 Intro Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegeBIO 101 General BiologyTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegeCA 221 Computer Concepts & Appl BusTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegeCMM 244 Intercultural & Women'sTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegeECON 101 Prin of MacroeconomicTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegeECON 102 Prin of MicroeconomicsTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegeENGL 101 Freshman CompositionTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegeGEOG 101 Physical GeographyTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegeMATH 115 StatisticsTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegePE 150 Fitness SwimmingTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegePHIL 106 Intro to PhilosophyTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegePSY 101 General PsychologyTransfers
Antelope Valley CollegeTHA 101 Theatre AppreciationTransfers
Arizona StateMAT 170 Pre-CalculusTransfers
Arizona Western CollegeECN-250-702 PR of Microeconomics/GETransfers
Arizona Western CollegeENG-101-700 Freshman Composition I/GETransfers
Arizona Western CollegeENG-102-709 Freshman Composition II/GTransfers
Arizona Western CollegePOS-110-001 American Politics/GETransfers
Arkansas State University - BeebeACCT 2003 Prin of Acct ITransfers
Arkansas State University - BeebeBIOL 1004 Biological ScienceTransfers
Arkansas State University - BeebeEDU 2023 Intro to TeachingTransfers
Arkansas State University - BeebeENG 1013 Fresh English IITransfers
Arkansas State University - BeebeHIST 1013 World Civ to 1660Transfers
Arkansas State University - BeebeHIST 1023 W Civ Since 1660Transfers
Arkansas State University - BeebeMATH 1003 Intermed AlgebraTransfers
Arkansas State University - BeebePE 1623 Concepts of FitnessTransfers
Arkansas State University - BeebePHSC 1304 Earth ScienceTransfers
Arkansas State University - BeebeSPCH 1203 Oral CommunicationTransfers
Armstrong Atlantic State UniversityECON 2106 Principles of MicroeconomicsTransfers
Armstrong Atlantic State UniversityENGL 1101M Composition & Rhetoric by WCTransfers
Armstrong Atlantic State UniversityMUSC 1100 Music AppreciationTransfers
Ashford UniversityBUS 303 Human Resources ManagementTransfers
Ashford UniversityENG 121 English Compositon ITransfers
Ashford UniversityENG 122 English Composition IITransfers
Ashford UniversityENG 125 Introduction to LiteratureTransfers
Ashford UniversityENG 225 Introduction to FilmTransfers
Ashford UniversityHIS 205 United States History ITransfers
Ashford UniversityINF 103 Computer LiteracyTransfers
Ashford UniversityPSY 202 Adult Development & Life AssessmentTransfers
Augustana CollegeARHI 161 Western Art in PerTransfers
Augustana CollegeBIOL 140 Organisms to EcosyTransfers
Augustana CollegeBIOL 140L Lab for 140Transfers
Augustana CollegeCHEM-121 General ChemistryTransfers
Augustana CollegeCHEM-122 General ChemistryTransfers
Augustana CollegeCHEM-225 Intro to InorganicTransfers
Augustana CollegeECON 200 Principles of EconTransfers
Augustana CollegeFYI 100 Intro to Liberal ATransfers
Augustana CollegeFYI 101 First Year InquiryTransfers
Augustana CollegeFYI 102 Enlighten to FrnchTransfers
Augustana CollegeFYI 103 Blame It On the BrTransfers
Augustana CollegeHEPE 119 Scuba TrainingTransfers
Augustana CollegeHIST-132 U.S. WWII to PreseTransfers
Augustana CollegeLSFY-101 Rhetoric & the LibTransfers
Augustana CollegeLSFY-102 Confucius to SimaTransfers
Augustana CollegeLSFY-103 Lennon & MoreTransfers
Augustana CollegeMATH-218 Pre-CalculusTransfers
Augustana CollegeMUSC 101 The Art of ListeningTransfers
Augustana CollegePHIL-201 Knowledge & ValuTransfers
Augustana CollegePOLS 105 Comparative PoliticalTransfers
Augustana CollegePOLS 107 Contemporary PolitTransfers
Augustana CollegePOLS 260 The Legal SystemTransfers
Augustana CollegePSYC-100 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Augustana CollegePSYC-240 StatisticsTransfers
Augustana CollegeRELG-207 Christian ScripturTransfers
Augustana CollegeSCAN-101 Elementary SwedishTransfers
Augustana CollegeSCAN-102 Elementary SwedishTransfers
Augustana CollegeSCAN-103 Elementary SwedishTransfers
Augustana CollegeSOAN 102 Intro to AnthropolTransfers
Augustana CollegeSOCW 160 Intro to Social WelfareTransfers
Augustana CollegeSOCW-100 Introduction to SoTransfers
Augustana CollegeSPAN 103 Elementary SpanishTransfers
Aurora UniversityBIO 2200 Humans and the EnvironmentTransfers
Aurora UniversityGEN-1300 Inclusivity and ExpressionTransfers
Aurora UniversityGEN-1500 Intro Research & Info LiteracyTransfers
Aurora UniversityGEN-1600 Scientific InquiryTransfers
Aurora UniversityGEN-2200 Ethical Reasoning & ValuesTransfers
Aurora UniversityGEN-2300 Arts, Literature & InquiryTransfers
Aurora UniversityGEN-2400 Social InquiryTransfers
Aurora UniversityPSY 2340 PersonalityTransfers
Aurora UniversityPSY-1100 General PsychologyTransfers
Aurora UniversitySEN-1100 A Powerful Way of ChangeTransfers
Aurora UniversitySEN-1200 Innov, Problem Solver & ToolsTransfers
Aurora UniversitySEN-2000 Changing Lives & the WorldTransfers
Aurora UniversitySOC-2150 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
Aurora UniversitySUS-2100 Environmental EthicsTransfers
Aurora UniversitySUS-2400 Literature & the EnvironmentTransfers
Beloit CollegeHIST 150 Calendars & Alman E AsiaTransfers
Beloit CollegeHIST 280 Australia HistoryTransfers
Bethany Lutheran CollegeBIOL 101 Principles of Biology and LabTransfers
Bethany Lutheran CollegeCOMM 111 Art History Renaissance to ModernTransfers
Bethany Lutheran CollegeENGL 110 College Writing ITransfers
Bethany Lutheran CollegeENGL 212 Foundations of EducationTransfers
Bethany Lutheran CollegeGEOG 102 Introduction to MusicTransfers
Bethany Lutheran CollegeHIST 115 Environmental Ed Curriculum ReTransfers
Bethany Lutheran CollegeMUSC 135 Concert BandTransfers
Bethany Lutheran CollegePHED 215 Developing Life SkillsTransfers
Bethany Lutheran CollegeRELG 110 Introduction to Christianity ITransfers
Bethany Lutheran CollegeRELG 111 Introduction to Christianity IITransfers
Bethel UniversityART 119A PhotographyTransfers
Bethel UniversityART 212 Graphic DesignTransfers
Black Hawk Community CollegeBIOL 105 General Biology ITransfers
Black Hawk Community CollegeCHEM 101 General ChemistryTransfers
Black Hawk Community CollegeHIST 105 US History to 1877Transfers
Black Hawk Community CollegeHIST 125 Western CivilizationTransfers
Black Hawk Community CollegeMUSC 154 Music AppreciationTransfers
Black Hawk Community CollegePSYC 101 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Black Hawk Community CollegeSOC 101 Principals of SociologyTransfers
Black Hawk Community CollegeSPEC 101 Principals of Speech CommunicationTransfers
Black Hills State UniversityBIOL 123 Basic PhysiologyTransfers
Black Hills State UniversityBIOL 123L Basic Physiology LabTransfers
Black Hills State UniversityBIOL 286 Word OriginsTransfers
Black Hills State UniversityPSYC 417 Health PsychologyTransfers
Black Hills State UniversitySOC 492 Topics: Enviro SociologyTransfers
Blackhawk Technical College801 136 English Composition ITransfers
Blackhawk Technical College806 134 General ChemistryTransfers
Blackhawk Technical College806 177 Gen Anatomy & PhysiologyTransfers
Blackhawk Technical College806 197 MicrobiologyTransfers
Boise State UniversityCJ 103 Intro to Law & JusticeTransfers
Boise State UniversityCOMM 197 Special Topics: Global Village Learning CommunTransfers
Boise State UniversityENGL 102 College Writing & ResearchTransfers
Boise State UniversityHIST 121 Eastern CivilizationsTransfers
Boise State UniversityPHIL 201 Introduction to LogicTransfers
Boston UniversityCAS CS111S INT COMP SCI 1Transfers
Bradley UniversityBIO 111 Intro Cell BiologyTransfers
Bradley UniversityBIO 112 Ecology EvolutionTransfers
Bradley UniversityCHM 100 Fund Gen ChemTransfers
Bradley UniversityCHM 101 Fund Gen Chem LabTransfers
Bradley UniversityCHM 110 Gen Chem ITransfers
Bradley UniversityENG 101 English CompositionTransfers
Bradley UniversityMTH 115 Brief Calculus ITransfers
Bradley UniversityMUS 109 Music AppreciationTransfers
Briar Cliff UniversityHPER 231 Recreation LeadersTransfers
Briar Cliff UniversityPHIL 110 Logical ThinkingTransfers
Briar Cliff UniversityWRTG 109 Intro to CollegeTransfers
Broward CollegeSTA 2023Transfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeBUSS 100 Business PrinciplesTransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeBUSS 110 Marketing PrinciplesTransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeBUSS 120 Sales & Service PrinciplesTransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeBUSS 215 Management PrinciplesTransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeCOMM 150 Intro Info Literacy & ResearchTransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeCOMM 201 Public SpeakingTransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeECON 220 MacroeconomicsTransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeENGL 101 Research and Writing ITransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeENGL 102 Research/Writing for the Wkpl.Transfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeENGL 202 Research and WritingTransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeENGL 250 Research and Writing IITransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeMATH 103 Survey of MathematicsTransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeMATH 201 College MathematicsTransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeNSCI 280 EcologyTransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegePHIL 250 Practices Reasoning & ThinkingTransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegePSYC 101 PsychologyTransfers
Bryant & Stratton CollegeSOSC 102 Principles of SociologyTransfers
Buffalo State CollegeANT 101 Intro to AnthTransfers
Buffalo State CollegeCIS 101 Computer FundTransfers
Buffalo State CollegeCRS 205 Intro Creat StdTransfers
Buffalo State CollegeECO 305 Econ StatisticsTransfers
Buffalo State CollegeENG 102 College Wrtg 2Transfers
Buffalo State CollegeGES 101 Intro GeologyTransfers
Buffalo State CollegeHIS 106 American Life ITransfers
Buffalo State CollegeNFS 334 Contemp NutrTransfers
Buffalo State CollegePHI 101 Intro to PhiTransfers
California State University - San MarcosANTH 200 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
California State University - San MarcosBIOL 326 Biol Trends 21st Cent MedTransfers
California State University - San MarcosLBST 307 Children & EnvironTransfers
California State University - San MarcosPHIL 390 St: Feminist EthicsTransfers
Calvin CollegeBIOL 141 Cell Biology & GeneticsTransfers
Calvin CollegeCAS 220 Calvin Theatre CompanyTransfers
Calvin CollegeCHEM 103 General Chemistry ITransfers
Calvin CollegeENGL 101 Written RhetoricTransfers
Calvin CollegeENGL 285 Russian LiteratureTransfers
Calvin CollegeENGL 315 The American NovelTransfers
Calvin CollegeHIST 152 Hist of the West & World IITransfers
Calvin CollegeHIST 355 American Intellectual HistoryTransfers
Calvin CollegeIDIS 150 DCM - Other Sheep I haveTransfers
Calvin CollegeMATH 100 Math in the Contemporary WorldTransfers
Calvin CollegePE 330 Dance Composition & PerformancTransfers
Calvin CollegePER 155 Ballet ITransfers
Calvin CollegePER 156 Creative DanceTransfers
Calvin CollegePHIL 153 Fundamental Questions in PhilTransfers
Calvin CollegePSYC 151 Introductory PsychologyTransfers
Calvin CollegeREL 121 Biblical Lit & TheologyTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityAC 201 Accounting I FinancialTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityACS 101A Crit Thnk/LearnTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityART 123A Drawing ITransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityART 125B Painting ITransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityART 141A Art Hstry Srv ITransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityART 142A Art Hst Srvy IITransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityART 150B Undrstndng ArtTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityART 301A Radical ArtTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBL 105A Genrl Biology ITransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBL 120B Concpts BiologyTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBL 216A Muscle and BoneTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBU 205A EntrepeneurshipTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBU 228A Business WritingTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBU 235A Business Law ITransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBU 301A Prin MarketingTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBU 302A Mkt StrategyTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBU 307A Org & MgtTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBU 308A Human Res MgtTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBU 311 Business FinanceTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBU 348A Glbl Hm Res MgtTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBU 400 InternshipTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityCA 101A Fund Oral CommTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityCA 101D Public SpeakingTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityCA 235A Social NetworksTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityCA 244A Family CommunicTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityCA 370A Orgnz Soc MediaTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityCS 235A Social NetworksTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityEC 201A MicroeconomicsTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityEC 202A MacroeconomicsTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityEN 101B Written Comm ITransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityEN 101C Written CommunicationTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityEN 102B Research WritTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityEN 102D Written Comm IITransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityEN 150A Intro to LitTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityEN 208A Creative WritingTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityEN 216A Graphic NovelTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityEN 307A Fighting Words: Lit and Social ChngTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityEN 318A Screen WritingTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityFYE 115F Coming of AgeTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityFYE 115G Creat Prob SolvTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityGE 101 Gen GeographyTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityHS 102 US Since 1877Transfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityHS 207A Womens HistoryTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityHS 242A Civ War/RcnstrnTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityHS 317A RussiaTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityHW 243A 20th Century AMTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityMT 120B Appl StatsTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityMU 107A Srvy Amer MusicTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityMU 114C Intro Music ArtTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPE 110A Walk/JogTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPE 111A Dig, Set, SpikeTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPE 115A Walk/JogTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPE 116A Physical FitnessTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPE 205A Prs Hlth & WellTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPE 210A Injury Prev/MgtTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPL 101A Introduction to EthicsTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPL 102 BioethicsTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPS 201D General PsychTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPS 202B Life SP Hum DevTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPS 205 Selected Topics in Psychology: Eating DisordersTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPS 220A Child PsychlgyTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPS 221A Adolescent PsyTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPS 280A Health PsychlgyTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPS 303A Psych Adv StatsTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityPS 309A PsychopathologyTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityREL 101A Old TestamentTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityREL 106B Intro to BibleTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityREL 201C New TestamentTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityREL 250D Faith DevelopmentTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversitySC 101A Intro SocTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversitySC 212A Soc Work Mthd IITransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversitySC 305A Urban SociologyTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversitySEM 101 Peace BrigadeTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversitySEM 102C Big DataTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversitySPN 101A Elem SpanishTransfers
Cardinal Stritch UniversityWS 101 A Intro to Wmn StTransfers
Carl Sandburg CollegeART 111 Art AppreciationTransfers
Carl Sandburg CollegePED 142 Physical Fitness 3Transfers
Carl Sandburg CollegePSY 101 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Carl Sandburg CollegeSPE 110 Interpersonal CommunicationTransfers
Carl Sandburg CollegeTHE 110 Theatre Arts AppreciationTransfers
Carleton CollegeBIOL 125 Genes & EvolutionTransfers
Carleton CollegeENGL 111 English Literature IITransfers
Carleton CollegeMATH 111 Introduction to CalculusTransfers
Carleton CollegeMATH 131 Inverses and IntgrationTransfers
Carleton CollegePHIL 110 Evolution and MindTransfers
Carleton CollegePSYC 103 Principles of PsychologyTransfers
Carleton CollegeSPA 103 Intermediate SpanishTransfers
Carleton CollegeSPAN 101 Elementary SpanishTransfers
Carleton CollegeSPAN 102 Elementary SpanishTransfers
Carroll UniversityACT 205 Financial AccountingTransfers
Carroll UniversityART 104 Renaissance to Early Modernism ARH SurveyTransfers
Carroll UniversityBIO 103 Introduction to Human AnatomyTransfers
Carroll UniversityBIO 120 General Biology ITransfers
Carroll UniversityBIO 125 General Biology IITransfers
Carroll UniversityBIO 160 Organismal Biology IITransfers
Carroll UniversityBIO 260 Intro to Ecology and EvolutionTransfers
Carroll UniversityBIO 396 Intro to Biologl Prob SolvTransfers
Carroll UniversityBIO 402 Human AnatomyTransfers
Carroll UniversityBIO 403 Human PhysiologyTransfers
Carroll UniversityCCS 100 Cultural SeminarTransfers
Carroll UniversityCHE 109 Principles of Chemistry ITransfers
Carroll UniversityCHE 110 Principles of Chemistry IITransfers
Carroll UniversityCOM 101 Principles of CommunicationTransfers
Carroll UniversityECO 110 Introduction to EconomicsTransfers
Carroll UniversityEDU 100 Introduction to EducationTransfers
Carroll UniversityEDU 209 Education in a Multicultural ConTransfers
Carroll UniversityEDU 210 Field Experience in Educ ITransfers
Carroll UniversityEDU 261 Educ of the Exceptional ChildTransfers
Carroll UniversityEDU 301 Democracy, Schools, and SocietyTransfers
Carroll UniversityENG 140 Introductory Language Skills for Liberal ArtsTransfers
Carroll UniversityENG 170 Writing SeminarTransfers
Carroll UniversityENG 255 Postcolonial LiteratureTransfers
Carroll UniversityENV 252 Contemporary Issues in Geog & The EnvironmentTransfers
Carroll UniversityFYS 100 First Year SeminarTransfers
Carroll UniversityGER 101 Elementary German ITransfers
Carroll UniversityGER 102 Elementary German IITransfers
Carroll UniversityGER 201 Intermediate German ITransfers
Carroll UniversityGER 202 Intermediate German IITransfers
Carroll UniversityHIS 103 Roots of the Western WorldTransfers
Carroll UniversityHIS 106 America Since 1877Transfers
Carroll UniversityMAT 112 Introduction to StatisticsTransfers
Carroll UniversityMAT 160 Calculus ITransfers
Carroll UniversityMAT 161 Calculus IITransfers
Carroll UniversityPOL 141 Intro to American PoliticsTransfers
Carroll UniversityPSY 211 Life-Span PsychologyTransfers
Carroll UniversitySPA 101 Elementary Spanish ITransfers
Carroll UniversitySPA 102 Elementary Spanish IITransfers
Carthage CollegeACC 2000 Survey of AccountingTransfers
Carthage CollegeACC 2010 Financial AccountingTransfers
Carthage CollegeART 1070 Intro to Two Dimensional DesignTransfers
Carthage CollegeART 1071 Intro toThree Dimensional DesignTransfers
Carthage CollegeART 2000 Drawing ITransfers
Carthage CollegeART 2500 Ceramic Hand-BuildingTransfers
Carthage CollegeART 675V Religious & Aesthetic Responses to National SocialismTransfers
Carthage CollegeBIO 1040 Human Anatomy and PhysiologyTransfers
Carthage CollegeBUS 2340 Applied Statistics of Math & EconomicsTransfers
Carthage CollegeBUSA 330 Prod/Oper MgmtTransfers
Carthage CollegeCDM 1150 Human CommunicationTransfers
Carthage CollegeCDM 1200 Public SpeakingTransfers
Carthage CollegeCDM 2200 Principles of Public RelationsTransfers
Carthage CollegeCOR 1100 Intellectual History of Western Heritage 1Transfers
Carthage CollegeCOR 1110 Intellectual History of Western Heritage 2Transfers
Carthage CollegeCORE 110 Intlct Hist WstTransfers
Carthage CollegeECN 1010 Principles of MicroeconomicsTransfers
Carthage CollegeECN 1020 Principles of MacroeconomicsTransfers
Carthage CollegeEDUC 1010 Educ & SocietyTransfers
Carthage CollegeEDUC 105 Chrctr Excp LrnTransfers
Carthage CollegeEDUC 2010 Ed Psy/Assm-WITransfers
Carthage CollegeEXS 0010 Concepts of Physical FitnessTransfers
Carthage CollegeGEO 1600 Earth RevealedTransfers
Carthage CollegeGEOS 151 Human GeographyTransfers
Carthage CollegeGEOS 155 Physical GeogrpTransfers
Carthage CollegeHIS 675A Hist of British Isles According to HollywoodTransfers
Carthage CollegeMATH 104 Found of MathTransfers
Carthage CollegeMGT 3120 Principles of ManagementTransfers
Carthage CollegeMGT 3130 Marketing PrinciplesTransfers
Carthage CollegeMGT 3600 Legal Environment of BusinessTransfers
Carthage CollegeMTH 1030 Applied MathematicsTransfers
Carthage CollegeREL 1000 Understanding of ReligionTransfers
Carthage CollegeREL 3060 Luther and the ReformationTransfers
Carthage CollegeSOC 1000 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Carthage CollegeSOCI 141 Prin of SocioloTransfers
Carthage CollegeSPN 1010 Elementary Spanish 1Transfers
Carthage CollegeSPN 1020 Elementary Spanish 2Transfers
Casper CollegeADDN 1490 Topics: Crime and DrugsTransfers
Casper CollegeECON 1020 MicroeconomicsTransfers
Casper CollegeENGL 1010 English I: CompositionTransfers
Casper CollegeMKT 1180 Sports & Entertain MktTransfers
Casper CollegePEAC 1255 Beginning GolfTransfers
Central Lakes CollegeBIOL 1411 Concepts of BiologyTransfers
Central Lakes CollegeCHEM 1414 Fundamentals of ChemistryTransfers
Central Lakes CollegeECON 1450 American EconomyTransfers
Central Lakes CollegeENGL 1410 Composition ITransfers
Central Lakes CollegeSPCH 1431 Fund Public SpkingTransfers
Centralia CollegeART 200 Art History Survey ITransfers
Centralia CollegeB A 132 Entrep Starting New BusiTransfers
Centralia CollegeBIOL 130 Human BiologyTransfers
Centralia CollegeBOTA 110 Survey of BotanyTransfers
Centralia CollegeENGL 101 Composition ITransfers
Centralia CollegeENGL 102 Composition IITransfers
Centralia CollegeP E 153 Tai Chi BasicsTransfers
Centralia CollegePOLS& 204 Comparative GovernmentsTransfers
Centralia CollegeZOOL 221 Basic Anatomy & PhysioloTransfers
Century CollegeART 1021 Art History Western World ITransfers
Century CollegeBIOL 1028 EcologyTransfers
Century CollegeCOMM 1021 Public SpeakingTransfers
Century CollegeCSCI 1011 Intro Game ProgrammingTransfers
Century CollegeENGL 1021 Composition ITransfers
Century CollegeENGL 1022 Composition 2Transfers
Century CollegeENGL 2031 Brit Lit: Med-RomTransfers
Century CollegeENGL 2055 MythologyTransfers
Century CollegeGEOG 1021 Physical GeographyTransfers
Century CollegeHIST 1021 Wciv:Antiq-18thTransfers
Century CollegeHIST 1031 United States to 1877Transfers
Century CollegeHIST 2051 20thCentGlobalConflictTransfers
Century CollegeHLTH 1020 Pers & Comm HealthTransfers
Century CollegeLING 1030 Engl/Language/AnalysisTransfers
Century CollegeLING 2030 Intro Socio-LinguisticsTransfers
Century CollegePE 1010 BadmintonTransfers
Century CollegePE 1064 YogaTransfers
Century CollegePE 1070 Fitness for LifeTransfers
Century CollegePHIL 1041 Intro to LogicTransfers
Century CollegePHIL 1051 World ReligionsTransfers
Century CollegePHYS 1020 Physics ConceptsTransfers
Century CollegePHYS 1070 Descriptive AstronTransfers
Century CollegePOLS 1031 American GovernmentTransfers
Century CollegePSYC 1020 General PsycTransfers
Century CollegeSPAN 1011 Begin Spanish ITransfers
Century CollegeSPAN 1012 Begin Spanish 2Transfers
Century CollegeSPAN 2010 Oral Comm in SpanishTransfers
Century CollegeSPCH 1031 Interpersonal ComTransfers
Century CollegeTHTR 1020 Intro to TheatreTransfers
Century CollegeTHTR 1031 Beginning ActingTransfers
Century CollegeTHTR 1033 Acting for the CameraTransfers
Century CollegeTHTR 2031 Intermediate ActingTransfers
Cerro Coso Community CollegeANTH C121 Physical AnthropologyTransfers
Cerro Coso Community CollegeENGL C102 Crit Thinking Through LitTransfers
Cerro Coso Community CollegeMUSC C101 Music AppreciationTransfers
Cerro Coso Community CollegePHED C101 Introduction to KinesiologyTransfers
Chabot CollegeANTH 3 Social/Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
Chabot CollegeSOCI 1 Principles of SociologyTransfers
Chabot CollegeSOCI 3 Cultural and Racial MinoritiesTransfers
Chaffey CollegeANTHRO 1 Intro to Physical AnthropologyTransfers
Chaffey CollegeANTHRO 2 Intro to ArchaeologyTransfers
Chaffey CollegeANTHRO 3 Honors: Intro Soc/Cul AnthroTransfers
Chaffey CollegeART 3 Western Art: Ancient-MedievalTransfers
Chaffey CollegeENGL 1A Honors: CompositionTransfers
Chaffey CollegeENGL 1B Hnors: Adv Comp & Crit ThinkTransfers
Chaffey CollegeENGL 70A World LiteratureTransfers
Chaffey CollegeENGL 70B World LiteratureTransfers
Chaffey CollegeENGL 75A Honors: American LiteratureTransfers
Chaffey CollegeENGL 75B American LiteratureTransfers
Chaffey CollegeENGL 76 African-American LiteratureTransfers
Chaffey CollegeENGL 79 Native American LiteraturesTransfers
Chaffey CollegeGEOG 11 World CulturesTransfers
Chaffey CollegeGEOG 4 Physical GeographyTransfers
Chaffey CollegeGEOG 5 Physical Geography LabTransfers
Chaffey CollegeHIST 17 Honors: History/United StatesTransfers
Chaffey CollegeHIST 18 History/United StatesTransfers
Chaffey CollegeHUMAN 5 Arts/Ideas:antiq to RennaisanTransfers
Chaffey CollegeHUMAN 6 Arts/Ideas: Renaissance-ModernTransfers
Chaffey CollegeMUSIC 26 World MusicTransfers
Chaffey CollegePSYCH 1 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Chaffey CollegeSOC 10 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Chaffey CollegeSPAN 1 Elementary SpanishTransfers
Chaffey CollegeSPAN 2 Elementary SpanishTransfers
Champlain CollegeART 120 Art HistoryTransfers
Champlain CollegeART 135 Anatomy & Perspective DrawingTransfers
Champlain CollegeART 282 Sequential ArtTransfers
Champlain CollegeCCC 410 CC: Game DevelopmentTransfers
Champlain CollegeCOM 220 Communication and EthicsTransfers
Champlain CollegeCOM 230 Small Group CommunicationTransfers
Champlain CollegeCOR 110 Concepts of the SelfTransfers
Champlain CollegeCOR 115 Rhetoric ITransfers
Champlain CollegeCOR 120 Concepts of CommunityTransfers
Champlain CollegeCOR 125 Rhetoric IITransfers
Champlain CollegeCOR 220 Aesthetic ExpressionsTransfers
Champlain CollegeCOR 240 BodiesTransfers
Champlain CollegeCOR 260 DemocraciesTransfers
Champlain CollegeCOR 270 Heroines and HeroesTransfers
Champlain CollegeCOR 310 The Global ConditionTransfers
Champlain CollegeCOR 320 Human Rights & ResponsibilityTransfers
Champlain CollegeCOR 330 Gods, Ghosts, and AncestorsTransfers
Champlain CollegeCOR 330 YemenTransfers
Champlain CollegeEGD 215 3D Art, Introduction toTransfers
Champlain CollegeEGD 245 Concept Painting, FoundationsTransfers
Champlain CollegeGDD 111 Visual & Digital FundamentalsTransfers
Champlain CollegeIXD 200 Aesthetic InteractionsTransfers
Champlain CollegeSCI 150 Environmental Earth SciencesTransfers
Charles University Faculty of ArtsHIST 318 Czech & Central European HistoryTransfers
Charles University Faculty of ArtsIntensive Czech LanguageTransfers
Charles University Faculty of ArtsPOL 315 Comparative Politics: Transformation of Czechoslovakia & the Czech RepublicTransfers
Charles University Faculty of ArtsPolitics of the EnlightmentTransfers
Chippewa Valley Technical College801 136 English Composition ITransfers
Chippewa Valley Technical College801 223 English Composition IITransfers
Chippewa Valley Technical College804 228 Plane TrigonometryTransfers
Chippewa Valley Technical College806 134 General ChemistryTransfers
Chippewa Valley Technical College806 154 General PhysicsTransfers
Chippewa Valley Technical College809 122 Introduction to American GovernmentTransfers
Chippewa Valley Technical College809 195 EconomicsTransfers
Chippewa Valley Technical College809 196 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Chippewa Valley Technical College809 198 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Citrus CollegeENGL 101 Reading/CompositionTransfers
City College of San FranciscoDANC 108A Ballroom Dance Prod & CompTransfers
City College of San FranciscoDANC 145A Beginning Ballroom DanceTransfers
City College of San FranciscoDANC 155C Adv. Latin American DanceTransfers
City College of San FranciscoHIST 17A The United StatesTransfers
City College of San FranciscoINTR 163 International MarketingTransfers
City College of San FranciscoPOLS 1 American GovernmentTransfers
City Colleges of ChicagoAstromy 201 Descriptive AstronomyTransfers
City Colleges of ChicagoCRM JUS 102 Admin of Criminal JusticeTransfers
City Colleges of ChicagoCRM JUS 114 Admin of Juvenile JusticeTransfers
City Colleges of ChicagoENGLISH 101 CompositionTransfers
City Colleges of ChicagoHIS 215 History of Latin AmericaTransfers
City Colleges of ChicagoMCROBIO 233 General MicrobiologyTransfers
City Colleges of ChicagoPHIL 10 LogicTransfers
City Colleges of ChicagoPHY SCI 111 General Course I Phy SciTransfers
City Colleges of ChicagoPSYCH 201 General PsychologyTransfers
City Colleges of ChicagoSOC 205 Social ProblemsTransfers
Clark CollegeBIOL& 100 Survey of BiologyTransfers
Clark CollegeENGL 101 English CompositionTransfers
Clark CollegeENGL 102 English CompositionTransfers
Clark CollegeHLTH 101 Hlth Adult LivTransfers
Clark CollegePSYC 101 Gen'l PsychologyTransfers
Clarke UniversityARHS 135 Intro to World ArtTransfers
Clarke UniversityATHT-133 Dynamics of Health & NutrtionTransfers
Clarke UniversityBUMG 112 Principles of ManagementTransfers
Clarke UniversityEDPE-230 Coaching and Sport TheoryTransfers
Clarke UniversityENGL 121 Literary VenturesTransfers
Clarke UniversityGNED-110 Cornerstone ITransfers
Clarke UniversityGNED-111 Cornerstone IITransfers
Clarke UniversityHIST 107 United States History ITransfers
Clarke UniversityHIST 108 United States History IITransfers
Clarke UniversityKISM-131 Foundations of Sports ManagementTransfers
Clarke UniversityMATH 117 Precalculus with AlgebraTransfers
Clarke UniversityPHIL-110 Fundamentals of PhilosophyTransfers
Clarke UniversityRELS-100 Foundations/Spiritual LifeTransfers
Cloud County Community CollegeCM 101 English Composition ITransfers
Cloud County Community CollegeHE 124 NutritionTransfers
Cloud County Community CollegePH 100 Introduction to PhilosophyTransfers
Cloud County Community CollegeSC 101 General BiologyTransfers
Cloud County Community CollegeSC 101-L General Biology LabTransfers
Cloud County Community CollegeSC 105 General AstronomyTransfers
Cloud County Community CollegeSC 105-L General Astronomy LabTransfers
Cloud County Community CollegeSS 101 General PsychologyTransfers
Cloud County Community CollegeSS 107 Human SexualityTransfers
Cochise CollegeIOS 100 Intro to Intel Ops StudiesTransfers
Cochise CollegeIOS 123 TargetingTransfers
Coe CollegeBIO 145 Cellular & Molecular BiologyTransfers
Coe CollegeBIO 165 Intro OrnithologyTransfers
Coe CollegeBIO 285 Animal BehaviorTransfers
Coe CollegeBIO 385 Behavioral Ecology-VertebratesTransfers
Coe CollegeBIO 905 Aquatic EcologyTransfers
Coe CollegeBIO 915 Beh/Ecol MammalsTransfers
Coe CollegeBio-140 Intro Biology LabTransfers
Coe CollegeBIO-150 Organismal & Ecological Biology LabTransfers
Coe CollegeBIO-155 Organismal & Ecological BiologyTransfers
Coe CollegeCHM-150 Principles of Structural Chemistry LabTransfers
Coe CollegeCHM-155 Principles of Structural ChemistryTransfers
Coe CollegeCHM-165 Principles of Chemical ReactivityTransfers
Coe CollegeDAN-040 Dance - Tap ITransfers
Coe CollegeDAN-045 Dance - Tap IITransfers
Coe CollegeFS-110 FYS: Water & PlaceTransfers
Coe CollegeMTH-135 Calculus ITransfers
Coe CollegeMTH-145 Calculus IITransfers
Coe CollegeMTH-215 Foundations of Advanced MathematicsTransfers
Coe CollegeMUA-003 Concert BandTransfers
Coe CollegePHL-128 Morality/Moral ControversyTransfers
Coe CollegePSY-115 Introductory PsychologyTransfers
Coe CollegePSY-225 Introductory to Bio PsychologyTransfers
Coe CollegeSPA-215 Intermediate Spanish ITransfers
Coe CollegeSPA-325 Spanish Language & LiteratureTransfers
Coe CollegeTHE 406 Topic:Theatre & Arts SerbiaTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeBIOL 101 General BiologyTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeECON 205 Principles of MacroeconomicsTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeENGL 102 English Composition IITransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeENGL 190 Introduction to LiteratureTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeFACS 210 NutritionTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeFLNG 101 French ITransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeGEOG 120 World GeographyTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeGOVN 104 United States GovernmentTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeHIST 103 Recent UH HistoryTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeHPER 111 Lifetime Fitness ConceptsTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeHUMN 180 Introduction to EthicsTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeHUMN 235 Humanities IVTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeMATH 105 College AlgebraTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeMATH 115 Calculus with Analytic Geometry ITransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeMUSC 120 Vocal EnsembleTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeMUSC 122 Music AppreciationTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeMUSC 180 ChoreographyTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegePSYC 100 College Orientation ITransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegePSYC 101 General PsychologyTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegePSYC 107 College Orientation IITransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeSOCI 101 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeSOCI 201 American Social ProblemsTransfers
Coffeyville Community CollegeSPCH 111 Public SpeakingTransfers
College of DuPageANAT 1551 Human Anat & Phy ITransfers
College of DuPageANAT 1552 Human Anat & Phy IITransfers
College of DuPageANTHR 1100 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
College of DuPageBIOLO 1100 Survey of BiologyTransfers
College of DuPageBIOLO 1110 Environmental BioTransfers
College of DuPageBUSIN 1161 EntrepreneurshipTransfers
College of DuPageBUSLW 2211 Business Law ITransfers
College of DuPageCHEMI 1211 General ChemistryTransfers
College of DuPageCRIMJ 1100 Introduction Criminal JusticeTransfers
College of DuPageCRIMJ 1151 Constitutional LawTransfers
College of DuPageCRIMJ 1152 Criminal LawTransfers
College of DuPageEARTH 1101 Geology: Earth InteriorTransfers
College of DuPageECONO 2201 Macroeconomics & Global EconomyTransfers
College of DuPageECONO 2202 Microeconomics & Global EconomyTransfers
College of DuPageEDUCA 1100 Introduction to EducationTransfers
College of DuPageENGLI 1101 CompositionTransfers
College of DuPageENGLI 1102 Composition IITransfers
College of DuPageGEOGR 1100 Western World GeogTransfers
College of DuPageHISTO 1110 Western Civilization Until 1600Transfers
College of DuPageHISTO 1130 US History to 1865Transfers
College of DuPageHISTO 1140 U.S. History Since 1865Transfers
College of DuPageHUMNT 1101 Intro Humnt: The ArtsTransfers
College of DuPageMATH 1533 Finite MathematicsTransfers
College of DuPageMATH 1635 StatisticsTransfers
College of DuPageMUSIC 1100 Music AppreciationTransfers
College of DuPageMUSIC 1120 C.O.D. Concert ChoirTransfers
College of DuPagePHILO 1100 IntroductionTransfers
College of DuPagePHILO 1110 EthicsTransfers
College of DuPagePHILO 1114 Business EthicsTransfers
College of DuPagePHYS 1141 Cross TrainingTransfers
College of DuPagePHYS 1161 Physical Fitness ITransfers
College of DuPagePHYS 1162 Physical Fitness IITransfers
College of DuPagePHYS 1171 Weight Training ITransfers
College of DuPagePHYS 1191 Power Lifting ITransfers
College of DuPagePHYS 1911 Pilates ITransfers
College of DuPagePHYS 2201 Introduction to CoachingTransfers
College of DuPagePHYS 2208 Theory & Practice of FootballTransfers
College of DuPagePOLS 1101 American PoliticsTransfers
College of DuPagePSYCH 1100 General PsychologyTransfers
College of DuPageRELIG 1100 Introduction ReligionTransfers
College of DuPageSOCI 1100 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
College of DuPageSOCIO 2210 Social ProblemsTransfers
College of DuPageSOCIO 2215 Racial & Ethnic RelationsTransfers
College of DuPageSOCIO 2220 Sexual Reltnshp/Marriage/FamlyTransfers
College of DuPageSOCIO 2253 Dying, Death & BereavementTransfers
College of DuPageSPANI 1101 Elementary ITransfers
College of DuPageSPEEC 1100 Fundamentals Speech CommunicationTransfers
College of Lake CountyANT 121 Introduction to AnthropologyTransfers
College of Lake CountyANT 221 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
College of Lake CountyANT 224 Introduction to ArchaeologyTransfers
College of Lake CountyART 121 Introduction to ArtTransfers
College of Lake CountyART 128 Watercolor ITransfers
College of Lake CountyBIO 120 Environmental BiologyTransfers
College of Lake CountyBIO 124 Anatomy and PhysiologyTransfers
College of Lake CountyBIO 125 Introduction to MicrobiologyTransfers
College of Lake CountyBIO 140 Environmental IssuesTransfers
College of Lake CountyBIO 161 General Biology ITransfers
College of Lake CountyCHM 121 General Chemistry ITransfers
College of Lake CountyCHM 123 General Chemistry IITransfers
College of Lake CountyCMM 111 Communication SkillsTransfers
College of Lake CountyCMM 121 Fundamentals of SpeechTransfers
College of Lake CountyCMM 127 Intercultural CommunicationTransfers
College of Lake CountyECO 221 Principles of MacroeconomicsTransfers
College of Lake CountyECO 222 Principles of MicroeconomicsTransfers
College of Lake CountyEDU 121 Introduction to TeachingTransfers
College of Lake CountyEDU 124 child Development for EducatTransfers
College of Lake CountyEDU 225 Educational PsychologyTransfers
College of Lake CountyENG 121 English Composition ITransfers
College of Lake CountyENG 122 English Composition IITransfers
College of Lake CountyENG 244 Mythology and Fairy TalesTransfers
College of Lake CountyENG 249 Children's LiteratureTransfers
College of Lake CountyESC 140 Introduction to AstronomyTransfers
College of Lake CountyGXS 121 Introduction to Gender StudiesTransfers
College of Lake CountyHST 121 History of Western Civ to 1500Transfers
College of Lake CountyHST 122 Hist of Western Civ From 1500Transfers
College of Lake CountyHST 222 US History 1876 to PresentTransfers
College of Lake CountyHST 299 Special Topics in HistoryTransfers
College of Lake CountyHUM 122 Introduction to Humanities IITransfers
College of Lake CountyHUM 123 Introduction to FilmTransfers
College of Lake CountyHUM 221 American DecadesTransfers
College of Lake CountyHUM 222 Film and SocietyTransfers
College of Lake CountyMTH 141 Quantitative LiteracyTransfers
College of Lake CountyMTH 222 Elementary StatisticsTransfers
College of Lake CountyMUS 124 Introduction to MusicTransfers
College of Lake CountyPED 121 Individual Sports ITransfers
College of Lake CountyPED 270 Biomechanics & KinesiologyTransfers
College of Lake CountyPHI 121 Introduction to PhilosophyTransfers
College of Lake CountyPHI 122 LogicTransfers
College of Lake CountyPHI 123 Philosophy of ReligionTransfers
College of Lake CountyPSC 121 American National PoliticsTransfers
College of Lake CountyPSC 222 International RelationsTransfers
College of Lake CountyPSY 121 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
College of Lake CountyPSY 223 Abnormal PsychologyTransfers
College of Lake CountyPSY 225 Social PsychologyTransfers
College of Lake CountySOC 121 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
College of Lake CountySOC 222 Social ProblemsTransfers
College of Lake CountySOC 223 DevianceTransfers
College of Lake CountySOC 299 Special Topics in SociologyTransfers
College of Lake CountySPA 222 Intermediate Spanish IITransfers
College of Southern IdahoBIOL 127 Human Structure & FuncTransfers
Colorado CollegeArt St 110 Topics in Studio Art: FiberTransfers
Columbia CollegeANTH 131 01 Intro to Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
Columbia CollegeENG 101 05 Basic CompositionTransfers
Columbia CollegeFRE 201 01 Intermediate FrenchTransfers
Columbia CollegeLA 101 11 The Power of IdeasTransfers
Columbia State Community CollegeECON 2200 Princ of MicroeconomicsTransfers
Columbia State Community CollegeECON 2201 Princ of MacroeconomicsTransfers
Columbia State Community CollegeENGL 1100 Composition ITransfers
Columbia State Community CollegeMATH 1131 Calculus for BusinessTransfers
Columbia State Community CollegeMUS 1030 Music AppreciationTransfers
Community College of AuroraMAT 122 College TrigonometryTransfers
Community College of AuroraMAT 135 Intro to StatisticsTransfers
Community College of AuroraMAT 136 Computer Application for StatsTransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyANTH 101 Intro Cult AnthropologyTransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyECON 111 Personal FinanceTransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyENGL 102 College Composition IITransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyENGL 160 Studies in MythologyTransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyENGL 211 Intro Creative Writing:FictionTransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyHLTH 101 Health and WellnessTransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyHLTH 221 Human SexualityTransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyINTR 101 Amer Sign Language ITransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyINTR 102 Amer Sign Language IITransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyMATH 165 PrecalculusTransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyMATH 251 Calculus ITransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyPHYS 101 Fund of Physics ITransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyPSYC 101 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyRECR 242 Women and LeisureTransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountySPCM 101 Fund of CommunicationTransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountySPCM 203 Adv Public SpeakingTransfers
Community College of Baltimore CountyWMST 101 Intro Women's StudiesTransfers
Concordia University ChicagoPHY 2211 Elementary Physics ITransfers
Concordia University ChicagoPSY 2000 General PsychologyTransfers
Concordia University ChicagoSOC 2010 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Concordia University NebraskaPHYS 110 Principles of PhysicsTransfers
Concordia University NebraskaSPAN 101 Beginning Spanish ITransfers
Concordia University NebraskaSPAN 102 Beginning Spanish IITransfers
Concordia University WisconsinACCT 101 Accounting Prin ITransfers
Concordia University WisconsinACCT 203 Financial AccountingTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinART 151 Intro to Studio ArtTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinART 170 Ceramic FundamentalsTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinBUS 130 Principles of ManagementTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinBUS 336 Human Resources ManagementTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinCCE 140 Science & HumanityTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinCOMM 201 Interpersonal CommunicationTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinCOMM 460 Cross-Cultural CommunicationTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinECON 222 Macro EconomicsTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinED 102 Found of EducationTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinED 103 Human Relations for TeachersTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinENG 103 Culture & Civilization:LiteratTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinENG 104 Intro to WritingTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinENG 201 Introduction to LiteratureTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinGER 301 German Con & CompTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinHHP 100 Intro Lifetime FitnessTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinHHP 208 Dev Teach Skill PETransfers
Concordia University WisconsinHHP 209 First Aid and CPRTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinHIST 103 World Views HistoryTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinJPP American GovernmentTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinMATH 205 Statistics ITransfers
Concordia University WisconsinMGMT 130 Principles of ManagementTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinMKTG 131 Principles of MarketingTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinPHYS 110 Principles of PhysicsTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinPOLS 101 Intro-Political ScienceTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinPOLS 491 Special Topic - Women & PoliticsTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinPSY 101 General PsychologyTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinREL 100 The BibleTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinREL 110 Christian FaithTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinREL 201 Old TestamentTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinSMA 290 Intro to Sport & Rec MgmtTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinSMA 300 Social Aspects in SportsTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinSOC 101 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Concordia University WisconsinSPAN 201 Interm Spanish ITransfers
Cornell CollegeBIO 142 Fndtns: OrganismsTransfers
Cornell CollegeCHE 121 Chem Prin ITransfers
Cornell CollegeECB 101 MacroeconomicsTransfers
Cornell CollegeECB 102 MicroeconomicsTransfers
Cornell CollegeECB 151 Financial AcctgTransfers
Cornell CollegeHIS 112 Int: Declr IndTransfers
Cornell CollegeMAT 112 FunctionsTransfers
Cornell CollegePOL 112 PoliticsTransfers
Cornell CollegeSOC 101 Soc PerspectiveTransfers
County College of MorrisENG 112 Composition IITransfers
County College of MorrisHIS 148 Modern Middle EastTransfers
County College of MorrisMAT 124 StatisticsTransfers
County College of MorrisPSY 225 Maladapted PersonalityTransfers
Crown CollegeBIB 135X Old Testament HistorTransfers
Crown CollegeBIB 136X New Testament HistorTransfers
Crown CollegeEDU 210 Media & TechnologyTransfers
Crown CollegeEDU 241 Foundations of EducTransfers
Crown CollegeENG 132 Writing & LiteratureTransfers
Crown CollegeENG 133 SpeechTransfers
Crown CollegeENG 233 American LiteratureTransfers
Crown CollegeENG 234 West World MasterpTransfers
Crown CollegeENG 240X Adolescent LitTransfers
Crown CollegeENG 243 Intro to DramaTransfers
Crown CollegeHEA 221 Pers & Comm HealthTransfers
Crown CollegeHIS 132 West Civ Since 1715Transfers
Crown CollegeMAT 130 Mathematics SurveyTransfers
Crown CollegePSY 332 Educational PsychTransfers
Crown CollegeSOC 230 SociologyTransfers
Crown CollegeTHE 231 Christian DoctrineTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeArts 105 Theatre AppreciationTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeBIOL 102 Principles of BiologyTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeBIOL 136 Anatomy and PhysiologyITransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeBIOL 136L Anatomy & Physiology I LabTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeBIOL 137 Anatomy and Physiology IITransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeBIOL 137L Anatome & Physiology II LabTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeBIOL 140 MicrobiologyTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeBIOL 140L Microbiology LabTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeCHEM 101 General Chemistry ITransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeCHEM 101L General Chemistry I LabTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeCHEM 102 General Chemistry IITransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeCHEM 102L Chemistry II LabTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeENG 101 Rhetoric and Composition ITransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeENGL 102 Rhetoric and Composition IITransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeGEOG 134 World Regional GeographyTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeHLTH 130 NutritionTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeHUMN 101 Introduction to HumanitiesTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeMATH 161 StatisticsTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeMUSI 115 Music AppreciationTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegePSYC 100 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegePSYC 210 Psychology Of Human DevelopmentTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeSOCY 100 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Danville Area Community CollegeSPCH 101 Oral CommunicationTransfers
DePaul UniversityACC 102 Intro to Accounting IITransfers
DePaul UniversityACC 393 Internship in AccountancyTransfers
DePaul UniversityCMN 102 Intro to Mass CommunictionTransfers
DePaul UniversityECO 105 Principles of MicroeconomicsTransfers
DePaul UniversityECO 106 Principles of MacroeconomicsTransfers
DePaul UniversityENG 227 Studies in DramaTransfers
DePaul UniversityHIS 181 United States to 1800Transfers
DePaul UniversityLSP 111 Explore ChicagoTransfers
DePaul UniversityLSP 112 Focal Point SeminarTransfers
DePaul UniversityLSP 200 Seminar: Multiculturalism/USTransfers
DePaul UniversityMAT 135 Business Calculus ITransfers
DePaul UniversityPHL 202 Philosophy of GodTransfers
DePaul UniversityREL 116 The Islamic ExperienceTransfers
DePaul UniversityWRD 103 Composition & Rhetoric ITransfers
DePaul UniversityWRD 104 Composition & Rhetoric IITransfers
DePauw UniversityARTS 152 Drawing ITransfers
DePauw UniversityBIO 135B Organismal BiologyTransfers
DePauw UniversityCLST 100 Greek and Roman MythTransfers
DePauw UniversityECON 100E Intro to EconomicsTransfers
DePauw UniversityENG 130A College Writing IITransfers
DePauw UniversityENG 197B FYS: Race & RepresentationTransfers
DePauw UniversityPSY 100D Introductory PsychologyTransfers
Des Moines Area Community CollegeENG 105 Composition ITransfers
Des Moines Area Community CollegeLIT 101 Intro to LiteratureTransfers
Des Moines Area Community CollegeMAT 157 StatisticsTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeBIOSC 102 Fundamentals of Bio Sci w/LabTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeBIOSC 119 Fundamentals of MicrobiologyTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeBIOSC 130 Human PhysiologyTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeBIOSC 139 Human AnatomyTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeCHEM 108 Introductory ChemistryTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeENGL 122 Freshman English: Comp/ReadTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeENGL 126 Critical Thinking: Shap MeanTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeHIST 121 History of the US after 1865Transfers
Diablo Valley CollegeHistory of the US before 1877Transfers
Diablo Valley CollegeHSCI 170 Women's HealthTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeHSCI 230 Advanced First Aid/CPRTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeHUMAN 110 Intro to Human: Ancient CivilTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeKINES 210 Introduction to KinesiologyTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeKINES 234 Intro Sprts Med/Athletic TrngTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeKINES 246 Sport and Exercise PsychologyTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeKINES 252 Prof Aspects of Grp Fitns TrngTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeKINES 254 Prac Exp/Pers Trng/Fit Inst ITransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeKINES 264 Theories of Coaching FootballTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeKNACT 110B Intermediate Hatha YogaTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeKNACT 148B Intermediate Power LiftingTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeMATH 142 Elem Statistics/ProbabilityTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeMUSIC 117 History of Rock and R & BTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeNUTRI 160 Nutrition:Science/ApplicationTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegePE 120 Physical FitnessTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegePE 125 Power LiftingTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegePETHE 215 Intro to Sport/Recreatn MngmntTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegePETHE 281 Principles Opt Human PerfTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegePETHE 282 Exercise Tech/Phy Fitness TestTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegePETHE 291 Prof Aspects of Personal TrainTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegePHILO 122 Introduction to EthicsTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegePHYS 120 General College PhysicsTransfers
Diablo Valley CollegeSPCH 120 Public SpeakingTransfers
Drake UniversityASTR 001 Descript AstronomyTransfers
Drake UniversityBIO 012 General/Pre-Professional Biology ITransfers
Drake UniversityBIO 012L Gen/Pre-Prof Bio I LabTransfers
Drake UniversityBIO 015 Intro to BiologyTransfers
Drake UniversityBUS 073 Profssnl Communication LectureTransfers
Drake UniversityCHEM 001 General Chemistry ITransfers
Drake UniversityCHEM 003 General Chemistry LabTransfers
Drake UniversityECON 001 Principles of MacroeconomicsTransfers
Drake UniversityECON 002 Principles of MicroeconomicsTransfers
Drake UniversityED 014 American StudiesTransfers
Drake UniversityENSP 022 Meteorology: Science /WeatherTransfers
Drake UniversityFYS 025 FYS: American DreamsTransfers
Drake UniversityFYS 045 Authentic LeadershipTransfers
Drake UniversityHIST 076 US Hist Since 1877Transfers
Drake UniversityJMC 076 Advertising PrinciplesTransfers
Drake UniversityLEAD 001 Foundations of LeadershipTransfers
Drake UniversityMUS 080 Music in Western CultureTransfers
Drake UniversityPHIL 021 Intro to PhilosophyTransfers
Drake UniversityPOLS 001 The American Political SystemTransfers
Drake UniversityPSY 001 Intro PsychologyTransfers
Drake UniversityPSY 044 Adult Development and AgingTransfers
Drake UniversitySCSG 002 Human GeographyTransfers
Drake UniversitySTAT 071 Statistics ITransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityART 1000 Drawing ITransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityART 1001 Drawing IITransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityART 1110 Two-Dimensional FoundationsTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityART 1111 Three-Dimensional FoundationsTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityART 2000 Life DrawingTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityART 2050 Painting ITransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityART 2250 CeramicsTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityART 2601G History of Art ITransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityART 2602G History of Art IITransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityART 2700 Introduction to JewelryTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityART 3701 Jewelry and Metalsmithing ITransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityBIO 1001G Biological Principles/IssuesTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityBIO 2002G Environmental Life SciencesTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityCMN 1310G Intro Spc CommTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityEIU 1111 University FoundationTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityENG 1001G Composition and LanguageTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityENG 1002G Composition and LiteratureTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityFLS 1101 Elementary Spanish ITransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityFLS 1102 Elementary Spanish IITransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityFLS 2201G Intermediate Spanish ITransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityJOU 2001G Journalism and DemocracyTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityKSS 150 KSS as a ProfessionTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityKSS 2135 Basic Care & Prev of Auth InjTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityKSS 2440 Structural KinesiologyTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityMAT 1160G Mathematics: A Human EndeavorTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversityPHI 2500G Introduction to EthicsTransfers
Eastern Illinois UniversitySOC 1838G Introductory SociologyTransfers
Eastern Wyoming CollegeART 1005 Drawing ITransfers
Eastern Wyoming CollegeART 1490 Topics:Transfers
Eastern Wyoming CollegeBIOL 1000 Principles of BiologyTransfers
Eastern Wyoming CollegeCO/M Public SpeakingTransfers
Eastern Wyoming CollegeENGL 1010 English I: CompositionTransfers
Eastern Wyoming CollegeHIST 1211 U.S. to 1865Transfers
Eastern Wyoming CollegeHIST 1221 U.S. From 1865Transfers
Eastern Wyoming CollegeMUSC 1400 Collegiate ChoraleTransfers
Eastern Wyoming CollegePEAC 1273 Heavy Resistance ConditioningTransfers
Eastern Wyoming CollegePSYC 1000 General PsychologyTransfers
Eastern Wyoming CollegeSTAT 2050 Fundamentals of StatisticsTransfers
Ed4CreditMAT 130 Pre-CalculusTransfers
Edgewood CollegeBUS 301 Marketing PrinciplesTransfers
Edgewood CollegeCHEM 120 Gen Chemistry ITransfers
Edgewood CollegeCOMMS 101 SpeechTransfers
Edgewood CollegeED 310 Excpt Child & YouthTransfers
Edgewood CollegeENG 110H Coll Writing HnrTransfers
Edgewood CollegeHIS 207 Recent US HistoryTransfers
Edgewood CollegeMATH 101 Intr Prblem SolvTransfers
Edgewood CollegeMATH 231 Calculus ITransfers
Edgewood CollegeMUS 152 Jazz HistoryTransfers
Edgewood CollegeMUS 211 Private InstrTransfers
Edgewood CollegeMUS 310 Jazz EnsembleTransfers
Edgewood CollegePSY 101 General PsychologyTransfers
Edgewood CollegeTHA 226 Film CriticismTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeAPS 111 Applied Physical ScienceTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeART 105 Ceramics ITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeART 120 Intro to B&W PhotographyTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeART 151 History of Art ITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeART 153 History of Art IIITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeATR 120 Intro to AnthropologyTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeATR 220 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeBEC 101 Basic EconomicsTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeBIO 101 Nutrition for TodayTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeBIO 108 Bio for Contemporary SocietyTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeBIO 110 Principles of BiologyTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeBIO 113 Molecular/Cellular BiolTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeBIO 114 Organismal Bio, Evol EcoTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeBIO 115 Environmental BiologyTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeBIO 240 Human Anatomy & PhysiologTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeCHM 112 Elements of Chem: GeneralTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeCHM 142 General Chemistry ITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeCHM 143 General Chemistry IITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeCIS 105 Introduction to Computer ProgrammingTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeCIS 121 Computer Science ITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeCIS 223 Computer Science IITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeCMS 101 Fundamentals of SpeechTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeCRJ 101 Intro to Criminal JusticeTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeCRJ 230 CriminologyTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeEDN 100 Introduction to EducationTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeENG 101 English Composition ITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeENG 102 English Composition IITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeENG 110 Creative WritingTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeFLS Elementary SpanishTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeGEO 116 Human GeographyTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeGLY 112 Physical GeologyTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeHIS 100 Far Eastern History IITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeHIS 101 Hist Western Civil ITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeHIS 102 Hist Western Civil IITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeHIS 118 Foundations of CivilTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeHIS 151 US History to 1870Transfers
Elgin Community CollegeHIS 201 Modern European HistoryTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeHUM 110 Intro to PhilosophyTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeHUM 116 LogicTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeHUM 203 Comparative ReligionsTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeHUM 216 EthicsTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeINS 267 Italian ITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeLIT 201 Intro to Lit: FictionTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeLIT 205 Intro to ShakespeareTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeLIT 229 Novel and FilmTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeLIT 242 Great Books Seminary II HONRTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeMMT 101 Principles of ManagementTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeMTH 133 Calculus w/Analy Geom ITransfers
Elgin Community CollegeMUS 104 Music of the World HONRTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeMUS 105 Music AppreciationTransfers
Elgin Community CollegePHC 109 Physical Fitness ITransfers
Elgin Community CollegePHC 167 Free ExerciseTransfers
Elgin Community CollegePHY 101 General PhysicsTransfers
Elgin Community CollegePOL 150 Amer. Government - Nat'lTransfers
Elgin Community CollegePOS 150 Amer. Government - NatlTransfers
Elgin Community CollegePSY 100 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Elgin Community CollegePSY 218 Human Growth & DevelopmentTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeSOC 100 Principles of SociologyTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeSOC 209 Racial & Ethnic RelationsTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeSOC 220 Gender Roles & Social ChangeTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeSPH 101 Fundamentals of SpeechTransfers
Elgin Community CollegeSPN 101 Elementary Spanish ITransfers
Elmhurst CollegeENG 105 Composition ITransfers
Elmhurst CollegeFYS 100 Relatnshps People & AnimalsTransfers
Elmhurst CollegePSY 210 Intro to Psychological ScienTransfers
Elmhurst CollegePSY 317 Child DevelopmentTransfers
Erie Community CollegeAN 102 Cult AnthropologyTransfers
Erie Community CollegeEC 103 MicroeconomicsTransfers
Erie Community CollegeEN 110 College CompositionTransfers
Erie Community CollegeGO 103 Hnrs: Internat Political RelTransfers
Erie Community CollegeHI 100 Foundations of Western CivTransfers
Erie Community CollegeMT 143 Introductory Statistics ITransfers
Erie Community CollegePY 105 Soc Polit PhilosophyTransfers
Erie Community CollegeSO 100 Intro to Soc ITransfers
Evangel UniversityENGL 102 Bas Eng SklTransfers
Evangel UniversityGOVT 170 Am GovtTransfers
Evangel UniversityPSYC 138 Psych of Healthy RelationsTransfers
Evangel UniversityPSYC 234 Child PsychologyTransfers
Evangel UniversityRESM 124 Intro to Rec & Sport MgmtTransfers
Evangel UniversitySOCI 111 Int SocTransfers
Fayetteville Technical Community CollegeBIO 163 Basic Anat & PhysiologyTransfers
Fayetteville Technical Community CollegeFRE 111 Elementary FrenchTransfers
Fayetteville Technical Community CollegeFRE 112 Elementary French IITransfers
Fayetteville Technical Community CollegeFRE 211 Intermediate French ITransfers
Fayetteville Technical Community CollegePHY 151 College Physics ITransfers
Fayetteville Technical Community CollegePHY 152 College Physics IITransfers
Fayetteville Technical Community CollegePSY 150 General PsychologyTransfers
Fayetteville Technical Community CollegePSY 281 Abnormal PsychologyTransfers
Fayetteville Technical Community CollegeSOC 210 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Ferris State UniversityBIOL 121 General Biology ITransfers
Ferris State UniversityBIOL 122 General Biology 2Transfers
Ferris State UniversityCHEM 121 General Chemistry ITransfers
Ferris State UniversityCOMM 121 Fund of Public SpeakingTransfers
Ferris State UniversityENGL 150 English ITransfers
Ferris State UniversityHIS 121 United States Hist to 1877Transfers
Fox Valley Technical College801 136 COMMUNIC English Composition ITransfers
Fox Valley Technical College801 195 COMMUNIC Written CommunicationTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College801 197 COMMUNIC Technical ReportingTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College801 198 COMMUNIC SpeechTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College804 189 MATH Introductory StatisticsTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College806 114 SCIENCE General BiologyTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College806 134 SCIENCE General ChemistryTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College806 177 SCIENCE Gen Anatomy & PhysiologyTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College809 103 SOC STY Think Critically & CreativelyTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College809 114 NAT SCI General BiologyTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College809 122 SOC STY Intro to American GovernmentTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College809 159 SOC STY Abnormal PsychologyTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College809 166 SOC STY Intro to Ethics: Theory & AppTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College809 172 SOC STY Race Ethnic & DiversityTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College809 195 SOC STY EconomicsTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College809 196 SOC STY Intro to SociologyTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College809 197 SOC STY Contemporary Amer SocietyTransfers
Fox Valley Technical College809 198 SOC STY Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityBI 218 EcologyTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityCJ 101 Introduction to Criminal JusticeTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityCJ 201 Police WorkTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityCJ 210 Courts and Criminal ProcedureTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityES 103 Intro Ecosys & Wildlife CoTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityES 104 Intro Natural ResourcesTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityES 108 Nature and CultureTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityES 202 Sustainability SeminarTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityES 265 Law and the EnvironmentTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityFA 217 Intro to Photographic ProcessesTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityGLE 101 FYI - Living on the EdgeTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityGLE 110 First Year CompositionTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityGLE 120 First Year Composition IITransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityHS 224 Renaissance to NapoleonTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityMT 260 Statistics ITransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityMU 105 Guitar ITransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversitySO 101 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Franklin Pierce UniversityTH 101 Introduction to Theatre ArtsTransfers
Gateway Technical College801 136 English Composition ITransfers
Gateway Technical College804 197 College Algebra and Trigonometry with ApplicationsTransfers
Gateway Technical College806 154 General Physics 1Transfers
Gateway Technical College809 195 EconomicsTransfers
Gateway Technical College809 196 Sociology, Introduction to Transfers
Gateway Technical College809 198 Psychology, Introduction toTransfers
George Mason UniversityECON 103 Microeconomic PrinciplesTransfers
George Mason UniversityGOVT 409 VA Government and PoliticsTransfers
Goshen CollegeCOMM 250 Writing for MediaTransfers
Goshen CollegeENGL 120 Intro to Creative WritingTransfers
Goshen CollegeENGL 230 Lit & Pop:GraphicNovelTransfers
Goshen CollegeENGL 300 Critical Theory & PractTransfers
Goshen CollegeENGL 301 British Literature to 1800Transfers
Goshen CollegeENGL 305 Irish Lit: Migration & IdentityTransfers
Goshen CollegeENGL 312 Poetry WorkshopTransfers
Goshen CollegeENGL 315 The English LanguageTransfers
Goshen CollegePHED 224 Internatl Folk DanceTransfers
Goshen CollegeSPAN 101 Elementary Spanish ITransfers
Goshen CollegeSPAN 102 Elementary Spanish IITransfers
Governors State UniversityART 303 Studio PracticesTransfers
Governors State UniversityART 309 Stained GlassTransfers
Graceland UniversityHIST 3700 Hist Museum Management InternshipTransfers
Grand Canyon UniversityPSY 102 General PsychologyTransfers
Grinnell CollegeENG 120 Literary AnalysisTransfers
Grinnell CollegeMAT 131 Calculus ITransfers
Grinnell CollegeMUS 120 Perf: GuitarTransfers
Grinnell CollegePHE 100 GolfTransfers
Grinnell CollegePOL 101 Intro to Pol ScienceTransfers
Grinnell CollegePSY 113 Intro to Psychology w/LabTransfers
Grinnell CollegeSOC 111 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Grinnell CollegeSPN 217 Intermediate SpanishTransfers
Grinnell CollegeTUT 100 Acrmny, Athrty, & AssumptnsTransfers
Harold Washington CollegeART 196 CeramicsTransfers
Harold Washington CollegeBUSINES 182 Managerial AccountingTransfers
Harold Washington CollegeBUSINES 217 Nonprofit AccountingTransfers
Harold Washington CollegeCHEM 121 Basic Chemistry ITransfers
Harold Washington CollegeENGLISH 101 CompositionTransfers
Harold Washington CollegeENGLISH 197 Communication SkillsTransfers
Harold Washington CollegeHUM 105 The New World of Mass MediaTransfers
Harold Washington CollegeMATH 125 Introductory StatisticsTransfers
Harold Washington CollegePHIL 110 Social/Political PhilosophyTransfers
Harold Washington CollegePHY SCI 112 General Course II Phy SciTransfers
Harold Washington CollegePSYCH 201 General PsychologyTransfers
Harper CollegeART 105 Introduction to Visual ArtTransfers
Harper CollegeBIO 101 Biology SurveyTransfers
Harper CollegeCHM 103 The Chemistry ConnectionTransfers
Harper CollegeEDU 201 Introduction to EducationTransfers
Harper CollegeENG 100 CompositionTransfers
Harper CollegeENG 101 CompositionTransfers
Harper CollegeENG 102 CompositionTransfers
Harper CollegeGEG 111 Physical GeographyTransfers
Harper CollegeHST 112 American Experience Since 1877Transfers
Harper CollegeKIN 111 Basic Weight TrainingTransfers
Harper CollegeKIN 202 Standard First AidTransfers
Harper CollegeKIN 210 Teaching Methods: BaseballTransfers
Harper CollegeKIN 230 Personal Training I: Exercise ScienceTransfers
Harper CollegeMUS 104 Introduction to American MusicTransfers
Harper CollegePHI 101 Critical ThinkingTransfers
Harper CollegePHI 205 Religions of the WorldTransfers
Harper CollegePSY 101 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
Harper CollegeSOC 101 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Harper CollegeSPE 101 Fundamentals of Speech CommunicationTransfers
Hawaii Pacific UniversityACCT 2000 Principles of Accounting ITransfers
Hawaii Pacific UniversityFIN 3000 Business FinanceTransfers
Hawaii Pacific UniversityFIN 3300 InvestmentsTransfers
Hawaii Pacific UniversityHIST 2001 World Civilizations ITransfers
Hawaii Pacific UniversityHIST 2002 World Civilizations IITransfers
Hawaii Pacific UniversityMATH 1123 StatisticsTransfers
Hawaii Pacific UniversityREL 1000 Intro to World ReligioTransfers
Hawkeye Community CollegeHIS 119 Western Civ III: Modern PeriodTransfers
Hawkeye Community CollegePSY 111 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
Hawkeye Community CollegeSOC 110 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Heartland Community CollegeCHEM 162 General Chemistry IITransfers
Heartland Community CollegeECON 101 Principles of MicroeconomicsTransfers
Heartland Community CollegeHUMA 101 Introduction to the HumanitiesTransfers
Heartland Community CollegeMATH 141 Introduction to StatisticsTransfers
Heartland Community CollegeMATH 272 Differential EquationsTransfers
Heartland Community CollegeMUSI 150 Music AppreciationTransfers
Heartland Community CollegePHIL 114 EthicsTransfers
Heartland Community CollegePSY 101 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Heartland Community CollegePSY 209 Human Growth & DevelopmentTransfers
Heartland Community CollegeSOC 101 SociologyTransfers
Henry Ford Community CollegeANTH 131 Intro AnthropologyTransfers
Henry Ford Community CollegeHIST 112 Early Mod Wrld HisTransfers
Herzing UniversityEN 116 SpeechTransfers
Herzing UniversityMA 320 StatisticsTransfers
High Point UniversityCSC 162 Intro to Computer ProgrammingTransfers
High Point UniversityENG 102 CompositionTransfers
High Point UniversityHIS 101 Honors Western CivilizationTransfers
High Point UniversityMTH 141 Pre-Calculus Algebra & TrigTransfers
High Point UniversityTHE 120 Human Dimensions of TheatreTransfers
Hofstra UniversityANTH 001 Human Evol in Anth PrspctvTransfers
Hofstra UniversityBIO 011 Intro Cell Bio & GeneticsTransfers
Hofstra UniversityBIO 012 Animal Form and FunctionTransfers
Hofstra UniversityCGS 010 Intro to Cognitive SciTransfers
Hofstra UniversityCHEM 003A General Chemistry ITransfers
Hofstra UniversityCHEM 003B General Chemistry Lab ITransfers
Hofstra UniversityCHEM 004A General Chemistry IITransfers
Hofstra UniversityCHEM 004B General Chemistry Lab IITransfers
Hofstra UniversityDRAM 003 Intro-Theater ArtsTransfers
Hofstra UniversityDRAM 004 Freshman Theater LabTransfers
Hofstra UniversityDRAM 009 Play AnalysisTransfers
Hofstra UniversityDRAM 055 Rehersal & Production-TheaterTransfers
Hofstra UniversityDRAM 059A Acting Laboratory ITransfers
Hofstra UniversityDRAM 060A Acting Laboratory IITransfers
Hofstra UniversityFA 170 Basic PhotographyTransfers
Hofstra UniversityMATH 045 Elem Set Thry, Logic&ProbTransfers
Hofstra UniversityPHI 014F The Ghost in the MachineTransfers
Hofstra UniversityPHI 114 Existentialism & PhenomenologyTransfers
Hofstra UniversityPHI 143 Classical Modern PhiTransfers
Hofstra UniversityPHYS 001A Elementary PhysicsTransfers
Hofstra UniversityPHYS 001B Elem Physics LabTransfers
Hofstra UniversityPSC 001 American PoliticsTransfers
Hofstra UniversityPSY 139 Abnormal PsychologyTransfers
Hofstra UniversitySPAN 003 Intermediate SpanishTransfers
Hofstra UniversityWSC 001 CompositionTransfers
Hofstra UniversityWSC 002 CompositionTransfers
Hope CollegeENGL 113 Critical Reading and WritingTransfers
Hope CollegeENGL 248 Intro to LiteratureTransfers
Hope CollegeIDS 100 First Year SeminarTransfers
Hope CollegeIDS 200 Encounter with CulturesTransfers
Hope CollegeMUS 116 College ChorusTransfers
Hope CollegePSY 100 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Hope CollegePSY 230 Developmental PsychologyTransfers
Hope CollegeREL 100 Which Jesus?Transfers
Hope CollegeREL 220 Intro to Biblical LiteratureTransfers
Hope CollegeSPAN 121 Spanish ITransfers
Hope CollegeSPAN 122 Spanish IITransfers
Hope CollegeSPAN 221 Spanish III & DrillTransfers
Houston Baptist UniversityBIOL 2404 Human Anatomy and PhysiologyTransfers
Houston Baptist UniversityPHIL 1313 Intro to PhilTransfers
Houston Baptist UniversityPHYS 2423 Principles of Physics IITransfers
Houston Baptist UniversitySOCI 1313 Princip of SocioTransfers
Houston Community College SystemBIOL 1407 General BiologyTransfers
Houston Community College SystemBIOL 2420 MicrobiologyTransfers
Houston Community College SystemCHEM 1411 General ChemistryTransfers
Houston Community College SystemCHEM 1412 General Chemistry IITransfers
Houston Community College SystemENGL 1301 Composition ITransfers
Houston Community College SystemENGL 1302 Composition IITransfers
Howard UniversityANTH 130 Intro to ArchaeologyTransfers
Howard UniversityANTH 215 Medical AnthropologyTransfers
Howard UniversityCLAS 112 Law & Pol in the Ancient WorldTransfers
Howard UniversityCLAS 115 Slavery in the Ancient WorldTransfers
Howard UniversityENGL 002 Freshman CompositionTransfers
Howard UniversityFRSM 001 Freshman SeminarTransfers
Howard UniversityHIST 002 Intro to Civilization IITransfers
Howard UniversityHIST 010 US History Since 1877Transfers
Howard UniversityPSYC 050 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Howard UniversitySPAN 014 Intro to HumanitiesTransfers
Illinois Central CollegeENGL 110 Composition ITransfers
Illinois Central CollegeENGL 111 Composition IITransfers
Illinois Institute of TechnologyAAH 120 History of World Architecture IITransfers
Illinois Institute of TechnologyARCH 100 Introduction to ArchitectureTransfers
Illinois Institute of TechnologyAURB 201 The Elements of UrbanismTransfers
Illinois Institute of TechnologyHUM 104 Age of DarwinTransfers
Illinois Institute of TechnologyHUM 106 Life StoriesTransfers
Illinois Institute of TechnologyMATH 119 Geometry for ArchitectsTransfers
Illinois Institute of TechnologyMATH 122 Introduction to CalculusTransfers
Illinois Institute of TechnologyPHYS 200 Energy, Waves, Mtrls, & ForcesTransfers
Illinois State UniversityBSC 101 Concepts in BiologyTransfers
Illinois State UniversityBSC 160 Microbiology & SocieTransfers
Illinois State UniversityBSC 197 Molecular & CellularTransfers
Illinois State UniversityC&I 210 Child Growth & DevlpTransfers
Illinois State UniversityC&I M208 Literacy I: Elem SchTransfers
Illinois State UniversityC&I M209 Literacy II:Elem SchTransfers
Illinois State UniversityCHE 140 Gen Chem ITransfers
Illinois State UniversityCHE 220 Elem Organ ChemTransfers
Illinois State UniversityCOM 110 Communication CriticTransfers
Illinois State UniversityECO 105 Principles EconomicsTransfers
Illinois State UniversityENG 101 Comp as Critical InqTransfers
Illinois State UniversityENG 145 Writing Academic DisTransfers
Illinois State UniversityENG 249 Tech & Pro Writng ITransfers
Illinois State UniversityGEO M100 Earth Systems SciencTransfers
Illinois State UniversityHIS 136 Hist US Since 1865Transfers
Illinois State UniversityHIS M101 Western Civ to 1500Transfers
Illinois State UniversityKNR 182 Human Anat & PhysTransfers
Illinois State UniversityMAT 113 Math ReasoningTransfers
Illinois State UniversityMAT 120 Finite MathematicsTransfers
Illinois State UniversityMAT 145 Calculus ITransfers
Illinois State UniversityMQM 100 Statistical ReasoninTransfers
Illinois State UniversityMUS 152 Experiencing MusicTransfers
Illinois State UniversityPHI 101 Basic Issues PhilosTransfers
Illinois State UniversityPHY 102 Atoms to GalaxiesTransfers
Illinois State UniversityPHY 105 Fund of PhysicsTransfers
Illinois State UniversityPOL 106 US Gov & Civ PractTransfers
Illinois State UniversityPOL 140 Africa, Asia & Latin AmTransfers
Illinois State UniversityPSY 110 Fundamentals PsycholTransfers
Illinois State UniversitySOA 112 American FamilyTransfers
Illinois State UniversitySOC 362 PopulationTransfers
Illinois State UniversityTHE 152 Experiencing TheatreTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeART1000 Art SurveyTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeBIO1000 The Global EnvironmentTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeENG1001 English Composition ITransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeENG1002 English Composition IITransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeFLM2009 The Art of the FilmTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeFLM2010 Film, Art & Literature-HonorsTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeGEG1003 Cultural GeographyTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeGEL1005 Natural DisastersTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeGEL1008 Physical GeologyTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeGEN2000 Women Through Cult & CenturiesTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeGEN2002 Women in LiteratureTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeHIS1001 History Western Civiliz IITransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeHIS2001 U.S. History from 1865Transfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeHPE1000 WellnessTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeHPE1003 Personal and Community HealthTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeLIT2005 Children's LiteratureTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeLIT2010 Survey of American Lit IITransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeLIT2011 Major English Writers IITransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeLIT2013 FictionTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegePSY1000 General PsychologyTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegePSY2000 PersonalityTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegePSY2005 Human SexualityTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegePSY2006 Abnormal PsychologyTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeSOC1000 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeSOC1002 Marriage and FamilyTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeSOC2001 Social ProblemsTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeSPH1001 Fundamentals of SpeechTransfers
Illinois Valley Community CollegeTHE2002 Introduction to TheatreTransfers
Independence Community CollegeSOC 1073 EthicsTransfers
Indiana TechREC 2000 Recreation ProgrammingTransfers
Indiana UniversityBIOL-N 212 Human BiologyTransfers
Indiana UniversityBIOL-N 213 Human Biology LabTransfers
Indiana UniversityBUS-B 190 Principles of Business AdminTransfers
Indiana UniversityCOMM-C 180 Intro to Interpersonal CommTransfers
Indiana UniversityCSCI-N Intro to Computers & ComputingTransfers
Indiana UniversityECON-E 103 Intro to MicroeconomicsTransfers
Indiana UniversityGEOG-G 107 Physical Sys of EnvironmentTransfers
Indiana UniversityGER-G 101 Beginning German ITransfers
Indiana UniversityGER-G 102 Beginning German IITransfers
Indiana UniversityMATH-M 119 Brief Survey of Calculus 1Transfers
Indiana UniversityMATH-M 125 Pre-Calculus MathematicsTransfers
Indiana UniversityMUS-W 110 Flute/Piccolo Elect/SecondaryTransfers
Indiana UniversitySOC-R 1001 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Indiana WesleyanART 121 Drawing 1Transfers
Indiana WesleyanART 224 Design I Two-DimensionalTransfers
Indiana WesleyanEDU 130 American EducationTransfers
Indianhead Technical College801 198 SpeechTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeANTH 1101 Intro to Amer CultureTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeANTH 1110 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeANTH 2130 Intro Medical AnthTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeBIOL 1123 Forensic ScienceTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeBIOL 2205 MicrobiologyTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeCOMM 1114 Intercultural CommTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeENG 1108 Wrt/Research SkillsTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeGEOG 1115 Human GeogTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeGEOG 1150 Natural ResourcesTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeGEOL 1101 Physical Geol w/labTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeHIST 1130 MinnesotaTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeMATH 1103 Intro to StatisticsTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegePHED 1145 Walking and/or JoggingTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegePHYS 1030 Descriptive PhysTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegePOLS 1101 Intro to Pol SciTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegePOLS 1111 Amer Govern & PoliticsTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegePSYC 1101 General PsycTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeSOC 1126 Soc of DevianceTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeSOC 2010 Sociology of GenocideTransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeSPAN 1101 Bg Spanish ITransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeSPAN 1102 Bg Spanish IITransfers
Inver Hills Community CollegeSPAN 2201 Interm Span ITransfers
Iona CollegePOL 203 Intro to Global PoliticsTransfers
Iowa Central Community CollegeLIT 114 American LiteratureTransfers
Iowa Central Community CollegeMAT 156 StatisticsTransfers
Iowa Central Community CollegePSY 111 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Iowa Central Community CollegePSY 121 Developmental PsychologyTransfers
Iowa State UniversityAM IN 210 Intr Am Indian StudiesTransfers
Iowa State UniversityCHEM 167 Engnrs General ChemTransfers
Iowa State UniversityCHIN 101 Elem Mand Chinese ITransfers
Iowa State UniversityECON 101 Prin MacroeconomicsTransfers
Iowa State UniversityENG 105H Honors - Lst Yr CompTransfers
Iowa State UniversityENGL 150 Critcl Think&CmunicTransfers
Iowa State UniversityENGL 250 Writ, Oral, El ComposTransfers
Iowa State UniversityENV 111 Geologicl DisastersTransfers
Iowa State UniversityFS 167 Intro Human NutritionTransfers
Iowa State UniversityGER 201 Intermed German ITransfers
Iowa State UniversityHD 102 Indv & Fam Life DevelTransfers
Iowa State UniversityHON 121 Freshman Honors SemTransfers
Iowa State UniversityJL MC 101 Mass Media & SocietyTransfers
Iowa State UniversityMUSIC 102 Intro Music ListeniTransfers
Iowa State UniversityMUSIC 151B Statesmen Mens ChoirTransfers
Iowa State UniversityPHIL 206 Intr Logic & Sci ReasonTransfers
Iowa State UniversityPHIL 230 Moral Theor&PracticeTransfers
Iowa State UniversityPHYS 198 Physics of MusicTransfers
Iowa State UniversityPOL S 215P ADVPL - Amer GovernmentTransfers
Iowa State UniversityPOL S 235 Intro Ethics 7 PoliticsTransfers
Iowa State UniversityPOL S 241 Intr cmpar Gov&PolTransfers
Iowa State UniversityPOL S 251 Intro Internatl PolTransfers
Iowa State UniversityPOL S 319 Law and PoliticsTransfers
Iowa State UniversityPSYCH 280 Social PsychologyTransfers
Iowa State UniversityRELIG 205 Intro Wrld ReligionTransfers
Iowa State UniversitySOC 134 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Iowa State UniversitySP CM 110 ListeningTransfers
Iowa State UniversitySP CM 212 Fund Public SpeakingTransfers
Iowa State UniversitySTAT 101 Principle of StatisticsTransfers
Iowa Western Community CollegePEC 230 Intro to Sports MedicineTransfers
Iowa Western Community CollegePSY 111 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Iowa Western Community CollegeSPC 112 Public SpeakingTransfers
Ivy Tech Community CollegeBIOL 101 Introductory BiologyTransfers
Ivy Tech Community CollegeBUSN 105 Principles of ManagementTransfers
Ivy Tech Community CollegeCOMM 101 Fundamentals of Public SpeakingTransfers
Ivy Tech Community CollegeENGL 111 English CompositionTransfers
Ivy Tech Community CollegeENGL 112 Exposition and PersuasionTransfers
Ivy Tech Community CollegeHIST 101 Survey of American History ITransfers
Ivy Tech Community CollegeHIST 102 Survey of American History IITransfers
Ivy Tech Community CollegeMATH 123 Quantitative ReasoningTransfers
Ivy Tech Community CollegeMKTG 101 Principles of MarketingTransfers
Ivy Tech Community CollegePSYC 101 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
Ivy Tech Community CollegePSYC 250 Abnormal PsychologyTransfers
Ivy Tech Community CollegeSCIN 100 Earth ScienceTransfers
Jefferson Community CollegeACC 101 Accounting Princ 1Transfers
Jefferson Community CollegeACC 102 Accounting Princ 2Transfers
Jefferson Community CollegeART 115 Art Appreciation ITransfers
Jefferson Community CollegeBUS 131 Princ of ManagementTransfers
Jefferson Community CollegeBUS 211 Business Law ITransfers
Jefferson Community CollegeBUS 221 Human Resour ManagTransfers
Jefferson Community CollegeECO 101 Macro-EconomicsTransfers
Jefferson Community CollegeECO 102 Micro-EconomicsTransfers
Jefferson Community CollegeENG 101 Composition 2Transfers
Jefferson Community CollegeENG 102 Composition & LitTransfers
Jefferson Community CollegeGEO 132 Historical GeologyTransfers
Jefferson Community CollegeHIS 111 Hist of West Civ ITransfers
Jefferson Community CollegeMTH 144 Element StatisticsTransfers
Jefferson Community CollegePED 192 Phys Condit/WellTransfers
Jefferson Community CollegePSY 133 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Jefferson Community CollegeSTA 151 Public SpeakingTransfers
John Wood Community CollegeBIO 101 General BiologyTransfers
John Wood Community CollegeSPN 101 Elementary Spanish ITransfers
Joliet Junior CollegeBLAW 101 Business Law ITransfers
Joliet Junior CollegeCHEM 100 Fundamentals of ChemistryTransfers
Joliet Junior CollegeCMM 100 Principles of CommunicationTransfers
Joliet Junior CollegeCOMM 101 Principles of Speech CommunicatonTransfers
Joliet Junior CollegeENG 101 RhetoricTransfers
Joliet Junior CollegeENG 102 RhetoricTransfers
Joliet Junior CollegeHIST 103 History/US to 1865Transfers
Joliet Junior CollegeHIST 104 History/US 1865 to PresentTransfers
Joliet Junior CollegePSCI 101 Amer National GovtTransfers
Joliet Junior CollegePSYC 101 General PsychologyTransfers
Judson UniversityENG 266 The InklingsTransfers
Judson UniversityESS 112 GolfTransfers
Judson UniversityGEN 181F Film AppreciationTransfers
Judson UniversityGEN 181T Theatre AppreciationTransfers
Judson UniversityMAT 216 Calculus w/Analytic Geometry IITransfers
Judson UniversityMAT 315 Calculus w/Analytic Geometry IIITransfers
Judson UniversityMAT 316 Calculus w/Analytic Geometry IVTransfers
Judson UniversityPHY 237 General Physics I w/LabTransfers
Judson UniversityPHY 238 General Physics II w/LabTransfers
Judson UniversityPSY 111 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
Kalamazoo Valley Community CollegeART 103 Drawing and Composition ITransfers
Kalamazoo Valley Community CollegeART 110 Ceramics ITransfers
Kalamazoo Valley Community CollegePSY 150 Introductory PsychologyTransfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeBIO 110 Basic Biological Concepts (CRF30)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeBIO 112 General Biology I (CRF30)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeBIO 168 Human Anatomy/Phys I w/LabTransfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeCHM 110 Introduction to Chemistry (CRF20)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeCHM 111 Introduction to Chemistry Lab (CRF30)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeCHM 165 General Chemistry I (CRF10)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeCLS 167 UC: Modern China (CRF01)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeENG 101 Elements of Writing (CRFP1)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeENG 105 Composition I (CRFP2)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeENG 106 Compositions I (CRFF1)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeFLS 141 Elementary Spanish ITransfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeHUM 142 Popular Culture (CRF59)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeMAT 138 College Algebra with Limits (CRF10)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeMAT 157 StatisticsTransfers
Kirkwood Community CollegePHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy (CRF30)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegePSY 111 Introduction to Psychology (CRF08)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeSOC 120 Marriage and Family (CRF02)Transfers
Kirkwood Community CollegeSPC 101 Fundamentals of Oral Comm (CRF28)Transfers
Lackawanna CollegeENG 105 College WritingTransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeENG 101 Composition ITransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeENG 102 Writing Through LitTransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeHUC 106 Public SpeakingTransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeHUM 101 Intro to MusicTransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeLIB 200 L.A. Sem: Hum & TechTransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeMAT 200 PrecalculusTransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeMAT 201 Calculus ITransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeMAT 202 Calculus IITransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeSCB 201 General Biology ITransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeSCB 202 General Biology IITransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeSCC 201 General Chemistry ITransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeSCC 202 General Chemistry IITransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeSCH 210 Human SexualityTransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeSCP 231 General Physics ITransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeSCP 232 General Physics 2Transfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeSSA 101 Cultural AnthroTransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeSSN 187 Urb Std-Urban SocTransfers
LaGuardia Community CollegeSSY 101 General PsychologyTransfers
Lake ForestBIOL 114 Truth and Lies in Medical NewsTransfers
Lake ForestCOMM 112 Intro to Visual CommunicationTransfers
Lake ForestCOMM 135 Rhetoric and SpeechTransfers
Lake ForestENGL 110 Literary StudiesTransfers
Lake ForestES 110 Intro to Environmental StudiesTransfers
Lake ForestFIYS 165 Theater in ChicagoTransfers
Lake ForestMUSC 105 Women's ChorusTransfers
Lake ForestMUSC 109 Lake Forest College ChorusTransfers
Lake ForestMUSC 111 Applied Music - Jazz PianoTransfers
Lake ForestMUSC 112 Applied Music - PianoTransfers
Lake ForestMUSC 151 Music Theory ITransfers
Lake ForestMUSC 160 MusicianshipTransfers
Lake ForestMUSC 211 Applied Music - VoiceTransfers
Lake ForestMUSC 217 World Music SurveyTransfers
Lake ForestMUSC 250 Music Theory IITransfers
Lake ForestMUSC 264 History of Rock and RollTransfers
Lake ForestSOAN 110 Intro to Sociology and AnthropologyTransfers
Lake ForestSPAN 300 Intro Reading Literature SpanishTransfers
Lake ForestSPAN 304 Cocina, Cultura y LiteraturaTransfers
Lake ForestSPAN 312 Oral ProficiencyTransfers
Lakeland CollegeANT 223 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
Lakeland CollegeBIO 111 Life Sciences ITransfers
Lakeland CollegeCHM 131 Principles of ChemistryTransfers
Lakeland CollegeCOM 100 Intro to Mass MediaTransfers
Lakeland CollegeCPS 200 Intro to Computer ProgrammingTransfers
Lakeland CollegeECN 220 Principles of MacroeconomicsTransfers
Lakeland CollegeECN 230 Principles of MicroeconomicsTransfers
Lakeland CollegeECN 235 Principles of MacroeconomicsTransfers
Lakeland CollegeENG 200 World LiteratureTransfers
Lakeland CollegeENG 211 Intro to British Literature 1Transfers
Lakeland CollegeGEN 100 College Writing WorkTransfers
Lakeland CollegeGEN 110 Composition ITransfers
Lakeland CollegeGEN 112 Composition II: ArgumentationTransfers
Lakeland CollegeGEN 130 Core 1A: The SelfTransfers
Lakeland CollegeGEN 131 Core 1b: Self and CommunityTransfers
Lakeland CollegeHIS 102 World HistoryTransfers
Lakeland CollegeHIS 112 US History IITransfers
Lakeland CollegeMAT 124 Pre-Calculus MathTransfers
Lakeland CollegeMAT 162 Pre-CalculusTransfers
Lakeland CollegeMAT 231 Calculus ITransfers
Lakeland CollegeMUS 120 Music History & AppreciationTransfers
Lakeland CollegePHY 211 General Physics ITransfers
Lakeland CollegePHY 222 General Physics IITransfers
Lakeland CollegePSY200 General PsychologyTransfers
Lakeland CollegeSOC 100 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Lakeland CollegeWRT 280 Media WritingTransfers
Lakeshore Technical College543 300 Nursing AssistantTransfers
Lakeshore Technical College801 136 English Composition ITransfers
Lakeshore Technical College801 195 Written CommunicationsTransfers
Lakeshore Technical College801 196 Oral/Interpersonal CommTransfers
Lakeshore Technical College806 177 General Anatomy & PhysiologyTransfers
Lakeshore Technical College806 179 Adv Anatomy & PhysiologyTransfers
Lakeshore Technical College806 186 Intro to BiochemistryTransfers
Lakeshore Technical College809 196 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Lakeshore Technical College809 198 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Lake-Sumter Community CollegeBSC 2093C Hum Anat & Phys I W/LabTransfers
Lake-Sumter Community CollegeMCB 2010C Microbiology W/LabTransfers
Landmark CollegeBU1111 Prin of Accounting ITransfers
Landmark CollegeEN1021 Research & AnalysisTransfers
Landmark CollegeEN1061 Creative WritingTransfers
Landmark CollegeENG1011 College Comp & RhetTransfers
Landmark CollegeHU1011 Hum I: Anc & MedTransfers
Landmark CollegePE1180 FencingTransfers
Landmark CollegePHE 1165 HikingTransfers
Landmark CollegeSS1011 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Landmark CollegeWRT 1011 Compositin & RhetTransfers
Lawrence UniversityANTH 110 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
Lawrence UniversityBIOL 110 Intgrty Biology: PrinciplesTransfers
Lawrence UniversityBIOL 120 Intgrty Biology: AutotrophsTransfers
Lawrence UniversityBIOL 130 Biology: Cells to OrganismsTransfers
Lawrence UniversityBIOL 140 Intgrty Biology: HeterotrophsTransfers
Lawrence UniversityBIOL 150 Biology: Organisms-EcosystemsTransfers
Lawrence UniversityBIOL 170 Biology: Experimental AnalysisTransfers
Lawrence UniversityBIOL 210 BiodiversityTransfers
Lawrence UniversityBIOL 231 Physiological EcologyTransfers
Lawrence UniversityBIOL 240 Morphogenesis of VertebratesTransfers
Lawrence UniversityBIOL 330 Aquatic EcologyTransfers
Lawrence UniversityBIOL 591 DS-Marine Mammal BiologyTransfers
Lawrence UniversityCHEM 108 The Chemistry of ArtTransfers
Lawrence UniversityCHEM 115 Prin of Chem: Struct & ReactivTransfers
Lawrence UniversityCHEM 116 Prin of Chem: Energ & DynamicsTransfers
Lawrence UniversityCLAS 160 Survey of Roman HistoryTransfers
Lawrence UniversityDECM 121 Behavior of Worms & whalesTransfers
Lawrence UniversityEDST 180 Psychology of LearningTransfers
Lawrence UniversityEDST 350 Ethnicity, Cutl Divrs, & EducTransfers
Lawrence UniversityEDST 440 Sociology of EducationTransfers
Lawrence UniversityENG 150 Literary AnalysisTransfers
Lawrence UniversityENST 150 Environmental ScienceTransfers
Lawrence UniversityFREN 101 Beginning French ITransfers
Lawrence UniversityFREN 102 Beginning French IITransfers
Lawrence UniversityFREN 200 Intermediate French ITransfers
Lawrence UniversityFRST 100 Freshman StudiesTransfers
Lawrence UniversityFRST 101 Freshman StudiesTransfers
Lawrence UniversityGEOL 110 Introductory GeologyTransfers
Lawrence UniversityGEST 100 Intro to Gender StudiesTransfers
Lawrence UniversityGOVT 110 Intro to Political ScienceTransfers
Lawrence UniversityGOVT 140 Intro International RelationsTransfers
Lawrence UniversityGOVT 245 Comparative PoliticsTransfers
Lawrence UniversityGOVT 280 US Foreign PolicyTransfers
Lawrence UniversityHIST 101 Clionautics:Intr to Doing HistTransfers
Lawrence UniversityHIST 130 Colonies-Republic: 1607-1789Transfers
Lawrence UniversityHIST 132 United States: 1896-PresentTransfers
Lawrence UniversityHIST 207 The Atlantic WorldTransfers
Lawrence UniversityHIST 280 Religion Magic & WitchcraftTransfers
Lawrence UniversityHIST 345 Race Relations US: 1865-PresentTransfers
Lawrence UniversityMUIN 302 OrganTransfers
Lawrence UniversityMURP 220 Contempory DanceTransfers
Lawrence UniversityPHIL 110 Business EthicsTransfers
Lawrence UniversityPHIL 120 Intro to Biomedical EthicsTransfers
Lawrence UniversityPHIL 130 Meditation & VirtueTransfers
Lawrence UniversityPSYC 100 Principles of PsychologyTransfers
Lawrence UniversityPSYC 260 Developmental PsychologyTransfers
Lawrence UniversityRLST 100 Intro to Religious StudiesTransfers
Lawrence UniversityUNIC 117 Cog & Affect Thrys in PracticeTransfers
Lewis & Clark Community CollegeENGL 131 1st Year English ITransfers
Lewis & Clark Community CollegeENGL 132 First Year English IITransfers
Lewis & Clark Community CollegePSYC 131 General PsychologyTransfers
Long Beach City CollegeANTHR 2 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
Long Beach City CollegeBCOM 15 Business CommunicationsTransfers
Long Beach City CollegeCDECE 47 Human DevelopmentTransfers
Long Beach City CollegeCOMM 20 Elements of Interpersonal CommTransfers
Long Beach City CollegeENGL 1 Reading & CompositionTransfers
Long Beach City CollegeENGL 105 Fundamentals of WritingTransfers
Long Beach City CollegeFILM 1 Introduction to Film StudiesTransfers
Long Beach City CollegeHIST 10 Hist. Early America (Colonial)Transfers
Long Beach City CollegeHIST 11 Hist Modern America (Reconstr)Transfers
Long Beach City CollegeKINPF 43 Weight TrainingTransfers
Long Beach City CollegeKINPP 1 Intro to KinesiologyTransfers
Long Beach City CollegeKINPP 4 Lifetime Wellness PrinciplesTransfers
Long Beach City CollegeLIB 3 Informtion CompetencyTransfers
Long Beach City CollegeMUSIC 32 History of JazzTransfers
Long Beach City CollegePGEOG 1 Physical GeographyTransfers
Long Beach City CollegePHIL 11 Critical ThinkingTransfers
Long Beach City CollegePHIL 3 Intro Issues Phil, Psych & RelignTransfers
Long Beach City CollegePOLSC 1 Introduction to GovernmentTransfers
Long Beach City CollegePSYCH 1 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
Long Beach City CollegeSOCIO 1 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Loras CollegeACC 225 Prin of AccountingTransfers
Loras CollegeACC 227 Managerial AccountingTransfers
Loras CollegeACC 228 Financial AccountingTransfers
Loras CollegeART 140 Intro to PaintingTransfers
Loras CollegeBUS 230 Prin of ManagementTransfers
Loras CollegeBUS 240 MarketingTransfers
Loras CollegeBUS 310 Business StatisticsTransfers
Loras CollegeCOM 131 Intro Mass CommunicationTransfers
Loras CollegeCOM 201 Prin of Public RelationsTransfers
Loras CollegeCOM 259 Mock TrialsTransfers
Loras CollegeCRJ 120 Intro to Criminal JusticeTransfers
Loras CollegeECO 221 Prin of MicroeconomicsTransfers
Loras CollegeECO 222 Prin of MacroeconomicsTransfers
Loras CollegeECO 335 Comparative Econ SystemsTransfers
Loras CollegeENG 111 Adv Crit Writing FictionTransfers
Loras CollegeENG 221 World Literature ITransfers
Loras CollegeENG 328 Am Lit Mod/Contemp PoetryTransfers
Loras CollegeEXP 185 Signatures of the LandTransfers
Loras CollegeGRS 215 Ancient Greeks TragedyTransfers
Loras CollegeHIS 175 Themes in World HistoryTransfers
Loras CollegeHIS 182 Islamic CivilizationsTransfers
Loras CollegeLIB 100 Making Sense - FITransfers
Loras CollegeLIB 100 MOI Title IX-FITransfers
Loras CollegeLIB 105 college Writing-FWTransfers
Loras CollegeLIB 110 Public Spking & Group CommTransfers
Loras CollegeLIB 120 Democracy/Global DiversityTransfers
Loras CollegeLIB 135 Catholicism & TaoismTransfers
Loras CollegeMAT 150 Calc of One Variable I-FMTransfers
Loras CollegePHE 109 GolfTransfers
Loras CollegePHE 111 Weight TrainingTransfers
Loras CollegePHE 112 VolleyballTransfers
Loras CollegePHE 115 Foundations of PhyEdTransfers
Loras CollegePHE 340 Adm PhyEd and AthleticsTransfers
Loras CollegePHE 344 Adv Theory of FootballTransfers
Loras CollegePHE 344 Strength TrainingTransfers
Loras CollegePHI 320 Ancient PhilosophyTransfers
Loras CollegePOL 101 Issues in American PoliticsTransfers
Loras CollegePOL 121 Issues in Global PoliticsTransfers
Loras CollegePSY 101 Introductory PsychologyTransfers
Loras CollegePSY 121 Developmental PsychTransfers
Loras CollegeREL 210 /world Religions: An IntroTransfers
Loras CollegeSCW 130 Intro to Social WelfareTransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictANATOMY 001 Intro to Human AnatTransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictANTHRO 101 Human Biologic EvolTransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictANTHRO 102 Human Ways of LifeTransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictANTHRO 111 Lab Human Bio EvoTransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictART 101 Survey Art History ITransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictBIOLOGY 006 General Biology ITransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictBIOLOGY 007 Gereral Biology IITransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictCH DEV 001 Child Growth & DevelopTransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictCHEM 101 General Chemistry ITransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictCHEM 102 General Chemistry IITransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictCOMM 122 Intercultural CommTransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictENGLISH 101 College Rdg & Comp ITransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictENGLISH 102 College Rdg & Comp 2Transfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictHISTORY 002 Int to West Eivil 2Transfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictMATH 260 PrecalculusTransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictMATH 261 Calculus ITransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictMUSIC 111 Music Apprec ITransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictPOL SCI 001 Government of U.S.Transfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictSPANISH 001 Elem Spanish ITransfers
Los Angeles Community College DistrictSTAT 001 Elem Stat1/Soc SciTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoACT 201 Intro Accounting ITransfers
Loyola University ChicagoACT 202 Intro Accounting IITransfers
Loyola University ChicagoCOM 101 Oral Comm & PresentationTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoCOM 201 Introduction to CommunicationTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoCOM 205 Communication & New MediaTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoCRJ 201 Criminal JusticeTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoCRJ 204 CorrectionsTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoECO 201 MicroeconomicsTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoECO 202 MacroeconomicsTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoENG 110 Intrepreting LiteratureTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoENG 275 American Literature Since 1865Transfers
Loyola University ChicagoENG 276 Introduction to Non-FictionTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoFNA 100 Art & Visual CultureTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoFNA 105 Renaissance to ModernTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoHIS 101 Western Civ to 17th CenturyTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoHIS 201 US History to 1865Transfers
Loyola University ChicagoHIS 202 US History Since 1865Transfers
Loyola University ChicagoINF 247 Intro to Information SystemsTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoISC 101 Sci Basis Environment IssuesTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoISC 102 Environment Process & MethodsTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoISC 102L Envr Process & Methods LabTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoMAT 117 Precalculus ITransfers
Loyola University ChicagoMGT 201 Managing People & OrgTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoPHI 130 Philosphy and PersonsTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoPHI 205 The Person and SocietyTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoPHI 281 EthicsTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoPOL 101 American Gov and CitizenshipTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoPOL 200 Intro to Political ThoughtTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoPOL 202 International RelationsTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoPSY 201 General PsychologyTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoPSY 275 Social PsychologyTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoPSY 280 Abnormal PsychologyTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoSTA 101 StatisticsTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoTHE 101 Intro to Christian TheologyTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoTHE 107 Intro to Religious StudiesTransfers
Loyola University ChicagoWRI 105 Writing and Composition ITransfers
Loyola University ChicagoWRI 110 Writing and Composition IITransfers
Loyola University New OrleansBIOL A106 Cells and HeredityTransfers
Loyola University New OrleansBIOL A107 Cells and Heredity LabTransfers
Loyola University New OrleansCHEM A105 Gem Chemistry I LecTransfers
Loyola University New OrleansCHEM H107 Gen Chemistry I LabTransfers
Loyola University New OrleansHONS H121 Beyond Stonwall: US Gay LibTransfers
Loyola University New OrleansHONS H193 Honors Ignatian ColloquiumTransfers
Loyola University New OrleansMATH A260 Stat Infrence for ScientistsTransfers
Loyola University New OrleansMUPR M128 French HornTransfers
Madison Area Technical College801 136 English Composition ITransfers
Madison Area Technical College801 195 Written CommunicationTransfers
Madison Area Technical College801 201 English 1Transfers
Madison Area Technical College801 202 English 2Transfers
Madison Area Technical College801 204 Introduction to LiteratureTransfers
Madison Area Technical College801 205 English 1ATransfers
Madison Area Technical College801 206 English 1BTransfers
Madison Area Technical College801 211 Gay & Lesbian LiteratureTransfers
Madison Area Technical College801 229 Contemporary LitTransfers
Madison Area Technical College801 240 Creative WritingTransfers
Madison Area Technical College801 241 Creative Writing/FicTransfers
Madison Area Technical College801 251 Intro Mass CommunicationTransfers
Madison Area Technical College802 211 Spanish 1Transfers
Madison Area Technical College802 213 Spanish 3Transfers
Madison Area Technical College802 221 French 1Transfers
Madison Area Technical College802 222 French 2Transfers
Madison Area Technical College802 223 French 3Transfers
Madison Area Technical College802 230 Intro to Mandarin Chinese 1Transfers
Madison Area Technical College802 231 Intro to Mandarin Chinese 2Transfers
Madison Area Technical College803 204 Making Mod EuropeTransfers
Madison Area Technical College803 211 Am Hist 1607-1865Transfers
Madison Area Technical College803 212 Am Hist 1865-PresTransfers
Madison Area Technical College804 208 Computer ScienceTransfers
Madison Area Technical College804 221 Calculus Mthds Bus/SocSci ITransfers
Madison Area Technical College804 228 Calculus w Algebra & Trig ITransfers
Madison Area Technical College804 230 Calculus w Algebra & Trig IITransfers
Madison Area Technical College804 231 Calculus & Analy Geom ITransfers
Madison Area Technical College804 232 Calculus 2Transfers
Madison Area Technical College804 240 Basic StatisticsTransfers
Madison Area Technical College805 263 Jazz HistoryTransfers
Madison Area Technical College806 114 General BiologyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College806 134 General ChemistryTransfers
Madison Area Technical College806 200 Liberal Arts ChemistryTransfers
Madison Area Technical College806 203 Introductory ZoologyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College806 209 College Chemistry 1Transfers
Madison Area Technical College806 221 University Physics 1Transfers
Madison Area Technical College806 241 Earth ScienceTransfers
Madison Area Technical College806 243 Survey of AstronomyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College806 245 Weather and ClimateTransfers
Madison Area Technical College806 273 MicrobiologyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College806 274 Gen MicrobiologyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College806 286 Environmental ScienceTransfers
Madison Area Technical College807 233 Lifeguard TrainingTransfers
Madison Area Technical College807 238 RacquetballTransfers
Madison Area Technical College807 245 Social DanceTransfers
Madison Area Technical College807 254 Beginning YogaTransfers
Madison Area Technical College807 260 Martial Arts FundamentalsTransfers
Madison Area Technical College807 266 Wellness TodayTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 201 Human SexualityTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 202 Social ProblemsTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 203 Intro SociologyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 207 CriminologyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 210 Men: Soc and PschTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 211 Macro EconomicsTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 212 Micro EconomicsTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 217 Race, Class, GenderTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 220 American Foreign PolicyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 221 American Ntl GovtTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 222 State Local GovtTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 227 Political TheoryTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 231 Intro PsychologyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 233 Developmental PshcyologyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 237 Abnormal PsychTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 242 Intro to Public PolicyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 243 Intro Comparative PoliticsTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 247 Intro to East Asian PoliticsTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 249 Educational PsychologyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 260 Intro PhilosophyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 261 Logic & Critical ThinkTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 262 Ethic: Theory ApplTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 280 General AnthropologyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 283 Cult Anthro & Hum DiversityTransfers
Madison Area Technical College809 285 Anthro of Myth, Magic & ReligTransfers
Madison Area Technical College810 201 Fund of Speech CompTransfers
Madison Area Technical College810 202 Argumentation & DebateTransfers
Madison Area Technical College810 205 Small Group & Interpsnl CommTransfers
Madison Area Technical College810 250 Introduction to FilmTransfers
Madison Area Technical College815 200 Intro to Art HistTransfers
Madison Area Technical College815 210 Art Hist: Modern EraTransfers
Madison Area Technical College815 224 Art Survey - WomenTransfers
Madison Area Technical College815 234 PhotographyTransfers
Madison Area Technical College815 235 Creative PhotographyTransfers
Manhattanville CollegeBIO 1000 Introduction to BiologyTransfers
Manhattanville CollegeDTH 1502 Stagecraft IITransfers
Manhattanville CollegeFYP 1001 First Year Seminar ITransfers
Manhattanville CollegeFYP 1003 First Year Writing ITransfers
Manhattanville CollegeMATH 1006 Math for Liberal ArtsTransfers
Maranatha Baptist UniversityASMA-143 Calculus 1Transfers
Maranatha Baptist UniversityASMA-238 Probability and StatisticsTransfers
Maranatha Baptist UniversityASSC-120 General Biology 1Transfers
Maranatha Baptist UniversityASSC-121 General Biology 2Transfers
Maranatha Baptist UniversityASSC-141 General Chemistry 1Transfers
Maranatha Baptist UniversityASSC-226 Anatomy and Physiology 1Transfers
Maranatha Baptist UniversityCASP-111 Fundamentals of Public SpeakingTransfers
Maranatha Baptist UniversityHUEN-121 English Composition 1Transfers
Maranatha Baptist UniversityHUEN-122 English Composition 2Transfers
Maranatha Baptist UniversityHUHI-130 The Modern WorldTransfers
Marian UniversityADJ 201 Criminal LawTransfers
Marian UniversityAJ 101L Intro: Criminal JusticeTransfers
Marian UniversityART 101 Art FundamentalsTransfers
Marian UniversityART 103 Art Found EducatorsTransfers
Marian UniversityART 235 Women Artists/HistTransfers
Marian UniversityATH 201 Intro to Expressive & Therapeutic ArtsTransfers
Marian UniversityBIO 100 Life SystemsTransfers
Marian UniversityBIO 104 Environmental ScienceTransfers
Marian UniversityBIO 150 Life Systems LabTransfers
Marian UniversityBIO 201 Anatomy & Phy ITransfers
Marian UniversityBIO 205 Fund Anatomy & PhysTransfers
Marian UniversityBIO 210 MicrobiologyTransfers
Marian UniversityBIO 322 Vertebrate Zoo/LabTransfers
Marian UniversityCHE 103 Gen, Org & BiochemTransfers
Marian UniversityCOM 101 Fund of CommTransfers
Marian UniversityCOM 202 Writing for MediaTransfers
Marian UniversityCOM 232 Public SpeakingTransfers
Marian UniversityCOM 420 Professional PresTransfers
Marian UniversityCRJ 101 Intro Criminal JustTransfers
Marian UniversityCRJ 102 Constitutional LawTransfers
Marian UniversityCRJ 201 Criminal LawTransfers
Marian UniversityCRJ 203 Juvenile LawTransfers
Marian UniversityCRJ 420 Race, Gender & EthnTransfers
Marian UniversityECE 101 Child DevelopmentTransfers
Marian UniversityECE 102 Child Care: Prg&PrctTransfers
Marian UniversityEDU 200 Intro Tech in EducTransfers
Marian UniversityEDU 202 Psych of LearningTransfers
Marian UniversityEDU 211 Fnd of Ed SystemsTransfers
Marian UniversityEDU 213 Intro to Except EdTransfers
Marian UniversityEDU 290 Clinical PracticeTransfers
Marian UniversityEME 302 Intgrtng Fn ArtsTransfers
Marian UniversityEME 316 Math Curr & MethodsTransfers
Marian UniversityEME 321 Children LitTransfers
Marian UniversityENG 101 English CompositionTransfers
Marian UniversityENG 105 Expository WritingTransfers
Marian UniversityENG 106 Argumen & Rsrch WritTransfers
Marian UniversityENG 112 Intro Lit GenresTransfers
Marian UniversityENG 151 Research WritingTransfers
Marian UniversityENG 202 Brit Lit 1660-1900Transfers
Marian UniversityGEN 101 First Year SeminarTransfers
Marian UniversityHIS 101 World Civ ITransfers
Marian UniversityHIS 102 World Civ LitTransfers
Marian UniversityHIS 111 Hist. US to 1877Transfers
Marian UniversityHIS 222 History/MoviesTransfers
Marian UniversityMAT 112 Pre-Calculus MathTransfers
Marian UniversityMAT 122 Intro: Prob & StatsTransfers
Marian UniversityMAT 132 Applied Math for BusTransfers
Marian UniversityMAT 150 Math for Elem TchersTransfers
Marian UniversityMAT 151 Math for Elem TchrsTransfers
Marian UniversityMAT 201 Calculus ITransfers
Marian UniversityMAT 202 Calculus IITransfers
Marian UniversityMAT 212 Intro Abstract MathTransfers
Marian UniversityMUS 200 Music AppreciationTransfers
Marian UniversityMUS 203 Jazz SurveyTransfers
Marian UniversityPHI 130 Philosophy & ValuesTransfers
Marian UniversityPHI 132 The Examined LifeTransfers
Marian UniversityPHI 220 BioethicsTransfers
Marian UniversityPHI 320 Philosophy of LawTransfers
Marian UniversityPOS 205 American GovernmentTransfers
Marian UniversityPSY 101 General PsychologyTransfers
Marian UniversityPSY 105 Human DevelopmentTransfers
Marian UniversityPSY 341 Cognitive PsychologyTransfers
Marian UniversitySEC 322 Curr & Inst Mid/SecTransfers
Marian UniversitySOC 100 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Marian UniversitySPA 101 Elem Spanish ITransfers
Marian UniversitySWK 101 Intro Soc Work/HumTransfers
Marian UniversityTHE 100 Found of Christ ExpTransfers
Marian UniversityTHE 101 Intro Christian TheoTransfers
Marian UniversityTHE 102 Fund Catholic TheolTransfers
Marian UniversityTHE 104 Feminist TheologyTransfers
Marian UniversityTHE 225 theology of LdrshpTransfers
Marian UniversityTHE 306 Topics Catholic TheoTransfers
Maricopa Community CollegeBIO 181 General Biology (Majors)1Transfers
Maricopa Community CollegeCOM 110 Interpersonal CommunicationTransfers
Maricopa Community CollegeCOM 225 Public SpeakingTransfers
Maricopa Community CollegeENG 101 First-Year CompositionTransfers
Maricopa Community CollegeENG 102 First-Year CompositionTransfers
Maricopa Community CollegeMAT 182 Plane TrigonometryTransfers
Marquette UniversityACCO 30 Prin Financial AcctTransfers
Marquette UniversityBIOL 5 Bio for Non-Sci MajsTransfers
Marquette UniversityCMST 12 Public SpeakingTransfers
Marquette UniversityECON 43 Prin MicroeconomicsTransfers
Marquette UniversityENGL 1 Rhetoric & Compos 1Transfers
Marquette UniversityENGL 2 Rhetoric & Compos 2Transfers
Marquette UniversityENGL 42 Intro to Literature:FicTransfers
Marquette UniversityFREN 1 Elementary 1Transfers
Marquette UniversityHIST 6 Intro to Amer HistTransfers
Marquette UniversityMANA 28 Business StatisticsTransfers
Marquette UniversityMATH 70 Finite MathematicsTransfers
Marquette UniversityMATH 71 Elements of CalcuTransfers
Marquette UniversityPHIL 1 LogicTransfers
Marquette UniversityPHIL 50 Phil of Human NatureTransfers
Marquette UniversityTHEO 1 Intro to TheologyTransfers
Martin Luther CollegeENG 1302 Lit & Wrt IITransfers
Martin Luther CollegeENG 1310 Public SpkgTransfers
Martin Luther CollegeHIS 2110 Wst Hist CulTransfers
Martin Luther CollegeHIS 2111 Wst Hist CullTransfers
Martin Luther CollegeMTH 1010 Int Cont MthTransfers
Martin Luther CollegeMUS 1101 Vocal Mus 1Transfers
Martin Luther CollegeMUS 1102 Vocal Mus IITransfers
Martin Luther CollegePED 1107 Soc & BBTransfers
Martin Luther CollegePED 1108 Wght Trn & STransfers
Martin Luther CollegeREL 1001 Bib His LitlTransfers
Martin Luther CollegeREL 1002 Bib His Lit IITransfers
Martin Luther CollegeREL 3001 Doctrine ITransfers
Martin Luther CollegeSCI 1001 Our Living WrldTransfers
Martin Luther CollegeSCI 1110 Phy GeogTransfers
Mary Baldwin UniversityBIOL 111 Principles of BiologyTransfers
Mary Baldwin UniversityCHEM 121 General Chemistry ITransfers
Mary Baldwin UniversityCHEM 122 General Chemistry IITransfers
Mary Baldwin UniversityCHEM 221 Organic Chemistry ITransfers
Mary Baldwin UniversityINT 103 Information LiteracyTransfers
Mary Baldwin UniversityMATH 171 Pre Calculus with TrigonometryTransfers
Mary Baldwin UniversityMATH 211 Intro Calc/Analytic GeometryTransfers
Mary Baldwin UniversityMUS 111 Music Theory ITransfers
Mary Baldwin UniversityMUS 120 Elective Applied PianoTransfers
Mary Baldwin UniversityMUS 218 Women in MusicTransfers
Mary Baldwin UniversityPHE 146 Modern/Contemp DanceTransfers
Mary Baldwin UniversityPSYC 250 Behavioral StatisticsTransfers
Massachusetts College of ArtCSA4X7 Hist. Sites E. MediterraneanTransfers
Massachusetts College of ArtCSB2X9 Cross Disciplinary PhilosophyTransfers
Massachusetts College of ArtCSC324X Creative WritingTransfers
Massachusetts College of ArtCSC3X6 Film StudiesTransfers
Massachusetts College of ArtFA3X7 Art Workshop: Interm. PaintingTransfers
Massachusetts College of ArtPH309X Digital ImagingTransfers
McHenry County CollegeACC 151 Financial AccountingTransfers
McHenry County CollegeART 150 Humanities ThroughTransfers
McHenry County CollegeART 250 Digital PhotographyTransfers
McHenry County CollegeART 252 Digital PhotographyTransfers
McHenry County CollegeBIO 110 Introduction to HuTransfers
McHenry County CollegeBIO 157 Fund of BiologyTransfers
McHenry County CollegeCHM 164 Introductory ChemistryTransfers
McHenry County CollegeENG 151 Composition ITransfers
McHenry County CollegeENG 152 Composition IITransfers
McHenry County CollegeHFE 250 Nutritn+WellnessTransfers
McHenry County CollegeMAT 220 StatisticsTransfers
McHenry County CollegePHI 151 Introduction to PhilosophyTransfers
McHenry County CollegePLT151 U S GovtTransfers
McHenry County CollegePSY 151 Intro PsychTransfers
McHenry County CollegePSY 251 Child PsychologyTransfers
McHenry County CollegePSY 265 Social PsychologyTransfers
McHenry County CollegeSOC 151 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
McHenry County CollegeSPA 151 Elem Span ITransfers
McHenry County CollegeSPA 251 Intermediate SpanishTransfers
McHenry County CollegeSPE 151 Intro SpeechTransfers
Mercer County Community CollegeENG 101 English Comp ITransfers
Mercer County Community CollegeLAT 201 Intermediate Latin ITransfers
Metropolitan Community CollegeBIO 101 Introduction to BiologyTransfers
Metropolitan Community CollegeSPN 211 Intermediate SpanishTransfers
Metropolitan State College of DenverAST 1040 Intro to Astronomy/Self PacedTransfers
Metropolitan State College of DenverENV 1200 Intro to Environmental ScienceTransfers
Metropolitan State UniversityETHS 200 Theories/Race, EthnicityTransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityBL 1010 General Biology ITransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityBL 1020 General Biology IITransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityBL 1580 Intro to Biological SciencesTransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityCH 1150 University Chemistry ITransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityCH 1151 University Chemistry Lab ITransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityCH 1153 University Chem Recitation ITransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityCH 1160 University Chemistry IITransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityCH 1161 University Chem Lab IITransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityCH 1163 University Chem Recitation IITransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityMA 1135 Calculus for Life SciencesTransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityMA 1161 Calculus Plus w/Technology ITransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityMA 2160 Calculus with Technology IITransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityPE 0240 Intermediate TennisTransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityUN 1001 Perspectives on InquiryTransfers
Michigan Technological UniversityUN 1002 World CulturesTransfers
Middlesex Community CollegeENV 131 Environmental Science with LabTransfers
Mid-State Technical College543 300 Nursing AssistantTransfers
Mid-State Technical College801 136 English Composition ITransfers
Midwestern State UniversityMATH 1053 Contemporary MathematicsTransfers
Millikin UniversityCO 242 Business & Professional CommTransfers
Millikin UniversityEC 100 Principles of MacroeconomicsTransfers
Millikin UniversityIN 140 University SemTransfers
Millikin UniversityIN 150 Crit Wrtg/Rdg/Rsrch ITransfers
Millikin UniversityMA 120 Elem Prob and StatisticsTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical College801 136 English Composition ITransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeECON 195 EconomicsTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeECON 201 Principles of MicroecTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeENG 151 Communication Skills ITransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeENG 152 Communication Skills 2Transfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeENG 201 English 1Transfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeENG 202 English 2Transfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeENG 213 American LiteratureTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeFLANG 211 Spanish ITransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeHIST 203 West Civ - Ancient TimesTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeHIST 211 America thru 1877Transfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeHIST 212 America Since 1877Transfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeHIST 214 African-American History 1Transfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeMATH 202 TrigonometryTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeMUS 205 Music AppreciationTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeNATSCI 177 General Anatomy and PhysiologyTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeNATSCI 201 Anatomy & Physiology 1Transfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeNATSCI 202 Anatomy & Physiology 2Transfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeNATSCI 225 Intro to AstronomyTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeNATSCI 226 Observation AstronomyTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeNATSCI 233 Environmental ScienceTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeNATSCI 245 Gener GeologyTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegePHYED 210 Active Approach-Wellness/FitnsTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegePSYCH 231 Introductory PsychologyTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegePSYCH 238 Life Span PsychologyTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeSOCSCI 172 Intro to Diversity StudiesTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeSOCSCI 203 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeSOCSCI 222 America Stat/Local GovTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeSOCSCI 223 US GeographyTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeSOSCI 210 Death and DyingTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeSPEECH 201 Elements of SpeechTransfers
Milwaukee Area Technical CollegeSPEECH 203 Interpersonal CommunicationTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringBI1001 Principles of Biomedical SciencesTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringBI1002 Human Body SystemsTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringBI1003 Medical InterventionsTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringCH 103 Principles of ChemistryTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringEN 131 CompositionTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringEN 132 Tech CompositionTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringEN 342 Group DiscussionTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringGE 1002 Introduction to Engineering DesignTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringGE 1003 Digital ElectronicsTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringHU 100 Contemporary Issues in HumanitiesTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringHU 420 Classical DerivativesTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringMA 340 Business StatisticsTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringMS 280 Intro to Mct Info SystemTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringMS 331 Business LawTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringMS 342 Management PrinciplesTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringMS 3429 Entrpreneurial FinanceTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringMS 356 Business Finance ITransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringMS 452 Invest/Prtfolio AnalTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringSS 454 Political ScienceTransfers
Milwaukee School of EngineeringTC 452 Interpersonal CommTransfers
Minnesota State University - MankatoBIOL 101 Our Natural WorldTransfers
Minnesota State University - MankatoBIOL 105 General Biology ITransfers
Minnesota State University - MankatoCMST 100 Fundamentals of CommunicationTransfers
Minnesota State University - MankatoENG 101 CompositionTransfers
Minnesota State University - MankatoENG 110 Introduction to LiteratureTransfers
Minnesota State University - MankatoENG 113W Intro to Prose LiteratureTransfers
Minnesota State University - MankatoENVR 101 Perspectives Env ScienceTransfers
Minnesota State University - MankatoFREN 201 Intermediate French ITransfers
Minnesota State University - MankatoHIST 191 U.S. Since 1877Transfers
Minnesota State University - MankatoPOL 100 Introduction to PoliticsTransfers
Minnesota State University - MankatoPOL 111 United States GovernmentTransfers
Minnesota State University - MankatoPSYC 101 PsychologyTransfers
Minnesota State University - MankatoSPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish ITransfers
MiraCosta CollegeART 251 Digital PhotographyTransfers
MiraCosta CollegeASTR 101 Descriptive AstronomyTransfers
MiraCosta CollegeASTR 101L Descriptive Astronomy LabTransfers
MiraCosta CollegeATHL 118 Baskeball TechniquesTransfers
MiraCosta CollegeBIO 101 General BiologyTransfers
MiraCosta CollegeCOMM 106 Group CommunicationTransfers
MiraCosta CollegeENGL 100 Composition & ReadingTransfers
MiraCosta CollegeENGL 202 Critical Thinking & CompTransfers
MiraCosta CollegeFILM 101 Intro to FilmTransfers
MiraCosta CollegeKINE 190 KinesiologyTransfers
MiraCosta CollegePSYC 100 Psychology of Personal GrowthTransfers
MiraCosta CollegePSYC 101 General PsychologyTransfers
MiraCosta CollegePSYC 121 Human DevelopmentTransfers
MiraCosta CollegePSYC 205 Research MethodsTransfers
MiraCosta CollegeSOC 101 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeACCT 0201 Principles Financial AcctTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeCOMM 0100 Oral CommunicationTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeECON 0202 Principles EconomicsTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeENG 0101 College Compostion ITransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeENG 0102 College Composition IITransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeENG 0271 British Literature ITransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeGB 0301 Legal Environment Business ITransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeHIST 0120 US Hsitory 1877 to PresentTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeIB 0310 International BusinessTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeKINE 0103 Lifetime WellnessTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeMATH 0129 Finite MathematicsTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeMGMT 0237 Using Information SystemsTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeMGMT 0337 Mangement Information SystemsTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeMGMT 0350 Fund of Organizational MgmtTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegeMUS 0110 Music AppreciationTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegePHYS 0100 Fundamentals Physical ScienceTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegePSC 0120 Government: US State & LocalTransfers
Missouri Southern State CollegePSY 0100 General PsychologyTransfers
Missouri State UniversityFIN 150 Personal FinanceTransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegeANTH2 Biological AnthropologyTransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegeBIOL 21 Concepts in BiologyTransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegeCHEM 12B Organic ChemistryTransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegeCHEM 1B General Chemistry IITransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegeDANC2 Dance Skills ITransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegeENGL1A Comp/Rdng for TransferTransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegeMATH 16 Elementary StatisticsTransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegeMUSI44 Woodwind/FluteTransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegeMUSI60.2 Workshop/String EnsembleTransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegePFIT22A Fitness/SwimmingTransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegePHYS 2A General Physics ITransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegePHYS 2B General Physics IITransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegePOLS1 American Gov & PoliticsTransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegePSYC1 General PsychologyTransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegeSOCI1 Humanity and SocietyTransfers
Monterey Peninsula CollegeTHEA5 Film AppreciationTransfers
Montgomery CollegeBI 107 Princ of Biology ITransfers
Montgomery CollegeBIOL 210 MicrobiologyTransfers
Montgomery CollegeMA 181 CalculusTransfers
Montgomery CollegeSN 101 Elem Spanish ITransfers
Montgomery CollegeSP 108 Intro to Human CommunicationTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College531 440 Heartsaver AEDTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College801 136 English Composition ITransfers
Moraine Park Technical College801 195 Written CommunicationTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College801 196 Oral/Interp CommunicationTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College801 197 Technical ReportingTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College801 198 SpeechTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College806 122 Natural Sciences in SocietyTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College806 134 Gen ChemistryTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College806 177 General Anatomy & PhysiologyTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College806 179 Advanced Anatomy & PhysiologyTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College806 186 Intro to BiochemistryTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College806 189 Basic AnatomyTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College806 197 MicrobiologyTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College807 177 General Anatomy and PhysiologyTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College809 158 Adolescent PsychologyTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College809 166 Intro to Ethics: Theory & ApplTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College809 172 Intro to Diversity StudiesTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College809 188 Developmental PsychologyTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College809 195 EconomicsTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College809 196 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Moraine Park Technical College809 198 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeART 110 Art AppreciationTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeART 180 Digital PhotographyTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeASL 101 American Sign Language ITransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeBIO 111 General BiologyTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeBIO 115 Anatomy and PhysiologyTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeBUS 110 Legal Environment in BusinessTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeCHM 131 Chemistry (Univ Oriented) ITransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeCOM 101 Composition ITransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeCOM 102 Composition IITransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeCOM 103 Speech FundamentalsTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeCOM 107 Creative Writing, FictionTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeCRJ 101 Intro to Criminal JusticeTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeCRJ 105 CriminologyTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeEAS 120 Intro to Earth ScienceTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeECO 101 Principles of Macro-EconomicsTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeHIS 101 Western Civilization ITransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeHIS 102 Western Civilization IITransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeHIS 105 The World Since 1945Transfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeHIS 201 American History ITransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeHIS 202 American History IITransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeHIS 210 History of AsiaTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeHIS 230 History of the Middle EastTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeHUM 101 West. Humanities I: FoundationsTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeHUM 115 World MythologyTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeHUM 135 African & Middle Eastern HumanitiesTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeLIT 214 American Literature IITransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeLIT 217 Introduction to PoetryTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeLIT 225 ShakespeareTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeLIT 226 Literature of the Non-WesternTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeMTH 120 General Education MathematicsTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeMTH 150 Calculus I/Analytic GeometryTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeMTH 151 Calculus II/Analytic GeometryTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeMUS 106 Introduction to American MusicTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegePEH 150 Intro to Physical EducationTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegePEH 152 Lifetime Activities-ConditionTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegePEH 154 Team SportsTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegePEH 171 A Healthy Lifestyle and YouTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegePHI 101 Introduction to PhilosophyTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegePHI 120 World ReligionsTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegePHS 101 Physical ScienceTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegePSC 110 American National GovernmentTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegePSY 101 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegePSY 104 Life-Span Developmental PsyTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegePSY 105 Child PsychologyTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeSOC 102 Marriage & FamilyTransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeSPA 101 Spanish ITransfers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeSPA 102 Spanish IITransfers
Morton CollegeENG 101 Rhetoric ITransfers
Morton CollegeHIS 106 American History From 1865Transfers
Morton CollegePEC 171 Physical FitnessTransfers
Morton CollegePHS 101 AstronomyTransfers
Morton CollegePSY 101 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Morton CollegeSPE 101 Principles of Public SpeakingTransfers
Mount Mary CollegeCOM 365 St: Relational CommunicationTransfers
Muscatine Community CollegeART 120 2-D DesignTransfers
Muscatine Community CollegeENG 105 Composition ITransfers
Muscatine Community CollegeHIS 118 W Civ II: Early ModernTransfers
Muscatine Community CollegePHI 101 Intro to PhilosophyTransfers
Muscatine Community CollegePOL 111 American Natl GovernmentTransfers
Muscatine Community CollegePSY 121 Developmental PsychologyTransfers
Muskegon Community CollegeANTH 103 CultDiversity in Cont. SocTransfers
Muskegon Community CollegeANTH 105D Intro to Physical Anth/ArchTransfers
Muskegon Community CollegeCOM 101 Oral CommunicationsTransfers
Muskegon Community CollegeENG 101 English CompositionTransfers
Muskegon Community CollegeENG 102 English CompositionTransfers
Muskegon Community CollegeHIS 202 US from Reconstruction PresTransfers
Muskegon Community CollegePSYC 201 General PsychologyTransfers
Muskegon Community CollegeSOC 101 Principles of SociologyTransfers
Muskegon Community CollegeTH 101 Theater AppreciationTransfers
Naropa UniversityCOR110 Writing Seminar I: Art of the Engaged WriterTransfers
Naropa UniversityCOR113 First Year Seminar: Crossing BordersTransfers
Naropa UniversityCOR115 Writing Seminar II: Art of the ScholarTransfers
Naropa UniversityPAX250 Introduction to Peace and Conflict StudiesTransfers
Naropa UniversityPSYB101 Introduction to Western PsychologyTransfers
Naropa UniversityPSYB234 PerceptionTransfers
Naropa UniversityREL210 Religion and Mystical ExperienceTransfers
Naropa UniversityTRA130 Exploring Traditional Eastern ArtsTransfers
Naropa UniversityWRI210 Literary Studies: Ancient World LiteratureTransfers
Naropa UniversityWRI234 Creative Writing and LiteratureTransfers
Naropa UniversityWRI311 Reading and Writing: Poetic OperationTransfers
Nashua Community CollegeAnth 110N NCC Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
Nashua Community CollegePsyc 101N NCC Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
Nicolet Technical College801 136 English Composition ITransfers
Nicolet Technical College801 219 English Composition ITransfers
Nicolet Technical College801 223 English Composition IITransfers
Nicolet Technical College803 215 History Am People to 1877Transfers
Nicolet Technical College803 219 History AM People from 1877Transfers
Nicolet Technical College803 227 American GovernmentTransfers
Nicolet Technical College803 259 World History Since 1500Transfers
Nicolet Technical College803 260 Topics in HistoryTransfers
Nicolet Technical College804 236 Calculus & Analytic Geometry ITransfers
Nicolet Technical College804 240 Calculus & Analyt Geometry IITransfers
Nicolet Technical College806 177 Gen Anatomy & PhysiologyTransfers
Nicolet Technical College806 201 Principles of BiologyTransfers
Nicolet Technical College806 240 Survey of ChemistryTransfers
Nicolet Technical College809 195 EconomicsTransfers
Nicolet Technical College809 251General PsychologyTransfers
Nicolet Technical College809 271 Introductory SociologyTransfers
Nicolet Technical College809 272 Valuing DiversityTransfers
Nicolet Technical College810 201 Fundamentals of SpeechTransfers
Nicolet Technical College810 204 Motion Picture AppreciationTransfers
Nicolet Technical College815 201 Art AppreciationTransfers
Nicolet Technical College815 221 CeramicsTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeART 1109 Basic Still PhotographyTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeBIOL 1102 Human BiologyTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeBIOL 2041 Human AnatomyTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeBIOL 2204 MicrobiologyTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeBUSN 1100 Prin of MarketingTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeBUSN 1140 WE: Intro to ManagementTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeCHEM 1020 Survey of ChemistryTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeCHEM 1050 Found Organic & BiochemTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeCOMM 1101 Public SpeakingTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeCOMM 1111 Interpersonal CommTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeCOMM 1115 Journalism LabTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeENGC 1101 Freshman CompositionTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeEXSC 1200 Weight TrainingTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeEXSC 2300 Intro to Exercise ScienceTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeEXSC 2305 Exercise PhysiologyTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeEXSC 2310 Found of Persnl TrainingTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeHIST 1101 World Civilization ITransfers
Normandale Community CollegeHLTH 1103 College 1st Aid/Adult CPRTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeHLTH 1107 Principles of NutritionTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeMATH 1080 Introduction StatisticsTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeMATH 2520 Calculus 4Transfers
Normandale Community CollegeNCC 1000 Paths to College SuccessTransfers
Normandale Community CollegePSYC 1100 Psyc of AdjustmentTransfers
Normandale Community CollegePSYC 1110 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeSOC 1102 Love, Sex & FamilyTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeSOC 1104 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Normandale Community CollegeTHTR 1151 Acting ITransfers
North CarolinaHESA 221 Intermediate SwimmingTransfers
North CarolinaHESD 240 Social DanceTransfers
North CarolinaHESM 280 Responding to EmergenciesTransfers
North CarolinaHESM 284 Women's Health IssuesTransfers
North Central UniversityECON 251 Principles of MicroeTransfers
North Central UniversityHIST 226 American History IITransfers
North Central UniversityPSYC 125 General PsychologyTransfers
North Dakota State UniversityACCT 102 Fundamentals of AccountingTransfers
North Dakota State UniversityANTH 111 Introduction to AnthropologyTransfers
North Dakota State UniversityBOT 315 GeneticsTransfers
North Dakota State UniversityBOT 315L Genetics LaboratoryTransfers
North Dakota State UniversityCHEM 121 General Chemistry ITransfers
North Dakota State UniversityCHEM 121L General Chemistry I LaboratoryTransfers
North Dakota State UniversityCM&E 240 Financial Cost Concepts/CMsTransfers
North Dakota State UniversityCOMM 110 Fundamentals/Public SpeakingTransfers
North Dakota State UniversityECON 105 Elements of EconomicsTransfers
North Dakota State UniversityENGL 110 College Composition ITransfers
North Dakota State UniversityENGL 120 College Composition IITransfers
North Dakota State UniversityENVD 130 Drawing/Environmental DesignerTransfers
North Dakota State UniversityGEOL 105 Physical GeologyTransfers
North Dakota State UniversityMATH 146 Applied Calculus ITransfers
North Dakota State UniversitySTAT 330 Introductory StatisticsTransfers
North Park UniversityART 1100 Drawing ITransfers
North Park UniversityBIOL 1180 Intro to Environmental ScienceTransfers
North Park UniversityBTS 1850 Intro to the BibleTransfers
North Park UniversityBTS 2520 Christian SpiritualityTransfers
North Park UniversityCHEM 1011 Chemistry in Our WorldTransfers
North Park UniversityCOMM 1910 Public SpeakingTransfers
North Park UniversityCOMM 2010 Intro to Communication StudiesTransfers
North Park UniversityCOMM 2350 Intercultural CommunicationTransfers
North Park UniversityCORE 1000 CRST: Your Story, Your VoiceTransfers
North Park UniversityEDUC 2120 Intro to Teaching: Prof ResponTransfers
North Park UniversityEDUC 2130 Educ Psyc: the Classroom EnvTransfers
North Park UniversityEDUC 2140 Curriculum: Plan & PreparationTransfers
North Park UniversityENG 1750 Studies in LiteratureTransfers
North Park UniversityENG 2010 British Literature ITransfers
North Park UniversityENG 2020 British Literature IITransfers
North Park UniversityENG 2030 American LiteratureTransfers
North Park UniversityEXS 1000 Personal HealthTransfers
North Park UniversityHIST 1000 Nature in HistoryTransfers
North Park UniversitySOC 1910 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
North Park UniversitySPAN 1010 Basic Spanish ITransfers
Northcentral Technical College801 136 English Composition ITransfers
Northcentral Technical College809 198 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeBAC 212 Intro to Comp Bus AppsTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeENG 105 Composition ITransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeENG 106 Composition IITransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeENV 115 Environmental ScienceTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeENV 116 Environ Science LabTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeHIS 131 World Civilization ITransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeHIS 132 World Civilization IITransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeHUM 108 Cultural Divers/IdentityTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeLIT 101 Intro to LiteratureTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeLIT 186 Cultures Through LiteratureTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeMAT 128 PrecalculusTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeMAT 156 StatisticsTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegePHI 105 Intro to EthicsTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegePHS 166 Meteorology, Weather, and ClimTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegePSY 111 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegePSY 112 Psych Human RelationsTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegePSY 121 Developmental PsychologyTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeSOC 110 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Northeast Iowa Community CollegeSPC 112 Public SpeakingTransfers
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College801 136 English Composition ITransfers
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College801 195 Written CommunicationTransfers
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College801 195 Written CommunicationsTransfers
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College801 196 Oral/Interpersonal CommTransfers
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College801 385 Communicating - WritingTransfers
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College806 177 Gen Anatomy & PhysiologyTransfers
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College809 103 Think Critically & CreativelyTransfers
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College809 122 Intro to Amer GovernmentTransfers
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College809 166 Intro to Ethics: Theory & AppTransfers
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College809 172 Race Ethnic & DiversityTransfers
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College809 188 Developmental PsychologyTransfers
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College809 196 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College809 198 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Northeastern Illinois UniversityANTH 212 Intro to Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
Northeastern Illinois UniversityENGL 101 Writing ITransfers
Northeastern Illinois UniversityENGL 102 Writing IITransfers
Northeastern Illinois UniversityGES 150 Intro to Envirnmntl StudiesTransfers
Northeastern Illinois UniversityHIST 111A World Hist: West to 1500Transfers
Northeastern Illinois UniversityLING 110 Lexicology:The Study of WordsTransfers
Northeastern Illinois UniversityMATH 185 PrecalculusTransfers
Northeastern Illinois UniversityPHIL 102 Introduction to PhilosophyTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityARTH 282 Intro to Visual ArtsTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityCOMD 220 Intro to ComdTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityCOMS 100 Fund of Oral CommunicationTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityENGL 103 Rhet & Composition ITransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityENGL 103TR Creativity & Critical Analysis ElectiveTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityENGL 104 Rhet & Composit IITransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityENGL 203 Rhet & Composition IITransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityEPFK 201 Educ as an Agent for ChTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityFLCL 271 Classical MythologyTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityFLSP 102 Beginning Spanish IITransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityFLSP 201 Intermediate Spanish ITransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityGEOL 103 Planetary & Space ScienceTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityHIST 261 Amer Hist Since 1865Transfers
Northern Illinois UniversityKNPE 314 Applied KinesiologyTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityMATH 155 Trig and Elem FunctionsTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityMATH 229 Calculus ITransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityPHIL 101 Introduction to PhilosophyTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityPHIL 205 Symbolic LogicTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityPHIL 231 Contemporary Moral IssuesTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityPHIL 353 Philosophy of LawTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversityPSYC 102 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversitySOCI 170 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Northern Illinois UniversitySOCI288 CriminologyTransfers
Northern Michigan UniversityBC 165 Intro to Mass MediaTransfers
Northern Michigan UniversityCIS 110 Prin Computer Info SystemsTransfers
Northern Michigan UniversityEN 110 Good BooksTransfers
Northern Michigan UniversityEN 111 Coll CompositionTransfers
Northern Michigan UniversityEN 112S MythologyTransfers
Northern Michigan UniversityLB 121 Values-Greeks & BibleTransfers
Northern Michigan UniversityPS 101 Intro to Pol ScienceTransfers
Northern Michigan UniversitySP 110 Interpersonal CommunicationTransfers
Northern Michigan UniversityTH 130 Intro to TheatreTransfers
Northern Michigan UniversityUN 100B Freshman Seminar - Ctp BlockTransfers
Northern Virginia Community CollegeCSC 110 Intro to ComputingTransfers
Northern Virginia Community CollegeENG 112 Coll Composition IITransfers
Northern Virginia Community CollegeHIS 101 History of West Civilization ITransfers
Northern Virginia Community CollegeHIS 111 History of World Civilization ITransfers
Northern Virginia Community CollegeHIS 121 US History ITransfers
Northern Virginia Community CollegeHIS 122 US History IITransfers
Northland CollegeART 231 Art History Renaissance to ModernTransfers
Northland CollegeBIO 115 Concepts of BiologyTransfers
Northland CollegeBIO 234 EcologyTransfers
Northland CollegeBUS 100 Intro to BusinessTransfers
Northland CollegeBUS 226 Essentials of EconomicsTransfers
Northland CollegeBUS 228 MarketingTransfers
Northland CollegeBUS 229 Small Business MgmtTransfers
Northland CollegeCHM 105 General Chemistry: Social ContextTransfers
Northland CollegeECN 220 MacroeconomicsTransfers
Northland CollegeECN 221 MicroeconomicsTransfers
Northland CollegeEDU 225 Foundations of EducationTransfers
Northland CollegeEDU 289 Children & Adolescent LiteratureTransfers
Northland CollegeENG 110 Introduction to College WritingTransfers
Northland CollegeENG 111 College WritingTransfers
Northland CollegeENG 324 Survey of American Lit ITransfers
Northland CollegeGSC 262 World Regional GeographyTransfers
Northland CollegeHIS 102 US History Since 1877Transfers
Northland CollegeHIS 111 History of World Civ to 1500Transfers
Northland CollegeHIS 221 History of Medieval EuropeTransfers
Northland CollegeMLG 205 Inter Spanish ITransfers
Northland CollegeMTH 107 Statistical Concepts & AnalysisTransfers
Northland CollegeMTH 109 Precalculus MathematicsTransfers
Northland CollegeMUS 081G Individual Guitar LessonsTransfers
Northland CollegeMUS 101 Introduction to MusicTransfers
Northland CollegeMUS 105 The Story of JazzTransfers
Northland CollegeMUS 183 Individual Percussion LessonsTransfers
Northland CollegeNAS 211 Native Am History to 1890Transfers
Northland CollegeNRS 164 Wolf Research and MonitoringTransfers
Northland CollegeOED 221 Group Process & LeadershipTransfers
Northland CollegeOED 261 Envrionmental Ed Curriculum ReTransfers
Northland CollegePED 047 Adv Alpine Skiing/SnowboardingTransfers
Northland CollegePGS 215 Intro to Conflict ResTransfers
Northland CollegePGS 305 Gender and PeaceTransfers
Northland CollegePSY 110 General PsychologyTransfers
Northland CollegePSY 203 Lifespan Dev. PsychTransfers
Northland CollegeREL 231 BuddhismTransfers
Northland CollegeSOC 111 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Northwest Missouri State UniversityBIOL 04-102 General BiologyTransfers
Northwest Missouri State UniversityBIOL 04-103 General Biology LabTransfers
Northwest Missouri State UniversityCHEM 24113 Gen Chem LabTransfers
Northwest Missouri State UniversityENGL 10-111 Comp I: Academic LiteraciesTransfers
Northwest Missouri State UniversityGEOG 32101 Introduction to GeographyTransfers
Northwest Missouri State UniversityHIST 33-155 American Historical SurveyTransfers
Northwest Missouri State UniversityHPER 22106 Wt Trng and CondTransfers
Northwest Missouri State UniversityHUM 26-103 Western Civilization IITransfers
Northwest Missouri State UniversityINCO 77150 Academic Success CoachingTransfers
Northwest Missouri State UniversityPSYC 8103 General PsychologyTransfers
Northwest Missouri State UniversityTHEA 43101 Theatre AppreciationTransfers
Northwestern CollegeACL 2002 Elementary Greek IITransfers
Northwestern CollegeBIA 2825 Hnr Prin of Biblical InterTransfers
Northwestern CollegeBIA 4345 Bib Widvw Capstone: Chr ThoughtTransfers
Northwestern CollegeBIB 1001 OT History and LiteratureTransfers
Northwestern CollegeBIB 1002 NT History and LiteratureTransfers
Northwestern CollegeBIB 2215 MatthewTransfers
Northwestern CollegeBIB 2216 MarkTransfers
Northwestern CollegeBIB 3216 1-2 CorinthiansTransfers
Northwestern CollegeBIB 3219 Prison LettersTransfers
Northwestern CollegeBIB 3234 Minor ProphetsTransfers
Northwestern CollegeENG 1825 Hnr College CompositionTransfers
Northwestern CollegeHIS 1005 Hist of Westn CivTransfers
Northwestern CollegeHIS 3125 Hist Chr Church Apos to PresTransfers
Northwestern CollegeICS 2015 World ReligionsTransfers
Northwestern CollegeMEN 2002 Varsity Men's ChorusTransfers
Northwestern CollegeMTC 1003 Sight Singing & Ear Training 1Transfers
Northwestern CollegeMTC 1005 Music TechnologyTransfers
Northwestern CollegeMUP 1011 Class PianoTransfers
Northwestern CollegeMUS 1075 Intro to MusicTransfers
Northwestern CollegePSY 1005 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeANT 202 Intr Soc & Cult AntTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeANT 203 Introduction to ArchaeologyTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeART 111 Art History: Prehistoric to RenaissanceTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeART 134 Ceramics ITransfers
Oakton Community CollegeART 234 Ceramics IITransfers
Oakton Community CollegeBIO 101 Introduction to Life ScienceTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeCOM 101 Composition ITransfers
Oakton Community CollegeCOM 102 Composition IITransfers
Oakton Community CollegeEAS 205 Environ GeologyTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeECO 201 Principles of MacroeconomicsTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeEGL 101 Composition ITransfers
Oakton Community CollegeEGL 102 Composition IITransfers
Oakton Community CollegeGER 101 Begin. German ITransfers
Oakton Community CollegeHIS 111 United States History to 1877Transfers
Oakton Community CollegeHIS 112 US History from 1877Transfers
Oakton Community CollegeHUM 101 Mod Cul & The ArtsTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeHUM 105 Intro to MusicTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeHUM 242 Women, Art and CultureTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeMAT 131 Elementary StatisticsTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeMKT 150 Sports MarketingTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeMUS 107 Group Piano ITransfers
Oakton Community CollegeMUS 108 Group PianoTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeMUS 111 Choir ITransfers
Oakton Community CollegeMUS 112 Choir IITransfers
Oakton Community CollegeMUS 122 Music Theory IITransfers
Oakton Community CollegeMUS 130 Group Vocal TechTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeMUS 160 Applied Music PrivTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeMUS 170 Applied Music PrivTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeMUS 207 Group Piano IIITransfers
Oakton Community CollegeMUS 221 Music Theory IIITransfers
Oakton Community CollegeMUS 222 Music Theory IVTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeNSC 103 Intro Earth ScienceTransfers
Oakton Community CollegePED 128 Yoga ITransfers
Oakton Community CollegePHL 205 World ReligionsTransfers
Oakton Community CollegePSY 101 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
Oakton Community CollegePSY 107 App Psy Pers GrowthTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeSOC 101 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Oakton Community CollegeSSC 105 Intro to Ethnic StudiesTransfers
Occidental CollegeBIO 103 Topic: Eco Enhance/RestorationTransfers
Occidental CollegeBIO 105 Marine BiologyTransfers
Occidental CollegeCSP 21 Sport in FilmTransfers
Occidental CollegeCSP 70 ExistentialismTransfers
Occidental CollegeECON 101 Principles of Economics ITransfers
Occidental CollegeECON 102 Principles of Economics IITransfers
Occidental CollegeECON 233 Accounting/Financial AnalysisTransfers
Occidental CollegeECON 250 Intermed Micro TheoryTransfers
Occidental CollegeECON 251 Intermed Macro TheoryTransfers
Occidental CollegeECON 309 Free Market Econ/Austrian PersTransfers
Occidental CollegeECON 311 International EconomicsTransfers
Occidental CollegeECON 320 Economic DevelopmentTransfers
Occidental CollegeENGL 178 Shakespeare and FilmTransfers
Occidental CollegeHIST 210 History of CaliforniaTransfers
Occidental CollegeMATH 110 Calculus 1Transfers
Occidental CollegeMATH 146 StatisticsTransfers
Occidental CollegeSPAN 102 Beginning Spanish IITransfers
Occidental CollegeSPAN 201 Intermediate SpanishTransfers
Occidental CollegeSPAN 202 Advanced SpanishTransfers
Occidental CollegeSPAN 303 Mod Latin Amer Lit/CivTransfers
Occidental CollegeSPAN 304 Intro/Modern Spanish Lit/CivTransfers
Occidental CollegeSPAN 383 Survey/Chicano LitTransfers
Occidental CollegeUEP 203 Introduction to Public HealthTransfers
Occidental CollegeWRD 201 Art of Essay WritingTransfers
Olivet Nazarene UniversityBSNS 160 Prin of ManagementTransfers
Olivet Nazarene UniversityBSNS 171 Comp Apps & CommunicationTransfers
Olivet Nazarene UniversityECON 110 Principles of EconomicsTransfers
Olivet Nazarene UniversityENGL 109 College Writing ITransfers
Olivet Nazarene UniversityGNST 110 Freshman Seminar: ConnectionsTransfers
Olivet Nazarene UniversityPHED 190 WellnessTransfers
Olivet Nazarene UniversitySOCY 366 Global IssuesTransfers
Olympic CollegeART 100 Art AppreciationTransfers
Olympic CollegeECON 202 Macro EconomicsTransfers
Olympic CollegeENGL 101 CompositionTransfers
Olympic CollegeENGL 101 English Composition ITransfers
Olympic CollegeENGL 104 Technical WritingTransfers
Olympic CollegeENGL 261 American LiteratureTransfers
Olympic CollegeGEOL 101 Intro Physical GeologyTransfers
Olympic CollegeHIST 105 United States Since 1865Transfers
Olympic CollegeHIST 136 US History ITransfers
Olympic CollegeHUMN 175 Politics and LiteratureTransfers
Olympic CollegeMATH 146 Intro to StatsTransfers
Olympic CollegeMATH 148 Business CalculusTransfers
Olympic CollegePEFSP 175 Jogging/AerobicsTransfers
Olympic CollegeSCI 100 Intro to ScienceTransfers
Olympic CollegeSPCH 152 Interpersonal CommunicTransfers
Oral Roberts UniversityBIO 111 Introductory Bio I LectureTransfers
Oral Roberts UniversityBIO 111 Introductory Bio LabTransfers
Oral Roberts UniversityBIO 200 Human Cadaver DissectionTransfers
Oral Roberts UniversityCHE 111 General Chemistry LabTransfers
Oral Roberts UniversityHPE 001 Health Fitness ITransfers
Pacific University OregonANTH 140 Intro to Comparative ReligionTransfers
Pacific University OregonBIOL 202 General Biology ITransfers
Pacific University OregonCHEM 220 General Chemistry ITransfers
Pacific University OregonCHEM 230 General Chemistry IITransfers
Pacific University OregonHUM 100 Origins, Identity & MeaningTransfers
Pacific University OregonMATH 125 PrecalculusTransfers
Pacific University OregonMATH 207 General Elementary StatisticsTransfers
Park UniversityEN105 First Yr Wrtng Seminar ITransfers
Pasadina City CollegesBUS 010 Introduction to ManagementTransfers
Pasadina City CollegesBUS 128 Human Resources ManagementTransfers
Pasadina City CollegesHIS 007A U.S. History to 1876Transfers
Pasadina City CollegesPOLS 001 Intro to American Gov't & PoliticsTransfers
Pasadina City CollegesPSC 001 Introductory PsychologyTransfers
Pasadina City CollegesSOC 001 Introductory SociologyTransfers
Pierce CollegeANTHRO 121 Anthro of ReligionTransfers
Pierce CollegeASTRON 001 Elementary AstronomyTransfers
Pierce CollegeASTRON 002 Elem Astro LabTransfers
Pikes Peak Community CollegeECO 201 Prin of Macroeconomics: SS1Transfers
Pikes Peak Community CollegeENP 105 Intro to EntrepreneurshipTransfers
Pikes Peak Community CollegeMUS 100 Intro to Music Theory ITransfers
Pikes Peak Community CollegeMUS 101 Music Theory Fundamentals IITransfers
Pikes Peak Community CollegeMUS 141 PrivInstr: Percussion I/NMTransfers
Pikes Peak Community CollegeMUS 167 Music Business ITransfers
Pikes Peak Community CollegePSY 101 General Psychology ITransfers
Portland Community CollegePHL 202 Intro to Phil: Elem EthicsTransfers
Portland Community CollegeSPA 101 First Year Spanish-First TermTransfers
Portland Community CollegeSPA 111C First Yr Spanish ConversationTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeART 139 Art AppreciationTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeBIO 123 Environmental Science - Lecture & LabTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeBIO 145 General Zoology - Lecture & LabTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeBIO 155 General Botany - Lecture & LabTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeCHM 176 Fund of Chem - Lecture & LabTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeCOM 276 Public SpeakingTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeDRM 125 Technical ProductionTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeDRM 131 Theatre AppreciationTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeENG 176 Eng Compostion ITransfers
Pratt Community CollegeENG 177 English Composition IITransfers
Pratt Community CollegeHPR 155 Ath Cond I: SoftballTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeHPR 156 Ath Cond II: SoftballTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeHPR 157 Ath Cond III: SoftballTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeHPR 177 Pers Comm HealthTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeHST 131 Surv Civilization ITransfers
Pratt Community CollegeLIT 177 Modern World LiteratureTransfers
Pratt Community CollegePSY 176 General PsychologyTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeSOC 132 Multicultural StudyTransfers
Pratt Community CollegeSOC 176 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Prince George's Community CollegeBIO 2050 Human Anatomy & PhysioTransfers
Prince George's Community CollegeBIO 2060 Human Anatomy & PhysioTransfers
Providence CollegeART 243 Digital Imaging:ScreenprintingTransfers
Providence CollegeDWC 101 Dev of Western CivTransfers
Providence CollegeMKT 205 Principles of MarketingTransfers
Providence CollegeMTH 109 Calculus ITransfers
Purdue UniversityENG 10200 English Composition IITransfers
Purdue UniversityENGL 10100 English Composition ITransfers
Purdue UniversityGS 19100 First Year Experience ITransfers
Purdue UniversityMA 12301 Mathematical IdeasTransfers
Purdue UniversityMA 213 Finite MathematicsTransfers
Purdue UniversityPSY 12000 Elementary PsychologyTransfers
Purdue UniversitySOC 10000 Intro SociologyTransfers
Purdue UniversitySPAN 10100 Spanish Level ITransfers
Purdue UniversitySPAN 10200 Spanish Level IITransfers
Purdue UniversitySWRD 26100 Intro to Social WorkTransfers
Purdue UniversitySWRK 16200 Careers in Social Work & Human ServicesTransfers
Purdue UniversitySWRK 24000 Social Work Helping Communication with Ind. And Small GroupTransfers
Raritan Valley Community CollegeCOMM 110 Interpersonal CommunicationTransfers
Raritan Valley Community CollegeENGL 111 English Composition ITransfers
Raritan Valley Community CollegeENGL 112 English Composition IITransfers
Raritan Valley Community CollegeHIST 201 US History Beginnings to 1877Transfers
Raritan Valley Community CollegeHIST 222 US History: 1877 to PresentTransfers
Raritan Valley Community CollegeMATH 100 Finite MathTransfers
Red Rocks Community CollegeANT 101 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
Red Rocks Community CollegeENG 121 English Composition ITransfers
Red Rocks Community CollegeGEO 105 World Regional GeographyTransfers
Red Rocks Community CollegeGEY 111 Physical GeologyTransfers
Ridgewater CollegeBIOL 104 Human GeneticsTransfers
Ridgewater CollegeCHEM 101 Surv of ChemTransfers
Ridgewater CollegeCMST 121 Intro to CommunicationTransfers
Ridgewater CollegeCMST 226 Interpers CommunicationTransfers
Ridgewater CollegeCSCI 140 Intr ComputerTransfers
Ridgewater CollegeENGL 122 Coll Comp IITransfers
Ridgewater CollegeESCI 114 Natural DisastersTransfers
Ridgewater CollegeGEOG 140 Intro GeogTransfers
Ridgewater CollegeHIST 250 Minn HistoryTransfers
Ridgewater CollegeMATH 100 Quantitative ReasoningTransfers
Ridgewater CollegeMUSC 122 Music of U.S.Transfers
Ridgewater CollegePE 116 Cardio & Core TrainingTransfers
Ridgewater CollegePE 122 Wellness/FitnessTransfers
Ridgewater CollegePE 200 Intro to PETransfers
Ridgewater CollegePE 205 Prev/Care InjTransfers
Ridgewater CollegePE 210 Ftbl Skl/OffTransfers
Ridgewater CollegePE 215 Coaching PracticumTransfers
Ridgewater CollegePE 220 First Aid/CPRTransfers
Ridgewater CollegePE 230 Int Sprt PsycTransfers
Ridgewater CollegePHIL 101 Intro to PhilTransfers
Ridgewater CollegePHIL 102 Intro to EthicsTransfers
Ridgewater CollegePOLS 132 Am Nat GervnTransfers
Ridgewater CollegePSYC 131 Intro to PsycTransfers
Ridgewater CollegePSYC 132 Psyc LabTransfers
Ridgewater CollegeSOC 106 Gen Soc ProbTransfers
Ridgewater CollegeSOC 242 Rac/Cult MinTransfers
Ridgewater CollegeTHTR 142 Thtr Prod & StagecraftTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeACCT 2011 Financial AccountingTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeACCT 2012 Managerial AccountingTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeARTS 1112 DrawingTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeARTS 1119 Cultural ArtsTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeBIOL 1010 Environmental SciencsTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeBIOL 1030 Human BiologyTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeBUSA 1010 Intro BusinessTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeBUSA 1060 Computer Concepts & AppsTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeBUSA 2032 Bus Law-Legal EnvTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeBUSA 2041 Business CommunicationTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeBUSA 2065 International BusinessTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeECON 1100 Intro EconomicsTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeECON 2291 MacroeconomicsTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeECON 2292 MicroeconomicsTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeENGL 1101Composition ITransfers
Riverland Community CollegeENGL 1104 Expo & ArgumentTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeENGL 1105 Composition II: ResearchTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeESCI 1000 Earth ScienceTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeHIST 1011 Early European HistoryTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeMATH 0660 Intermediate Algebra ITransfers
Riverland Community CollegePHIL 1130 EthicsTransfers
Riverland Community CollegePSCI 1010 Amer Gov PoliticsTransfers
Riverland Community CollegePSYC 1240 Developmental PsychologyTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeSOCI 1101 Intro SociologyTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeSOCI 1103 Social ProblemsTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeSPAN 1001 Beg Span 1Transfers
Riverland Community CollegeSPAN 1002 Beg Span IITransfers
Riverland Community CollegeSPCH 1100 Fundment SpeechTransfers
Riverland Community CollegeSPCH 1200 Interpersonal CommunicationTransfers
Riverside Community CollegeAMY-10 Survey Human Anat/PhsioTransfers
Riverside Community CollegeART-1 Hist Art: Ancient/MedTransfers
Riverside Community CollegeCHE-1A General Chemistry ITransfers
Riverside Community CollegeCOM -9 Interpersonal CommunicationTransfers
Riverside Community CollegeENG 1B Critical Thinking/WritingTransfers
Riverside Community CollegeENG-1A English CompositionTransfers
Riverside Community CollegeHES-1 Health ScienceTransfers
Riverside Community CollegeHIS-6 Pol Soc Hist of USTransfers
Riverside Community CollegeKIN-A90 Weight TraningTransfers
Riverside Community CollegeKIN-A90A Weight TrainingTransfers
Rochester Community & Technical CollegeENGLISH 1117 Reading/Writing ITransfers
Rochester Community & Technical CollegeENGLISH 1118 Reading/Writing IITransfers
Rochester Community & Technical CollegePHED 1112 Jogging/WalkingTransfers
Rochester Community & Technical CollegeSPCH 1114 Fundamental of Public SpeechTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeART 131 Introduction to Visual ArtTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeART 141 Intro to Nonwestern Visual ArtTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeART 151 Art AppreciationTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeBIO 100 Introductory Human BiologyTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeBIO 103 Introductory Life ScienceTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeBIO 104 Intro Life Science LabTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeBIO 106 Environmental ScienceTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeBIO 171 Biology of Human DiseaseTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeBIO 201 Fundamentals of Biology ITransfers
Rock Valley CollegeBIO 281 Anatomy and Physiology ITransfers
Rock Valley CollegeBIO 282 Anatomy and Physiology IITransfers
Rock Valley CollegeCHM 120 General Chemistry ITransfers
Rock Valley CollegeCHM 130 General Chemistry IITransfers
Rock Valley CollegeCHM 220 Organic Chemistry ITransfers
Rock Valley CollegeCHM 230 Organic Chemistry IITransfers
Rock Valley CollegeCIS 102 Intro Computer & Info SystemsTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeECO 101 Introduction to EconomicsTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeECO 110 Principles of Economics: MacroTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeENG 101 Composition ITransfers
Rock Valley CollegeENG 103 Composition IITransfers
Rock Valley CollegeFWS 110 Fitness WalkingTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeGEL 101 Introduction to GeologyTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeGEL 105 Intro Phys GeologyTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeHST 142 History of US to 1865Transfers
Rock Valley CollegeHST 143 History of US Since 1865Transfers
Rock Valley CollegeHST 172 History of Middle East to 1453Transfers
Rock Valley CollegeHST 192 History of World Until 1750Transfers
Rock Valley CollegeHUM 111 Introduction to Humanities ITransfers
Rock Valley CollegeHUM 112 Intro to Humanities IITransfers
Rock Valley CollegeLIT 141 Film as LiteratureTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeLIT 142 Exploring Literature: PoetryTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeMTH 125 Plane TrigonometryTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeMTH 135 Calculus w/Analytic Geom ITransfers
Rock Valley CollegeMTH 220 Elements of StatisticsTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeMTH 235 Calculus w/Analytic Geom IITransfers
Rock Valley CollegeNAD 101 Nursing AideTransfers
Rock Valley CollegePHL 150 Intro to PhilosophyTransfers
Rock Valley CollegePHL 155 World ReligionsTransfers
Rock Valley CollegePSC 160 American National GovernmentTransfers
Rock Valley CollegePSC 161 State and Local GovernmentTransfers
Rock Valley CollegePSY 170 General PsychologyTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeSOC 190 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeSOC 292 Sociology of DevianceTransfers
Rock Valley CollegeSPH 131 Fundamentals of CommunicationTransfers
Rollins CollegeENV 115 Oceanography with LabTransfers
Rollins CollegeENV 130 The Geosphere with labTransfers
Rollins CollegePED 101 Health and WellnessTransfers
Rollins CollegeSOC 101 Sociological PerspectiveTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeACC 101 Intro Financial AccountingTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeACC 102 Intro Managerial AccountingTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeACC 203 Intermediate ITransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeACC 204 Intermediate IITransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeATH 122 Basic Athletic TrainingTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeATH 349 Topics: Intro to Exercise ScienceTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeBIO 111 Gen Bio: Ecology & EvolutionTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeBIO 111L Gen Bio: Ecology & EvolutionTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeBIO 112 Gen Bio: Biodiversity Structure & FunctionTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeBIO 112L Gen Bio: Biodiversity Structure & Function LbTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeBIO 121 Hum Anat Physio ITransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeBIO 121L Hum Anat Physio I LabTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeBIO 122 Hum Anat Physi IITransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeBIO 122L Hum Anat Physi II LabTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeBIO 244 Drugs and The Nervous SystemTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeBUS 201 Legal Environment of BusinessTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeBUS 210 Information SystemsTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeBUS 351 The CrucibleTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeCHM 101 Intro to General ChemistryTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeCHM 101L Intro to General Chemistry LabTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeCOR 110 The Contemporary Situation PTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeCOR 111 The Contemporary SituationTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeCOR 120 The Modern World PTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeCOR 121 Modern World ETransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeCOR 230 Western Civilizations ITransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeCOR 240 Western Civilizations IITransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeCOR 350 Humanity in Universe ITransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeCOR 360 Humanity in Universe IITransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeCOR 370 AfricaTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeCOR 380 ChinaTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeECN 200 Principles: Markets & PricesTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeECN 201 Principles: Money & IncomeTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeECN 210 Statistics for Business & EconomicsTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeEXS 216 NutritionTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeEXS 221 KinesiologyTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeEXS 223 CPR TrainingTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeEXS 224 Red Cross First AidTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeEXS 250 Concepts of FitnessTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeFIN 201 Principles of FinanceTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeMGT 101 Principles of ManagementTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeMGT 309 Human Resources ManagementTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeMGT 312 International BusinessTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeMGT 409 Production Operations MgmtTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeMKT 102 Principles of MarketingTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegePSY 110 Intro PsychologyTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeSOC 111 Intro SociologyTransfers
Saint Joseph's CollegeSOC 113 Intro Criminal JstTransfers
Saint Louis UniversityENG 190 Adv Strategies Rhetoric & ResrTransfers
Saint Louis UniversityENG 202 Intro to Literary StudyTransfers
Saint Louis UniversityHIST 260 History of the US to 1865Transfers
Saint Louis UniversityHIST 261 History of the US since 1865Transfers
Saint Louis UniversitySPAN 110 Communicating in Spanish ITransfers
Saint Louis UniversitySPAN 210 Inter Spanish: Lang & CultTransfers
Saint Mary's CollegeDANC 148 Jazz Tech: Beg and IntermedTransfers
Saint Mary's CollegeENLIT 103 Intro to Language & LiteratureTransfers
Saint Mary's CollegeENLIT 104W Intro to Language & LitTransfers
Saint Mary's CollegeHIST 202 U S History Since 1865Transfers
Saint Mary's CollegeMATH 101 Language of MathematicsTransfers
Saint Mary's CollegePSYC 301 Developmental PsychologyTransfers
Saint Mary's CollegeRLST 101 Intro to Religious StudiesTransfers
Saint Mary's CollegeSW 202 Intro to Social WorkTransfers
Saint Mary's CollegeSW 235 Human Behav & Soc EnvironTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaAR 122 Drawing ITransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaB 200 Human BiologyTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaB 201 Human Biology LabTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaCJ 111 Intro Crim JusticeTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaCO 152 Theory of CoachingTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaCOM 101 Public SpeakingTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaCOM 111 Introduction to Mass CommunicationTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaCOM 150 Social and New MediaTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaCOM 175 Leadership Theory & PracticeTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaCOM 201 Beginning NewswritingTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaCOM 230 Principles of Public RelationsTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaE 120 English CompositionTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaE 175 Introduction to LiteratureTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaE 178 Gothic LiteratureTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaE 200 Topics in British LiteratureTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaH 111 Global History to 1500Transfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaH 112 Global History Since 1500Transfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaHS 111 Intro to Human ServiceTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaID 160 ArtscoreTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaLCT 140 First-Year Seminar: World of SportTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaLCT 225 Perspectives on the Good Human LifeTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaPY 111 General PsychologyTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaST 132 Reasoning with StatisticsTransfers
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaTH 114 Religions of the BookTransfers
San Diego Community College DistrictMATH 150 Calculus/Analytic Geometry ITransfers
San Diego Community College DistrictMATH 151 Calculus/Analytic Geometry IITransfers
San Diego Community College DistrictMATH 245 Discrete MathematicsTransfers
San Diego Community College DistrictMATH 254 Intro to Linear AlgebraTransfers
Schoolcraft CollegeBIOL 101 General BiologyTransfers
Schoolcraft CollegeENG 101 English CompositionTransfers
Schoolcraft CollegeENG 102 English CompositionTransfers
Schoolcraft CollegePHIL 243 Intro PhilosophyTransfers
Schoolcraft CollegePOLS 105 Survey of Am GovtTransfers
Schoolcraft CollegePSYCH 201 Intro PsychologyTransfers
Schoolcraft CollegeSOC 201 Prin of SociologyTransfers
Seattle Pacific UniversityBUS 3614 Organizational Behavior for ManagrsTransfers
Shenandoah UniversityART 101 Intro to Drawing and Comp ITransfers
Shenandoah UniversityENG 101 CompositionTransfers
Shenandoah UniversityHIST 104 United States History IITransfers
Shenandoah UniversityPSCI 101 Intro to Political SciTransfers
Shenandoah UniversityPSCI 102 Intro Pub AdminTransfers
Shenandoah UniversityPSCI 201 American GovtTransfers
Shenandoah UniversityPSCI 202 State and Local GovtTransfers
Shenandoah UniversityPSCI 204 Intro Internat PoliticsTransfers
Shippensburg UniversityENG 106 Writ Int First Year SemTransfers
Shippensburg UniversityHIS 105 World History ITransfers
Shippensburg UniversityHIS 106 World History IITransfers
Shippensburg UniversityMAT 108 Finite MathTransfers
Shippensburg UniversityMAT 211 Calculus ITransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeANTH& 204 ArchaeologyTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeANTH& 205 Biological AnthropologyTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeANTH& 206 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeARTH 226 Sur West Art-Mod/PostmodTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeBIOL 124 Northwest FloraTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeCMST 203 Commun Across DifferenceTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeDRAMA 156 Acting, Writing Directing for the CameraTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeENGL& 102 Composition IITransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeENVS& 101 Intro to Env ScienceTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeFRCH& 121 French ITransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeMATH 090 Indep Study-Bsc MathTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeMATH 099 Intensive Interim AlgebraTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeMUSC 100 Intro to Music TheoryTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeMUSC 120 Class Piano for Music 100Transfers
Shoreline Community CollegeMUSC 141 Music Theory ITransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeMUSC 151 Class Piano/Theory ITransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeMUSC& Music AppreciationTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeNUTR& 101 NutritionTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegePE 136 Wt Train & Cardio Fit ITransfers
Shoreline Community CollegePHIL& 106 Intro to LogicTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegePSYC 207 Psychology of ExcellenceTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegePSYC 236 Intro to PersonalityTransfers
Shoreline Community CollegeSOC& 201 Social ProblemsTransfers
Silver Lake CollegeBIO 211 Human Anatomy & PhysTransfers
Silver Lake CollegeENG 103 Prin Literary StudiesTransfers
Silver Lake CollegeENG 111 Composition ITransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyANTH 210 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyBIOL 121 Basic AnatomyTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyBIOL 121L Basic Anatomy LabTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyBIOL 123 Basic PhysiologyTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyBIOL 151 General Biology ITransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyBIOL 151L General Biology I LabTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyBIOL 153 General Biology IITransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyBIOL 153L General Biology II LabTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyBIOL 311 Principles of EcologyTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyBIOL 371 GeneticsTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyCHEM 112 General Chemistry ITransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyCHEM 112L General Chemistry I LabTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyCHEM 114 General Chemistry IITransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyCHEM 114L General Chemistry II LabTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyENGL 279 Technical Communications ITransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyENGL 289 Technical Communications IITransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyGEOL 416 Introduction to GISTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyMATH 102 College AlgebraTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyMATH 102L College Algebra LabTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyMATH 120 TrigonometryTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyPE 105 Wellness & Physical FitnessTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyPHIL 220 Introduction to EthicsTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyPSYC 101 General PsychologyTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyPSYC 323 Human Develop Through the LifeTransfers
South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologySOC 100 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
South Dakota State UniversityBIOL 151 General Biology ITransfers
South Dakota State UniversityBIOL 151L General Biology I LabTransfers
South Dakota State UniversityEDFN 101 S01 Exploration Teaching/LearningTransfers
South Dakota State UniversityENGL 101 S24 Composition ITransfers
South Dakota State UniversityENGL 201 S02 Composition IITransfers
South Dakota State UniversityHIST 121 S02 Western Civiliation ITransfers
South Dakota State UniversityMATH 115 PrecalculusTransfers
South Dakota State UniversityMATH 123 Calculus ITransfers
South Dakota State UniversityMUAP 116 S02 Class Instruction-Beginner IITransfers
South Dakota State UniversityMUAP 121 S04 Applied Music - ClarinetTransfers
South Dakota State UniversityMUEN 120 S01 Marching BandTransfers
South Dakota State UniversityMUEN 121 S03 Symphonic BandTransfers
South Dakota State UniversityMUS 110 S01 Basic Music Theory ITransfers
South Dakota State UniversityMUS 111 S01 Basic Music Theory IITransfers
South Dakota State UniversityMUS 111L S01 Basic Music Theory II LabTransfers
South Dakota State UniversityMUS 131 S01 Music Literature/History IITransfers
South Dakota State UniversityMUS 185 S01 Recital AttendanceTransfers
South Dakota State UniversityMUS 271 S01 Pedagogy II-BrassTransfers
South Dakota State UniversityPSYC 101 S04 General PsychologyTransfers
South Dakota State UniversitySOC 100 S01 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
South Dakota State UniversitySPCM 101 Fundamentals of SpeechTransfers
Southern Illinois University - EdwardsvilleENG 101 English Composition ITransfers
Southern Illinois University - EdwardsvilleENG 102 English Composition IITransfers
Southern Illinois University - EdwardsvilleFL 111C Intro to Foreign StudiesTransfers
Southern Illinois University - EdwardsvillePHIL 106 Critical Thinking SkillsTransfers
Southern Illinois University - EdwardsvillePSYC 111 Foundation of PsychologyTransfers
Southern Illinois University - EdwardsvilleSPAN 101 Elementary Spanish ITransfers
Southern Illinois University - EdwardsvilleSPAN 102 Elementary Spanish IITransfers
Southern Illinois University - EdwardsvilleSPAN 201 Intermediate SpanishTransfers
Southern Illinois University - EdwardsvilleSPC 103 Interpersonal CommunicationTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityART 101 Founda of Art & DesignTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityENG 101 Fund of College WritingTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityENG 102 Rhetoric: the EssayTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityENG 103 Rhetoric: Critic WritingTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityENG 151 Academic WritingTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityHLTH 100 Pers Health & WellnessTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityHLTH 112 Nutri & WellnessTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityHLTH 225 Alco, Narco & TobTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityMATH 110 College AlgebraTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityMUS 102 American MusicTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityMUS 250 Class VoiceTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityPE 107 Walking for WellnessTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityPE 149 Weight Training & ConTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityPE 180 Intro Heal& Phy EducTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityPE 334 Coach & Off FootballTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityPE 348 Coach&Off Trck&FieldTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityPE 378 Recreat & Sprts MngTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityPHYS 120 Introductory PhysicsTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversityPHYS 120L Intro to Physics LabTransfers
Southwest Minnesota State UniversitySOCI 101 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Southwest Wis Technical College801 136 English Composition ITransfers
Southwest Wis Technical College801 195 Written CommunicationTransfers
Southwest Wis Technical College801 198 SpeechTransfers
Southwest Wis Technical College809 172 Introduction to Diversity StudiesTransfers
Southwest Wis Technical College809 195 EconomicsTransfers
Southwest Wis Technical College809 196 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Southwest Wis Technical College809 198 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeArt 115 Basic Design, Introduction ToTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeART 116 Basic Design II Color TheoryTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeART 117 Basic Design III IntroductionTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeASL 101 First Year American Sign Language ITransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeASL 102 First Year American Sign Language IITransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeASL 103 First Year American Sign Language IIITransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeBI 101 General BiologyTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeBI 102 General BiologyTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeBI 103 General BiologyTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeENG 109 World LiteratureTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeG 145 Geo: AgnessTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeHST 101 History of Western CivilizationTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeHST 102 History of Western CivilizationTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeHST 103 History of Western CivilizationTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeMTH 112 TrigonometyrTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeMUS 171 Individual Lesson: PianoTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegePE 185S Swimming AdvancedTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegePE 185S Swimming BeginningTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegePE 185S Swimming IntermediateTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegePSY 203 General PsychologyTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeSOC 204 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeSOC 208 Sociology of SportTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeSP 218 Interpersonal CommunicationTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeWR 121 English CompositionTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeWR 122 English CompositionTransfers
Southwestern Oregon Community CollegeWR 123 English CompositionTransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeART-101 Art History and ApprecTransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeBIO-101 Biological Science ITransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeBIO-102 Biological Science IITransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeBIO-210 Anatomy & Physiology ITransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeENG-101 English Composition ITransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeENG-102 English Composition IITransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeHIS-101 Western Civ to 1689Transfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeMAT-120 Probability & StatisticsTransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeMATH 120 TrigonometryTransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeMUS-105 Music AppreciationTransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegePSC-201 American GovernmentTransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegePSY-201 General PsychologyTransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegePSY-203 Human Growth & DevelopTransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeSOC-101 Intro to SociologyTransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeSPA-101 Elementary Spanish ITransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeSPA-102 Elementary Spanish IITransfers
Spartanburg Community CollegeSPC-209 Interpersonal CommunicationsTransfers
St. Ambrose UniversityACCT 201 Accounting Principles ITransfers
St. Ambrose UniversityACCT 202 Acct Principles IITransfers
St. Ambrose UniversityECON 201 Prin of Macro-EconomicsTransfers
St. Ambrose UniversityECON 202 Prin of Micro EconomicsTransfers
St. Ambrose UniversityMATH 191 Calc & Analytic Geo ITransfers
St. Ambrose UniversityMATH 192 Calc & Analytic Geometry IITransfers
St. Ambrose UniversityPHIL 207 EthicsTransfers
St. Ambrose UniversitySPAN 101 First Semester SpanishTransfers
St. Ambrose UniversitySPAN 102 Second Semester SpanishTransfers
St. Ambrose UniversityTHEO 250 Intro Comparative ReligiTransfers
St. Andrews Presbyterian CollegeSAGE 230 Human Cult & ThoughtTransfers
St. Clair County Community CollegeENG 101 61 English CompositionTransfers
St. Clair County Community CollegeGEO 102 60 Human GeographyTransfers
St. Clair County Community CollegePSC 10160 Intro to Political ScienceTransfers
St. Clair County Community CollegePSY 180 61 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
St. Clair County Community CollegeSOC 101 60 Principles of SociologyTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityAFST 250 Intro African StudiesTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityANTH 101 Intro to AnthTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityBIOL 102 The Living WorldTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityBIOL 103 Human BiologyTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityCHEM 140 Prep ChemistryTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityCMST 192 Intro to Comm StudiesTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityECON 205 Prin MacroeconomicsTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityETHS 205 Intro Chicano/a StTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityGEOG 250 Map FundamentalsTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityGEOG 270 Intro to Cultural GeogTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityGEOG 271 Economic GeographyTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityGEOG 360 Geog of Travel/TourismTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityHIST 109 Race in AmericaTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityHIST 140 America to 1865Transfers
St. Cloud State UniversityHIST 141 United States Since 1865Transfers
St. Cloud State UniversityHURL 102 Human Rel & RaceTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityMATH 193 Mathematical ThinkingTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityPESS 122 Lifelong Hlth/FitnessTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityPHIL 194 Critical ReasoningTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversityPSY 115 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversitySOC 195 Democratic CitizenshipTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversitySOC 200 Environmental SocTransfers
St. Cloud State UniversitySPAN 101 Elementary Spanish ITransfers
St. Cloud State UniversitySPAN 201 Intermed Spanish ITransfers
St. John's UniversityECON 111 Intro to EconomicsTransfers
St. John's UniversityENGL 133 Reading Fiction/PoetryTransfers
St. John's UniversityFYS 100 First Year SeminarTransfers
St. John's UniversityFYS 101 First Year SeminarTransfers
St. John's UniversityMUSC 111 Comp Musicianship ITransfers
St. John's UniversityMUSC 112 Comp Musicianship IITransfers
St. John's UniversityMUSC 114A Piano SecondaryTransfers
St. John's UniversityMUSC 121 Musicianship Skills ITransfers
St. John's UniversityMUSC 122 Musicianship Skills IITransfers
St. John's UniversityMUSC 211 Comprehensive Musicianship IIITransfers
St. John's UniversityMUSC 212 Comprehensive Musicianship IVTransfers
St. John's UniversityMUSC 221 Musicianship Skill IIITransfers
St. John's UniversityMUSC 227M Guitar MajorsTransfers
St. John's UniversityMUSC 272C Jazz PianoTransfers
St. John's UniversityPHIL 125 Social PhilosophyTransfers
St. Louis Community CollegeTHT 115 Acting for the CameraTransfers
St. NorbertCOME 124 Principles Mass CommunicationTransfers
St. NorbertECON 101 MacroeconomicsTransfers
St. NorbertECON 102 MicroeconomicsTransfers
St. NorbertENG 100 Introduction to LiteratureTransfers
St. NorbertENG 101 Rhetoric and College WritingTransfers
St. NorbertENGL 101 English CompositionTransfers
St. NorbertENGL 150 Introduction to LiteratureTransfers
St. NorbertFREN 203 Intermediate French 1Transfers
St. NorbertFREN 204 Intermediate French 2Transfers
St. NorbertHIST 116 History of the United StatesTransfers
St. NorbertHIST 122 Modern East AsiaTransfers
St. NorbertLEAD 100 Leadership Theory and PracticeTransfers
St. NorbertMATH 115 Pre-Calculus MathematicsTransfers
St. NorbertMATH 124 Survey of CalculusTransfers
St. NorbertMATH 131 Calculus + Analytic GeometryTransfers
St. NorbertMATH 132 Calculus + Analytic Geometry IITransfers
St. NorbertMUS 017 Concert ChoirTransfers
St. NorbertMUS 051 VoiceTransfers
St. NorbertMUS 167 Comprehensive MusicTransfers
St. NorbertPHIL 120 Philosophy of Human NatureTransfers
St. NorbertSOCI 234 Society Sex and MarriageTransfers
St. NorbertSPAN 102 Elem SpanishTransfers
St. NorbertSPAN 103 Accelerated Elementary SpanishTransfers
St. NorbertTHRS 117 Theological FoundationsTransfers
St. Olaf CollegeART 124 Found PhotographyTransfers
St. Olaf CollegeBIO 126 Evolution and DiversityTransfers
St. Olaf CollegeENGL 110 Skills in CompositionTransfers
St. Olaf CollegeGE 111 First Year WritingTransfers
St. Olaf CollegeMATH 120 Calculus ITransfers
St. Olaf CollegeMATH 126 Calculus IITransfers
St. Olaf CollegeREL 121 Bible/Culture/CommunTransfers
St. Olaf CollegeSOAN 128 Int/Cult AnthropologyTransfers
Syracuse UniversityPSY 205 Foundation Human BehaviorTransfers
Syracuse UniversityWRT 104 Intro to College-Level WritingTransfers
Tarrant County CollegeECON 2302 Principles of MicroeconomicsTransfers
Tarrant County CollegeSOCI 1301 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaCHEM 103 Intro to Chemistry ITransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaCHEM 104 Intro to Chemistry IITransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaCHEM 113 Intr to Chemistry Lab ITransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaCHEM 114 Intr to Chemistry Lab IITransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaENGL 102 Composition & Lit IITransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaENGL 201 Major British Writers ITransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaGERM 102 Elementary German IITransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaMATH 104 Elemen Mathematical ModelingTransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaMLTY 101 Leadership & Personal DevelopTransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaMLTY 102 Foundations in LeadershipTransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaPSYC 201 General PsychologyTransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaPSYC 202 Developmental PsychologyTransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaRPED 250 Cont Health FoundationsTransfers
The Citadel: Military College of South CarolinaRPED 251 Found/Fitness & ExerciseTransfers
Trine UniversityBIO 104 General BiologyTransfers
Trine UniversityENG 103 English CompTransfers
Trine UniversityENG 113 English Comp IITransfers
Trine UniversityENG 153 Intro to LiteratureTransfers
Trine UniversityGOV 113 Intro to GovernTransfers
Trine UniversityHIS 103 Amer History ITransfers
Trine UniversityHIS 113 Amer History IITransfers
Trine UniversityLE 153 Juvenile JusticeTransfers
Trine UniversityLE 263 Intr Criminal Law/JusTransfers
Trine UniversityPSY 113 Prin of PsychologyTransfers
Trine UniversitySP 203 Effective SpeakingTransfers
Trine UniversitySPN 113 Spanish Read & WritTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeART 203 Beginning SculptureTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeBIOL 110 Intro to BiologyTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeBIOL 111 Survey Plants/AnimalTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeBIOL 201 EcologyTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeBIOL 306 Cell & Molecular BioTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeCHEM 103 Fund of ChemTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeCHEM 104 Fundamentals of ChemTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeCHEM 205 Organic ChemistryTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeCHEM 206 Organic ChemistryTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeENGL 103 Engl CompTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeENGL 104 Intro to LiteratureTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeENGL 399 Honors WritingTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeHIST 103 America & West CivilTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeMATH 111 Analyt Geom & Calc ITransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeMATH 112 Analyt Geom/Calc IITransfers
Trinity Christian CollegePHIL 101 Phil Perspectives ITransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeSOC 121 Prin of SociologyTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeTHEO 103 Biblical FoundTransfers
Trinity Christian CollegeTHEO 104 Biblical FoundationsTransfers
Trinity International UniversityENG 111 Critical Thinking & WritingTransfers
Trinity International UniversityHI 201 World Civilization ITransfers
Trinity International UniversityPCS 109 Reading and Writing TutorialTransfers
Trinity International UniversityPH 180 Introduction to PhilosophyTransfers
Trinity International UniversityPSY 140 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
Trinity International UniversityPSY 141 Psychology SeminarTransfers
Trinity International UniversityPSY 285X StatisticsTransfers
Trinity International UniversityPSY 335 Child DevelopmentTransfers
Triton CollegeBIO 101 Human BiologyTransfers
Triton CollegeCHM 140 General Chemistry ITransfers
Triton CollegeCHM 141 General Chemistry IITransfers
Triton CollegeCHM 234 Organic Chemistry ITransfers
Triton CollegeCHM 235 Organic Chemistry IITransfers
Triton CollegeECE 110 Early Child DevelopmentTransfers
Triton CollegeECE 111 Int Early ChildhoodTransfers
Triton CollegeEDU 200 Intro Special EducationTransfers
Triton CollegeEDU 204 Intro to EducaTransfers
Triton CollegeEDU 206 Human Grw/DeveloTransfers
Triton CollegeEDU 207 Intro EducationTransfers
Triton CollegeEDU 215 Educational PSTransfers
Triton CollegeENG 114 Classic American Authors, Civil War to PresentTransfers
Triton CollegeGEO 104 Cont World CulTransfers
Triton CollegeHIS 121 Hist Civil ITransfers
Triton CollegeHIS 141 World HistoryTransfers
Triton CollegeHIS 142 World Hist ITransfers
Triton CollegeHIS 151 Hist US to 187Transfers
Triton CollegeMAT 131 Calculus & Analytic Geo ITransfers
Triton CollegeMAT 133 Calculus & Analytic Geo IITransfers
Triton CollegeMAT 170b Elementary StatisticsTransfers
Triton CollegeMAT 235 Calculus & Analytic Geom IIITransfers
Triton CollegeMCM 150 Film History and AppreciationTransfers
Triton CollegeORN 125B Plant and SocietyTransfers
Triton CollegePED 106 Total FitnessTransfers
Triton CollegePED 130 BasketballTransfers
Triton CollegePHL 101 Intro to PhilTransfers
Triton CollegePHL 103 EthicsTransfers
Triton CollegePHL 105 World ReligionTransfers
Triton CollegePHS 100 Intro Earth ScTransfers
Triton CollegePSY 100 Intro to PsychTransfers
Triton CollegePSY 201 Int Soc PsychTransfers
Triton CollegeRHT 101 FR Rht/Comp ITransfers
Triton CollegeRHT 102 FR Rht/Comp IITransfers
Triton CollegeSOC 100 Intro to SocTransfers
Triton CollegeSPE 101 Principles of Effectve SpeakingTransfers
Triton CollegeSPE 130 Int to TheatreTransfers
Triton CollegeSSC 190 Contemporary SocietyTransfers
Truman State UniversityART 223 Art in Europe & AmericaTransfers
Truman State UniversityENG 204 WE/Creative WritingTransfers
Truman State UniversityENG 209 WE/Applying Literary TheoryTransfers
Truman State UniversityENG 227 WE/Comm Cntvrsy: Envtl IssuesTransfers
Truman State UniversityHLTH 195 Lifetime Health & FitnessTransfers
Truman State UniversityHLTH 196 Power WalkingTransfers
Truman State UniversityLING 238 Intro to LinguisticsTransfers
Truman State UniversityMATH 186 PrecalculusTransfers
Truman State UniversityPOL 262 State & Local GovernmentTransfers
Truman State UniversitySTAT 190 Basic StatisticsTransfers
Tulane UniversityXARB 1005-098 Colloq Moroccan Arabic - Beg 1Transfers
Tulane UniversityXARB 1501-098 Modern Standard Arabic - Beg 1Transfers
Universidad La SalleIntensive Spanish LanguageTransfers
Universidad La SalleMexican History and CultureTransfers
University of ArizonaJPN 245 Popular Culture JpnTransfers
University of ArizonaPSYC 469 Clinical PsychologyTransfers
University of California - Los AngelesPHILOS 100C Modern Philosophy 1650-1800Transfers
University of ColoradoBIOL 2051 General Biology ITransfers
University of ColoradoBIOL 2071 General Biology Lab ITransfers
University of ColoradoCHEM 2068 General Chemistry Lab IITransfers
University of ColoradoCHEM 2091 Honors Gen Chem IITransfers
University of ColoradoCOMM 102 Interpersonal CommTransfers
University of ColoradoCOMM 111 Intro to LeadershipTransfers
University of ColoradoCOMM 3271 Communication and DiversityTransfers
University of ColoradoECON 2012 Principles of MacroeconomicsTransfers
University of ColoradoECON 4811 Introduction to EconometricsTransfers
University of ColoradoENGL 1020 Core Composition ITransfers
University of ColoradoENGL 2030 Core Composition IITransfers
University of ColoradoFINE 1001 Introduction to ArtTransfers
University of ColoradoGEOG 1102 World Regional GeographyTransfers
University of ColoradoHIST 1362 US HIST Since 1876Transfers
University of ColoradoPHIL 1012 Phil: Relationshp Indv to WrldTransfers
University of ColoradoPMUS 1001 Music AppreciationTransfers
University of ColoradoPSC 110 Amer Political SystemTransfers
University of ColoradoPSYC 1000 Introduction to Psychology ITransfers
University of ColoradoSOC 111 Intro to SociologyTransfers
University of ColoradoTHTR 1001 Intro to Thtr & Arts in CommunTransfers
University of DubuqueART 111 Survey of Western Art ITransfers
University of DubuqueCOM 101 Speech CommunicationTransfers
University of DubuqueENG 101 Comp & RhetoricTransfers
University of DubuqueHWS 221 Family & Community HealthTransfers
University of DubuqueREL 214 Environmental Perspectives - WVTransfers
University of DubuqueSCJ 110 Introduction to Criminal JusticeTransfers
University of DubuqueSOC 111 Intro to SociologyTransfers
University of DubuqueWVS 101 World View Seminar ITransfers
University of DubuqueWVS 201 World View Seminar 2Transfers
University of HawaiiART 101 Intro to Visual ArtTransfers
University of HawaiiCOM 251 Public SpeakingTransfers
University of HawaiiCS 101 Digital Tools for Info WorldTransfers
University of HawaiiECON 130 Intro to MicroeconomicsTransfers
University of HawaiiECON 131 Intro to MacroeconomicsTransfers
University of HawaiiENG 100 Composition ITransfers
University of HawaiiENG 209 WI/Writing for BusinessTransfers
University of HawaiiGEOG 102 World Regional GeographyTransfers
University of HawaiiHIS 152 World History Since 1500Transfers
University of HawaiiLING 102 Introduction to LinguisticsTransfers
University of HawaiiMARE 140 Intro to Hawaiian Coral Reefs & LabTransfers
University of HawaiiMATH 104F Precal I: FunctionsTransfers
University of HawaiiPHIL 220 Social EthicsTransfers
University of HawaiiQBA 260 Business StatisticsTransfers
University of HawaiiSOC 100 Principles of SociologyTransfers
University of HawaiiSPAN 101 Elementary Spanish ITransfers
University of HawaiiSPAN 102 Elementary Spanish IITransfers
University of HoustonECON 3334 Intermediate MacroeconomicsTransfers
University of Illinois at ChicagoENGL 161 Prison ReformTransfers
University of Illinois at ChicagoHON 121 Utopias & SystopiasTransfers
University of Illinois at ChicagoMATH 118 Mathematical ReasoningTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldACC 211 Intro to Financial AccountingTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldCAP 102 Introduction to HonorsTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldCAP 111 Honors CompositionTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldCAP 115 Interdisciplinary WritingTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldCAP 122 Who Am I? Exploring IdentityTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldCAP 123 How Do You Know? Explor Hum KnTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldCAP 141 Biology & Chemistry of Environ ITransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldCAP 142 Biology & Chemistry Enviro IITransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldCAP 225 What is Good? Exploring ValuesTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldCAP 371 ECCE: Peer MentoringTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldCOM 112 Oral CommunicationTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldECCE: Global and Transnat Social MovementTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldECO 202 Intro to MacroeconomicsTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldLES 201 The Amer Legal SystemTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldLES 202 Intro/Amer Legal SystemTransfers
University of Illinois at SpringfieldLNG 221 Imtermediate Spanish ITransfers
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignECO 302 Inter Microeconomic TheoryTransfers
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignECON 102 Microeconomic PrinciplesTransfers
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignECON 103 Macroeconomic PrinciplesTransfers
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignECON 202 Economic Statistics ITransfers
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignENGL 104 Intro to FilmTransfers
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignFSHN Contemporary NutritionTransfers
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignIB 105 Environmental BiologyTransfers
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignLAST 170 Introduction to Latin AmericaTransfers
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignMATH 124 Finite MathematicsTransfers
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignRST 100 Society and LeisureTransfers
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSHS 120 Child, Comm, & Lang AbilityTransfers
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSOCW 418 Independent StudyTransfers
University of IndianapolisESCI 199 Intro to Sustainable DevelopmentTransfers
University of IndianapolisESCI 210 Environmental ProblemsTransfers
University of IndianapolisSOC 103 Social ProblemsTransfers
University of IndianapolisSPAN 350 Latin American LiteratureTransfers
University of IowaCHEM 1110 Principles of Chemistry ITransfers
University of IowaENGR 1100 Engineering Problem Solving ITransfers
University of IowaENGR 1100 Engineering Problem Solving IITransfers
University of IowaENGR 1300 Engineer Math II: Multi-Variable CalculusTransfers
University of IowaENGR 1437 Computer Science PrinciplesTransfers
University of IowaMATH 2550 Engineering Math III: Matrix AlgebraTransfers
University of IowaPHYS 1611 Introductory Physics ITransfers
University of IowaRHET 1030 RhetoricTransfers
University of KansasABSC 160 Intro Child Behavior&developmentTransfers
University of KansasCLSX 148 Greek and Roman MythologyTransfers
University of KansasENGL 102 Critical Reading and WritingTransfers
University of KansasGEOG 102 Principles of Human GeographyTransfers
University of KansasGEOG 104 Principl of Physical GeographyTransfers
University of KansasGEOG 105 Intr Lab in Physical GeographyTransfers
University of KansasLING 110 Language and MindTransfers
University of KansasPSYC 104 General PsychologyTransfers
University of KansasSW 220 Socl Wrk, Socl Welf&US SocietyTransfers
University of LouisianaBIOL 142 Honors: Principle of BiologyTransfers
University of LouisianaBIOL 143 Honors: Principles of Biology IITransfers
University of LouisianaCHEM 107 General Chemistry ITransfers
University of LouisianaCHEM 108 General Chemistry IITransfers
University of LouisianaCHEM 115 General Chemistry LabTransfers
University of LouisianaENG 101 Intro to Academic WritingTransfers
University of LouisianaHONR 110 Honors: Freshman SeminarTransfers
University of LouisianaKNEA 166 Fitness, Weights BeginningTransfers
University of LouisianaPHIL 101 Introduction to PhilosophyTransfers
University of LouisianaPHIL 111 Contemporary Moral DilemmasTransfers
University of LouisianaSCI 101 Explorations in SciencesTransfers
University of LouisvilleCOMM 111 Speech CommunicationTransfers
University of LouisvilleGERM 121 Basic German ITransfers
University of LouisvillePOLS 336 European UnionTransfers
University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyBIOL 100 Concepts of BiologyTransfers
University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyFREN 202 Intermediate French IITransfers
University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyPHED 161 Ice SkatingTransfers
University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyTHTR 120 Introduction to TheatreTransfers
University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyTHTR 220 Craft of Acting ITransfers
University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyTHTR 222 Vocal Trng for Actor ITransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthARTH 3120 Art of Colonial Latin AmericaTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthBLAW 2001 Legal EnvironmentTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthCHEM 1103 Aspects of Chemistry: LectureTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthCHEM 1104 Aspects of Chemistry: LabTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthCOMM 1010 PersuasionTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthCOMM 1500 Media, SocietyTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthCOMM 2505 Analysis Public DiscourseTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthECON 1022 Principles of Economics: MacroTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthECON 1023 Principles of Econ: MicroTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthGEOL 1110 Geology and Earth SystemsTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthGEOL 1120 Life and Death of DinosaursTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthGEOL 1610 OceanographyTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthHIST 1305 US History Part II: 1865-PresTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthJOUR 2001 Report and Writing ITransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthJOUR 3401 Digital StorytellingTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthMU 1005 Jazz StudiesTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthMU 1312 Voice-Non MajorTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthMU 1396 Jazz Guitar-Non MajorTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthMU 1398 Pop Styles Guitar-Non MajorTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthPE 1300 Ballroom DanceTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthPOL 1011 American Government and PoliticsTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthPOL 1050 International Government and RelationsTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthPOL 1500 Introduction to Comparative PoliticsTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthSOC 1101 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthTH 1111 Acting Fundamentals ITransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthTH 3111 Acting Fundamentals IITransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthWRIT 1120 College WritingTransfers
University of Minnesota, DuluthWRIT 1506 Literacy, Technology and SocietyTransfers
University of Minnesota, MorrisIS 1036 Infectious DiseaseTransfers
University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesAPEC 1101 Principles of MicroeconomicsTransfers
University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesCI 1563 Physics by InquiryTransfers
University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesENGL 1001W Intro to LiteratureTransfers
University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesPSY 2801 Intro Psych Data AnalysisTransfers
University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesPSY1001 Intro to PsychologyTransfers
University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesRELS 1001 Intro: Religions of the WorldTransfers
University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesSPAN 1003 Intermediate SpanTransfers
University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesSPAN 1004 Intermediate SpanTransfers
University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesWRIT 1301 University WritingTransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaAR H A 2410 Ancient TechnologyTransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaARCHST 1600 Fund of Environ DesignTransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaC S D 1100 Asl ITransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaECONOM 4353 Intermed MacroeconomicsTransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaENGLSH 1000 Exposition & ArgumentatnTransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaGEOG 1840 Global Environmental ChangeTransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaGEOG 4904 Tp in Geography-Soc Sci-Our Dynamic Earth in FilmTransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaGEOL 1400 Themes in Geology - Earth ResourcesTransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaGEOL 1400 Themes in Geology - Mass ExtinctionsTransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaMUSIC NM 1618 Basic Music SkillsTransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaNTR S 1310 Basc Cncpts of Wrld NutrTransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaSOCIOL 1650 Social DevianceTransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaSPAN 1100 Elementary Spanish 1Transfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaSSC 2100 Career ExplorationsTransfers
University of Missouri - ColumbiaWGST 1120 Intro Women & GenderTransfers
University of Missouri - St. LouisENGL 1120 Intro to LiteratureTransfers
University of Missouri - St. LouisENGL 1170 Amer Literary MasterpsTransfers
University of Missouri - St. LouisHIST 1001 Amer Civ to 1865Transfers
University of Missouri - St. LouisHIST 1002 Amer Civ 1865 to PresTransfers
University of Missouri - St. LouisHIST 1032 Top Euro Civ: 1715-PresTransfers
University of Missouri - St. LouisPSYCH 1003 General PsychologyTransfers
University of NevadaBIOL 189 Fund Life SciTransfers
University of NevadaENG 101 Composition ITransfers
University of NevadaENG 102 Composition IITransfers
University of NevadaHIST 101 US Colonial Times to 1877Transfers
University of NevadaKIN 175 Physical Activity and HealthTransfers
University of NevadaMUS 125 History Rock MusicTransfers
University of New HavenCJST 1100 Introduction to Criminal JusticeTransfers
University of New HavenENGL 1105 CompositionTransfers
University of New HavenHIS 1102 The Western World in Modern TimesTransfers
University of New HavenPSYC 1111 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
University of RochesterEL2NAA Narrative AnalysisTransfers
University of RochesterPS2ACH Abnormal Clinical and Health PsychologyTransfers
University of RochesterPS2SOC Social PsychologyTransfers
University of RochesterPS3CDB Cognitive and Development PsychologyTransfers
University of Southern IndianaENG 100 Intro-Rhet & CompTransfers
University of Southern IndianaENG 101 Rhet & Comp: Crit ThinkTransfers
University of Southern IndianaPED 114 GolfTransfers
University of Southern IndianaPED 186 Well/Fit AppraisalTransfers
University of Southern IndianaSOC 121 Principles of SociologyTransfers
University of Southern IndianaSPAN 102 Elementary Spanish IITransfers
University of SydneyANHS1602 Greek and Roman MythTransfers
University of SydneyENGL1007 Language, Texts and TimeTransfers
University of SydneyHPSC1000 BioethicsTransfers
University of SydneyHSTY1025 The Middle AgesTransfers
University of SydneyMATH1011 Applications of CalculusTransfers
University of SydneyMATH1013 Mathematical ModelingTransfers
University of SydneyMATH1014 Introduction to Linear AlgebraTransfers
University of SydneyMATH1015 BiostaticsTransfers
University of SydneyMATH2069 Discrete Mathematics and Graph TheoryTransfers
University of SydneyPHIL1011 Reality, Ethics and BeautyTransfers
University of SydneyPHIL1013 Society, Knowledge and SelfTransfers
University of SydneyPSYC1001 Psychology 1001Transfers
University of SydneyPSYC1002 Psychology 1002Transfers
University of SydneyPSYC2011 Brain and BehaviourTransfers
University of SydneyPSYC2012 Statistics & Research Methods for PsychTransfers
University of ToledoBMGT 2750 Cultural Comm in the WorkplaceTransfers
University of ToledoCOMM 2000 Mass Comm and SocietyTransfers
University of ToledoEEES 1130 Down to Earth: Environmental ScienceTransfers
University of ToledoENGL 1110 College Composition ITransfers
University of ToledoENGL 1130 Comp II: AC Discip and DiscrseTransfers
University of ToledoHIST 1060 World History from 1500Transfers
University of ToledoKINE 2460 Human Anat and Physiol I LabTransfers
University of ToledoKINE 2560 Anatomy and Physiology ITransfers
University of ToledoMATH 1200 Math Modeling/Problem SolvingTransfers
University of ToledoMUS 2220 History of JazzTransfers
University of ToledoPHIL 2400 Contemporary Moral ProblemsTransfers
University of ToledoPSY 1010 Principles of PsychologyTransfers
University of ToledoRCRT 1300 Intro to Recreation and LeisureTransfers
University of ToledoSOC 1010 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
University of UtahART 2500 Intro to Art HistoryTransfers
University of UtahBUS 1010 Foundations of BusinessTransfers
University of UtahCH EN 1001 Alternative EnergyTransfers
University of UtahCOMM 1200 Princ Publi SpeakTransfers
University of UtahCOMM 3180 Comm & Social BehaviorTransfers
University of UtahCOMM 3200 Persuasion TheoryTransfers
University of UtahECON 1740 US Economic HistoryTransfers
University of UtahECON 2010 Princ of MicroEconoTransfers
University of UtahESSF 1111 AerobicsTransfers
University of UtahESSF 1310 Bowling ElemTransfers
University of UtahETHNIC 2550 African Amer ExperiencesTransfers
University of UtahFILM 2200 Intro to FilmTransfers
University of UtahFILM 3320 History of FilmTransfers
University of UtahGEO 1001 Earthquakes & VolcanoesTransfers
University of UtahGEOGR 1100 Measuring Change from SpaceTransfers
University of UtahHIST 1700 American CivilizationTransfers
University of UtahIS 1420 Computer EssentialsTransfers
University of UtahMATH 1090 Coll Alg Bus/Soc SciTransfers
University of UtahTHEAT 1010 Survey of TheatreTransfers
University of UtahTHEAT 1020 Intro to Acting ITransfers
University of UtahWRTG 2010 Intermediate WritingTransfers
University of VermontASCI 001 Introductory Animal SciencesTransfers
University of VermontCALS 001 Foundations: Communication MethTransfers
University of VermontCHEM 031 General Chemistry ITransfers
University of VermontMATH 019 Fundamentals of Calculus ITransfers
University of WashingtonART H 201 Surv West Art-AncTransfers
University of WashingtonCHIN 381 Lit in Modern ChinaTransfers
University of WashingtonCOM 351 InterviewingTransfers
University of WashingtonCOM 359 W-Writ Mass MediaTransfers
University of WashingtonENGL 250 Intro to Am LitTransfers
University of WashingtonENGL 284 Beg Short Stry WritTransfers
University of WashingtonENGL 313 Mod Europe Lit TransTransfers
University of WashingtonGERM 102 First Year GermanTransfers
University of WashingtonGERM 103 First Year GermanTransfers
University of WashingtonSIS 201 W-Making of 21st CentTransfers
University of WashingtonSISEA 370 Han Chin Soc CltrTransfers
University of WashingtonSOC WF215 Intergroup DialoguesTransfers
University of WyomingANTH 1200 Intro Cultrl AnthTransfers
University of WyomingHIST 1251 Wyoming HistoryTransfers
University of WyomingMATH 1000 Problem SolvingTransfers
University of WyomingPEAC 1001 Phys Actv HealthTransfers
University of WyomingPHYS 1050 Concepts of PhysTransfers
University of WyomingPSYC 1000 Gen PsychologyTransfers
University of WyomingPSYC 1001 Issues in PsychologyTransfers
University of WyomingPSYC 2340 Abnormal PsycTransfers
University of WyomingSOC 1000 Sociological PrincTransfers
Upper Iowa UniversityBA 160 1A 05 MicroeconomicsTransfers
Upper Iowa UniversityBA 161 2A 05 MacroeconomicsTransfers
Upper Iowa UniversityBA 203 2A 05 Businss Law ITransfers
Upper Iowa UniversityBIO 135 1B 05 Prin Biology ITransfers
Upper Iowa UniversityCOMM 105 1A 05 Public SpeakingTransfers
Upper Iowa UniversityENG 101 2B 05 Basic CompTransfers
Upper Iowa UniversityGEOG 100 1A 05 Phys GeographyTransfers
Upper Iowa UniversityHIST 214 2A 05 Wld/War 1914-45Transfers
Upper Iowa UniversityID 119 IG 05 Wellness StratTransfers
Upper Iowa UniversityID 119 Wellness StratTransfers
Upper Iowa UniversityREL 120 World ReligionsTransfers
Ursinus CollegeBIO 111W Organism of EvolutionTransfers
Ursinus CollegeLS 100 CIE ITransfers
Ursinus CollegeLS 200 CIE IITransfers
Ursinus CollegeMATH 241Q Statistics ITransfers
Ursinus CollegeSPAN 111 Interm Span ITransfers
Ursinus CollegeSPAN 212 Interm Span IITransfers
Ursinus CollegeTHEA 006 Theater LabTransfers
Ursuline College (MI)AR 114 Introduction to GraphicsTransfers
Ursuline College (MI)PS 230 Lifespan DevelopmentTransfers
UW BarabooSee UW CollegesTransfers
UW Barron CountySee UW CollegesTransfers
UW CollegesAIS 101 Amer Indian Stds (ES/IS)Transfers
UW CollegesANT 100 General AnthroTransfers
UW CollegesANT 102 Archlgy & Prehis WldTransfers
UW CollegesANT 104 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
UW CollegesANT 105 Intro Physical AnthrTransfers
UW CollegesANT 150 Food, Culture and IdentityTransfers
UW CollegesANT 302 Archaeology of WITransfers
UW CollegesANT 314 Indians of North AmTransfers
UW CollegesANT 350 Med AnthropologyTransfers
UW CollegesART 101 Introduction to DrawingTransfers
UW CollegesART 122 WatercolorTransfers
UW CollegesART 154 Intro to CeramicsTransfers
UW CollegesART 175 World of ArtTransfers
UW CollegesART 180 Artist & Visual ArtsTransfers
UW CollegesART 181 Surv: Ancient & MedievlTransfers
UW CollegesART 183 Renaiss and Modern ArtTransfers
UW CollegesART 187 Survey: Modern ArtTransfers
UW CollegesART 188 Surv: Mod Arch & DesignTransfers
UW CollegesART 216 Digital Imaging and DesignTransfers
UW CollegesART 290 Women in the ArtsTransfers
UW CollegesAST 100 Survey of AstronomyTransfers
UW CollegesAST 101 Observational AstronTransfers
UW CollegesAST 105 The Solar SystemTransfers
UW CollegesAST 106 Stars, Galaxies, & UniverseTransfers
UW CollegesBAC 201 Gen Sur MicrobiologyTransfers
UW CollegesBIO 101 Concepts of BiologyTransfers
UW CollegesBIO 107 Bio Asp Cons Nat ResTransfers
UW CollegesBIO 109 Concepts of BiologyTransfers
UW CollegesBIO 141 HeredityTransfers
UW CollegesBIO 160 HeredityTransfers
UW CollegesBIO 171 Animal BiologyTransfers
UW CollegesBIO 182 Human Anat & PhysiologyTransfers
UW CollegesBIO 184 Biol Human ReproductTransfers
UW CollegesBIO 186 Biology of WomenTransfers
UW CollegesBIO 191 Environmental ScienceTransfers
UW CollegesBIO 260 GeneticsTransfers
UW CollegesBIO 285 Anatomy and PhysiologyTransfers
UW CollegesBOT 130 General BotanyTransfers
UW CollegesBUS 201 Intro AccountingTransfers
UW CollegesBUS 204 Managerial AccountTransfers
UW CollegesBUS 210 Business CommunicationTransfers
UW CollegesBUS 230 Inte Mangmnt Info SysTransfers
UW CollegesBUS 272 The Legal Environment of BusinessTransfers
UW CollegesCHE 123 Chemistry & SocietyTransfers
UW CollegesCHE 125 Introductory ChemistryTransfers
UW CollegesCHE 145 General Chemistry ITransfers
UW CollegesCHE 155 General Chemistry IITransfers
UW CollegesCHE 203 Survey BiochemistryTransfers
UW CollegesCHE 211 Biochemistry LabTransfers
UW CollegesCHE 343 Organic Chemistry ITransfers
UW CollegesCHE 352 Organic Chemistry LabTransfers
UW CollegesCHE 363 Organic Chemistry IITransfers
UW CollegesCOM 101 Interpersonal CommTransfers
UW CollegesCOM 103 Intro Public SpeakingTransfers
UW CollegesCOM 130 Intro to TheatreTransfers
UW CollegesCOM 131 Theatre LaboratoryTransfers
UW CollegesCOM 150 Introduction to FilmTransfers
UW CollegesCOM 201 Intro Mass CommunicTransfers
UW CollegesCOM 204 News ReportingTransfers
UW CollegesCOM 210 Intercultural ComTransfers
UW CollegesCOM 218 Pop Culture in MediaTransfers
UW CollegesCOM 220 Introduction to Radio BroadcastingTransfers
UW CollegesCOM 221 Introduction to Television BroadcastingTransfers
UW CollegesCOM 232 Intro to ActingTransfers
UW CollegesCPS 110 Intro to Computer SciTransfers
UW CollegesCTA 101 Interpersonal CommunicationTransfers
UW CollegesCTA 103 Intro Public SpeakingTransfers
UW CollegesCTA 130 Intro to TheatreTransfers
UW CollegesCTA 131 Theatre LaboratoryTransfers
UW CollegesCTA 150 Introduction to FilmTransfers
UW CollegesCTA 201 Intro Mass CommunicTransfers
UW CollegesCTA 232 Intro ActingTransfers
UW CollegesCTA 240 World Theatre and PerformanceTransfers
UW CollegesCTA 298 Topics in Spch & Dram ArtsTransfers
UW CollegesECO 101 Intro to EconomicsTransfers
UW CollegesECO 203 Economics - MacroTransfers
UW CollegesECO 204 Economics - MicroTransfers
UW CollegesECO 243 Eco & Bus StatisticsTransfers
UW CollegesEDU 201 Concpt, Issue, Fld ExpTransfers
UW CollegesEDU 220 Education Pluralistic SocTransfers
UW CollegesEDU 230 Educational PsychTransfers
UW CollegesEDU 300 The Exceptionl IndivTransfers
UW CollegesENG 101 College Comp & RhetTransfers
UW CollegesENG 101 College Writing & Critical ReadingTransfers
UW CollegesENG 101 College Writing & Critical ResearchTransfers
UW CollegesENG 101 College Writing and Critical ReadingTransfers
UW CollegesENG 101 Write/Crit ReadTransfers
UW CollegesENG 102 Critical Writing, Reading and ResearchTransfers
UW CollegesENG 102 Writ/Read/RsrchTransfers
UW CollegesENG 190 Spec Topics 1st YR EnglishTransfers
UW CollegesENG 201 Interm CompositionTransfers
UW CollegesENG 203 Creative Writing ITransfers
UW CollegesENG 205 Literacy MagazinesTransfers
UW CollegesENG 242 Am Ind Lit/FilmTransfers
UW CollegesENG 250 Intro to LiteratureTransfers
UW CollegesENG 253 Intro Narrative LitTransfers
UW CollegesENG 260 Engl Lit Before 1798Transfers
UW CollegesENG 262 American Literature ITransfers
UW CollegesENG 266 Modern Lit Pre-1945Transfers
UW CollegesENG 270 English LiteratureTransfers
UW CollegesENG 277 Film StudiesTransfers
UW CollegesENG 278 Multicult Lit/AmTransfers
UW CollegesENG 279 Women in LiteratureTransfers
UW CollegesENG 280 Intro to ShakespeareTransfers
UW CollegesENG 281 A Theme in LiteratureTransfers
UW CollegesENG 281 Sci Fi Literature & FilmTransfers
UW CollegesENG 283 Figures in Lit: Edgar Allen PoeTransfers
UW CollegesENG 283 Figures in LiteratureTransfers
UW CollegesENG 284 Sci Fiction and/or Fantasy LitTransfers
UW CollegesENG 285 Literature of NatureTransfers
UW CollegesENG 286 The Literature of SportTransfers
UW CollegesENG 290 Special TopicsTransfers
UW CollegesENG 370 Theme Eng/Amer LitTransfers
UW CollegesFRE 205 4th Sem FrenchTransfers
UW CollegesFRE 277 Lit in Tran/Cult & CIVTransfers
UW CollegesGEO 101 Intro Cult GeographyTransfers
UW CollegesGEO 110 World Regnl GeogTransfers
UW CollegesGEO 123 Phy Geo: Wthr & ClimTransfers
UW CollegesGEO 124 Phys Geog: LandformsTransfers
UW CollegesGEO 125 Physical GeographyTransfers
UW CollegesGEO 125 Physical GeorgraphyTransfers
UW CollegesGEO 130 Human Impact on EnvrTransfers
UW CollegesGER 101 1st Sem GermanTransfers
UW CollegesGER 105 2nd Sem GermanTransfers
UW CollegesGER 205 4th Sem GermanTransfers
UW CollegesGLG 101 Physical GeologyTransfers
UW CollegesGLG 102 Historical GeologyTransfers
UW CollegesGLG 104 Landscapes N AmericaTransfers
UW CollegesGLG 135 Intro Envir GeologyTransfers
UW CollegesGLG 170 Disasters - Liv on EdgeTransfers
UW CollegesGSW 101 Introduction to GenderTransfers
UW CollegesHES 014 SoftballTransfers
UW CollegesHES 018 Begin VolleyballTransfers
UW CollegesHES 019 Weight TrainingTransfers
UW CollegesHES 022 Intermed VolleyballTransfers
UW CollegesHES 023 KickboxingTransfers
UW CollegesHES 037 Martial ArtsTransfers
UW CollegesHES 046 Yoga-RelaxationTransfers
UW CollegesHES 050 Outdoor PursuitsTransfers
UW CollegesHES 124 Alcohol & Other DrugsTransfers
UW CollegesHES 127 Fitness for LifeTransfers
UW CollegesHES 205 Athletic InjuriesTransfers
UW CollegesHES 206 Personal Health & WellnessTransfers
UW CollegesHES 209 Nutrition & Weight ManagementTransfers
UW CollegesHES 209 Nutrition and Weight ControlTransfers
UW CollegesHES 210 Theory of CoachingTransfers
UW CollegesHES 211 Elem School P.E.Transfers
UW CollegesHES 217 Soc Aspects of SportTransfers
UW CollegesHES 219 Intro to SportsTransfers
UW CollegesHES 225 Adv'd Concept of Person TrainTransfers
UW CollegesHIS 100 First Year Seminar in HistoryTransfers
UW CollegesHIS 101 US His to Civ WarTransfers
UW CollegesHIS 102 US His Civ War+Transfers
UW CollegesHIS 105 Hist of Western CivTransfers
UW CollegesHIS 106 Hist of Western CivTransfers
UW CollegesHIS 118 The US and VietnamTransfers
UW CollegesHIS 127 World in 20th CentTransfers
UW CollegesHIS 161 World History to 1500Transfers
UW CollegesHIS 162 World Hist Since 1500Transfers
UW CollegesHIS 208 Film as Social HistTransfers
UW CollegesHIS 219 History of RussiaTransfers
UW CollegesHIS 256 Topics in HistoryTransfers
UW CollegesHIS 258 The HolocaustTransfers
UW CollegesHIS 279 Women in Amer HistoryTransfers
UW CollegesHIS 285 Amer Hist 1917-1945Transfers
UW CollegesHIS 286 Amer Hist 1945-PresentTransfers
UW CollegesHIS 299 Indep StudiesTransfers
UW CollegesINT 290 Spl Topics/Interdisc - Global SustainabilityTransfers
UW CollegesLEC 100 First-Year SeminarTransfers
UW CollegesLEC 102 Library/Research SemTransfers
UW CollegesMAT 108 Quantitative ReasonTransfers
UW CollegesMAT 113 TrigonometryTransfers
UW CollegesMAT 117 Elem StatisticsTransfers
UW CollegesMAT 124 Pre-Calculus MathematicsTransfers
UW CollegesMAT 130 Math-Elem TeachersTransfers
UW CollegesMAT 132 Geometry for Elementary TeachersTransfers
UW CollegesMAT 210 Topics in Finite MathTransfers
UW CollegesMAT 211 CalculusTransfers
UW CollegesMAT 221 Calc & Analy Geom ITransfers
UW CollegesMAT 222 Calculus & Analytic GeomTransfers
UW CollegesMAT 222 Calculus & Analytic Geom IITransfers
UW CollegesMAT 223 Calculus & Analytic Geom IIITransfers
UW CollegesMAT 234 Calc/Several VariablesTransfers
UW CollegesMAT 262 Linear AlgebraTransfers
UW CollegesMAT 271 Ordin Differntl EquaTransfers
UW CollegesMLG 100 Intro to MeteorologyTransfers
UW CollegesMUS 071 BandTransfers
UW CollegesMUS 072 ChorusTransfers
UW CollegesMUS 171 Music Theory ITransfers
UW CollegesMUS 172 Music Theory IITransfers
UW CollegesMUS 173 Music Lit & ApprecTransfers
UW CollegesMUS 181 Aural SkillsTransfers
UW CollegesMUS 273 Jazz His & ApprecTransfers
UW CollegesMUS 278 History of Rock and RollTransfers
UW CollegesMUS 285 World MusicTransfers
UW CollegesMUS 295 Selected Studies: History of Rock n RollTransfers
UW CollegesMUS 295 Selected Studies: World MusicTransfers
UW CollegesNAT 170 Introduction to Natural ResourcesTransfers
UW CollegesPED 005 BasketballTransfers
UW CollegesPED 016 Beginning TennisTransfers
UW CollegesPED 018 Begin VolleyballTransfers
UW CollegesPED 019 Weight TrainingTransfers
UW CollegesPED 022 Intermediate VolleyballTransfers
UW CollegesPED 027 Intro to FitnessTransfers
UW CollegesPED 115 VolleyballTransfers
UW CollegesPED 123 CPRTransfers
UW CollegesPED 124 Alcohol and Other Drugs: Awareness, AlternativesTransfers
UW CollegesPED 127 Fitness for LifeTransfers
UW CollegesPED 204 Princ & Intro to PETransfers
UW CollegesPED 205 Athletic InjuriesTransfers
UW CollegesPED 206 Personal HealthTransfers
UW CollegesPED 207 Basketball CoachingTransfers
UW CollegesPED 209 Nutrition and Weight ControlTransfers
UW CollegesPED 210 Theory of CoachingTransfers
UW CollegesPED 211 Elem School PETransfers
UW CollegesPED 213 First Aid&Emerg CareTransfers
UW CollegesPED 217 Soc Aspects of SportTransfers
UW CollegesPHI 101 Intro to PhilosophyTransfers
UW CollegesPHI 201 Asian PhilosophyTransfers
UW CollegesPHI 237 Technology Values and SocietyTransfers
UW CollegesPHI 241 EthicsTransfers
UW CollegesPHI 242 Social & Political PhilosTransfers
UW CollegesPHI 243 Business EthicsTransfers
UW CollegesPHI 244 Environmental EthicsTransfers
UW CollegesPHI 248 Biomedical EthicsTransfers
UW CollegesPHI 253 Philos of the ArtsTransfers
UW CollegesPHI 259 Philos & RacismTransfers
UW CollegesPHI 291 Philosophical Perspect in MythTransfers
UW CollegesPHS 202 Anatomy & PhysiologyTransfers
UW CollegesPHS 203 Anatomy & PhysiologyTransfers
UW CollegesPHS 235 Human PhysiologyTransfers
UW CollegesPHY 107 Foundations of PhysicsTransfers
UW CollegesPHY 141 College Physics ITransfers
UW CollegesPHY 201 University Physics ITransfers
UW CollegesPHY 202 University Physics IITransfers
UW CollegesPHY 205 Modern PhysicsTransfers
UW CollegesPOL 104 Amer Gov & PoliticsTransfers
UW CollegesPOL 120 Pol Crime & PunishmtTransfers
UW CollegesPOL 160 Comparative PoliticsTransfers
UW CollegesPOL 175 Internal PoliticsTransfers
UW CollegesPOL 215 Media and PoliticsTransfers
UW CollegesPOL 280 TerrorismTransfers
UW CollegesPSY 201 Introductory PsychTransfers
UW CollegesPSY 202 Introductory PsychTransfers
UW CollegesPSY 203 Individuals and InstitutionsTransfers
UW CollegesPSY 208 Psychol of GenderTransfers
UW CollegesPSY 208 Psychology of GenderTransfers
UW CollegesPSY 225 Experimental PsychTransfers
UW CollegesPSY 250 Life Span Devel PsyTransfers
UW CollegesPSY 254 Behav NeuroscienceTransfers
UW CollegesPSY 307 Psych of PersonalityTransfers
UW CollegesPSY 309 Abnormal PsychologyTransfers
UW CollegesPSY 330 Social PsychologyTransfers
UW CollegesPSY 360 Psy/Childhd & AdolescTransfers
UW CollegesREL 101 Intro to the Study of ReligionTransfers
UW CollegesREL 201 Asian PhilosophyTransfers
UW CollegesREL 205 Introduction to ChristianityTransfers
UW CollegesREL 258 Human Nature, Relig & SocietyTransfers
UW CollegesSOC 101 Introduction to SociologyTransfers
UW CollegesSOC 125 Am Socty-Contemp WldTransfers
UW CollegesSOC 130 Contemp Social ProbTransfers
UW CollegesSOC 220 Soc Marriage/FamilyTransfers
UW CollegesSOC 234 Soc Race/EthnicTransfers
UW CollegesSPA 101 1st Sem SpanishTransfers
UW CollegesSPA 105 2nd Sem SpanishTransfers
UW CollegesSPA 118 Pract Spoken SpanishTransfers
UW CollegesSPA 118 Practical Spoken SpanishTransfers
UW CollegesSPA 201 3rd Sem SpanishTransfers
UW CollegesSPA 205 4th Sem SpanishTransfers
UW CollegesSPA 225 Conversation & CompositionTransfers
UW CollegesWIL 140 Introduction to Wildlife ResourcesTransfers
UW CollegesWOM 101 Int Women's StudiesTransfers
UW CollegesWOM 102 Women's VoicesTransfers
UW CollegesWOM 231 Sex, Power & Pub PolicyTransfers
UW CollegesZOO 101 Animal BiologyTransfers
UW CollegesZOO 234 Human AnatomyTransfers
UW CollegesZOO 299 Read & Research Stream MonitoringTransfers
UW Eau ClaireACCT 201 Princ of Acct ITransfers
UW Eau ClaireACCT 202 Prin of Acct IITransfers
UW Eau ClaireANTH 161 Intro Cult AnthroTransfers
UW Eau ClaireANTH 169 Intro to ArchaeolTransfers
UW Eau ClaireART 107 Found: Draw/CompTransfers
UW Eau ClaireART 108 Found: Color/CompTransfers
UW Eau ClaireART 111 Art History Survey ITransfers
UW Eau ClaireART 281 Intro Photo ArtTransfers
UW Eau ClaireBCOM 206 Business WritingTransfers
UW Eau ClaireBCOM 207 Bus PresentationsTransfers
UW Eau ClaireBIOL 100 General BiologyTransfers
UW Eau ClaireBIOL 130 Human Sexual BiolTransfers
UW Eau ClaireBIOL 195 Plants & SocietyTransfers
UW Eau ClaireBSAD 110 Bus Leadership InstTransfers
UW Eau ClaireC J 202 Speech FundamentalsTransfers
UW Eau ClaireCJ 105 Comm in SocietyTransfers
UW Eau ClaireCJ 184 Multimedia CommTransfers
UW Eau ClaireCJ 222 Begin JournalismTransfers
UW Eau ClaireCJ 241 A/V Prod ProcessTransfers
UW Eau ClaireCS 318 Web Page DesignTransfers
UW Eau ClaireCSD 150 Intro Com Sci-DisTransfers
UW Eau ClaireCSD 256 Anat&Phy/Spch&HrgTransfers
UW Eau ClaireCSD 257 Normal Comm DevelTransfers
UW Eau ClaireECON 103 Prin of MicroeconTransfers
UW Eau ClaireECON 104 Prin of MacroeconomicsTransfers
UW Eau ClaireECON 318 Bus Fluct & FrcstTransfers
UW Eau ClaireECON 357 Women & Econ DevtTransfers
UW Eau ClaireENG 221 Intro Engl LingTransfers
UW Eau ClaireENGL 110 Intr Coll WritingTransfers
UW Eau ClaireENGL 150 Intro to LitTransfers
UW Eau ClaireENGL 181 Intro to FilmTransfers
UW Eau ClaireENGL 210 Intro to TextsTransfers
UW Eau ClaireENGL 220 Intro-Creat WritTransfers
UW Eau ClaireENGL 274 The Short StoryTransfers
UW Eau ClaireENGL 321 Topic Struct Engl: Semantics & PragmaticsTransfers
UW Eau ClaireFIN 320 Princ of FinanceTransfers
UW Eau ClaireGEOG 111 Human GeographyTransfers
UW Eau ClaireGEOG 178 Cons of EnvironmTransfers
UW Eau ClaireGEOG 352 Business GeographTransfers
UW Eau ClaireGEOL 201 Geol Natl ParksTransfers
UW Eau ClaireGERM 102 Beginning GermanTransfers
UW Eau ClaireGERM 201 Interm Germ 1Transfers
UW Eau ClaireGERM 202 Interm Germ 2Transfers
UW Eau ClaireHIST 115 US Since 1877Transfers
UW Eau ClaireHIST 202 US Since 1877Transfers
UW Eau ClaireHIST 205 Amer Wmns HistoryTransfers
UW Eau ClaireIS 240 Info Systems BusTransfers
UW Eau ClaireKINS 108 Intercol AthleticTransfers
UW Eau ClaireKINS 186 Well & FitnessTransfers
UW Eau ClaireKINS 196 Wellness ConceptsTransfers
UW Eau ClaireMATH 104 Finite MathTransfers
UW Eau ClaireMATH 106 Math ThinkingTransfers
UW Eau ClaireMATH 111 Calc Short CourseTransfers
UW Eau ClaireMATH 112 PreCalculusTransfers
UW Eau ClaireMATH 203 Math for Tchrs ITransfers
UW Eau ClaireMATH 246 Elem StatisticsTransfers
UW Eau ClaireMATH 291 Special TopicsTransfers
UW Eau ClairePHIL 365 ExistentialismTransfers
UW Eau ClairePHY 211 General PhysicsTransfers
UW Eau ClairePHYS 115 Survey AstronomyTransfers
UW Eau ClairePOLS 110 Am Nat PoliticsTransfers
UW Eau ClairePOLS 203 Pols 110 SupplementTransfers
UW Eau ClairePSYC 100 General PsycTransfers
UW Eau ClairePSYC 101 Psyc Disc & ProfTransfers
UW Eau ClairePSYC 261 Dev & Class ProcTransfers
UW Eau ClaireRELS 210 Relig & MoralityTransfers
UW Eau ClaireSOC 101 Intro to SocTransfers
UW Eau ClaireSOC 164 Family RelationsTransfers
UW Eau ClaireSPAN 102 Begin Spanish IITransfers
UW Eau ClaireWMNS 100 US Wmn: Gen, Rac, ClTransfers
UW Eau ClaireWMNS 296 Women's LitTransfers
UW Eau ClaireWRIT 120 Crit Read & WritingTransfers
UW ExtensionSee UW CollegesTransfers
UW Fond du LacSee UW CollegesTransfers
UW Fox ValleySee UW CollegesTransfers
UW Green BayBIOLOGY 202 Principles of BiologyTransfers
UW Green BayBUS ADM 217 Adv Business StatisticsTransfers
UW Green BayCHEMISTRY 211 Principles of Chemistry ITransfers
UW Green BayCHEMISTRY 212 Principles of Chemistry IITransfers
UW Green BayCHEMISTRY 213 Principles of Chemistry I (lab)Transfers
UW Green BayCHEMISTRY 214 Principles of Chemistry II (lab)Transfers
UW Green BayCOMM 133 Fund of Public AddressTransfers
UW Green BayCOMM 166 Fundmntls-Interpersonal ComTransfers
UW Green BayCOMM 282 Princ Pub Relat/Corp CommunTransfers
UW Green BayENG COMP 100 College WritingTransfers
UW Green BayENG COMP 105 Expository WritingTransfers
UW Green BayENGLISH 212 Intro Creative WritingTransfers
UW Green BayENV SCIENCE 102 Introduction to Environmental SciencesTransfers
UW Green BayENV SCIENCE 330 HydrologyTransfers
UW Green BayENV SCIENCE 353 Aerial Photo InterpretationTransfers
UW Green BayFNS 226 Intro to First Nation Studies: Social JusticeTransfers
UW Green BayFNS 374 Wisconsin First Nations EthnohistoryTransfers
UW Green BayGEOG 222 Ocean of Air: Weer-ClimTransfers
UW Green BayGEOG 283C Intro to Human GeographyTransfers
UW Green BayGEOGRAPHY 350 Geographic Information SystemsTransfers
UW Green BayHISTORY 100 Modern WorldTransfers
UW Green BayHISTORY 205 US History 1600-1865Transfers
UW Green BayHUM BIOL 102 Intro to Human BiologyTransfers
UW Green BayHUMDEV 102 Intro to Human DevelopmentTransfers
UW Green BayHUMSTUD 201 Intro to Humanities ITransfers
UW Green BayMATH 105 Intro StatisticsTransfers
UW Green BayMATH 202 Calculus-Analyt Geom ITransfers
UW Green BayMATH 203 Calculus-Analyt Geom IITransfers
UW Green BayPHILOS 101 Intro to PhilosophyTransfers
UW Green BayPHILOS 208 Biomedical EthicsTransfers
UW Green BayPHY-ED 208 ScubaTransfers
UW Green BayPOL SCI 100 Global Poli & SocTransfers
UW Green BayPOL SCI 101 Amer Gove & PoliticsTransfers
UW Green BayPSYCH 102 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
UW Green BayPSYCH 315 Cognitive NeurosciencsTransfers
UW Green BayPSYCH 390 Environmental PsychologyTransfers
UW Green BayPU EN AF 102 Environment & SocietyTransfers
UW Green BayPU EN AF 378 Environmental LawTransfers
UW Green BaySOC C D 198 First Year SeminarTransfers
UW Green BaySPANISH 101 Intro to Spanish Lang ITransfers
UW Green BaySPANISH 102 Intro to Spanish Lang IITransfers
UW Green BaySPANISH 201 Intermed Spanish LangTransfers
UW Green BaySPANISH 202 Intermed Spanish Lang IITransfers
UW Green BaySPANISH 225 Intermed Conversation-CompTransfers
UW Green BaySPANISH 325 Adv Conversation-CompTransfers
UW La CrosseACC 221 Acc Principles ITransfers
UW La CrosseARC 100 Discovering Our PastTransfers
UW La CrosseARC 196 Archaeology: Lab & Field IntroTransfers
UW La CrosseBIO 105 General BiologyTransfers
UW La CrosseBIO 316 Envir Zones W AfricaTransfers
UW La CrosseCHM 103 General Chem ITransfers
UW La CrosseCST 110 Communicating EffectivelyTransfers
UW La CrosseCT 100 Intro Computational ThinkingTransfers
UW La CrosseECO 110 Microeco & Pub PolTransfers
UW La CrosseEFN 205 Understand Hum DiffTransfers
UW La CrosseENG 110 College Writing ITransfers
UW La CrosseENG 200 Lit & Human ExperienceTransfers
UW La CrosseENGL 344 African LiteratureTransfers
UW La CrosseENV 201 Intro to Env StudyTransfers
UW La CrosseERS 100 Int Ethnic/Racial StudiesTransfers
UW La CrosseESC 101 Earth EnvironmentsTransfers
UW La CrosseESS 100 Physical Activities: VariousTransfers
UW La CrosseESS 112 Fund of MovementTransfers
UW La CrosseESS 115 Orientation to ESSTransfers
UW La CrosseESS 118 Intro to Physical Ed Tchg ProfTransfers
UW La CrosseESS 201 Safety-1st Aid-CPRTransfers
UW La CrosseESS 205 Human Anat & Phys Ex Sci ITransfers
UW La CrosseESS 206 Human Anat & Phys-Ex Sci IITransfers
UW La CrosseESS 207 Hmn Motor BehaviorTransfers
UW La CrosseESS 225 Intro Phys Ed TchgTransfers
UW La CrosseESS 231 Intro Adapted Physical EducTransfers
UW La CrosseESS 303 BiomechanicsTransfers
UW La CrosseESS 323 Nutrition & SportTransfers
UW La CrosseESS 446 Current Res & Trends Ex SciTransfers
UW La CrosseFRE 201 Intermed French 1Transfers
UW La CrosseGEO 110 World Cult RegionsTransfers
UW La CrosseGEO 200 Cons/Glbl EnvrnmtsTransfers
UW La CrosseHIS 101 Glbl Orgin Mod WldTransfers
UW La CrosseHPR 105 Hlthy Actv LifstylTransfers
UW La CrosseLING 106 Twi for BeginnersTransfers
UW La CrosseMIC 100 Microbes and SocietyTransfers
UW La CrosseMTH 145 Elem StatisticsTransfers
UW La CrosseMTH 175 Applied CalculusTransfers
UW La CrosseMTH 207 Calculus ITransfers
UW La CrosseMTH 208 Calculus IITransfers
UW La CrosseMUS 105 Music AppreciationTransfers
UW La CrosseMUS 159 Women's ChorusTransfers
UW La CrosseNUT 200 Human NutritionTransfers
UW La CrossePHL 330 Philosophy of FoodTransfers
UW La CrossePHY 103 Fund Physics ITransfers
UW La CrossePHY 104 Fund Physics IITransfers
UW La CrossePOL 101 Amer Natl GovernTransfers
UW La CrossePSY 100 General PsychologyTransfers
UW La CrosseSOC 225 Racial/Ethnic MnrtTransfers
UW La CrosseSREL 410 ReligionTransfers
UW La CrosseTHA 110 Theatre ApprecTransfers
UW MadisonAFROAMER 231 Intro to Afr-Am HisTransfers
UW MadisonANTHRO 100 General AnthropologyTransfers
UW MadisonANTHRO 105 Principles - Biological AnthroTransfers
UW MadisonART 448 Intro to Science IllustrationTransfers
UW MadisonASTRON 103 The Evolving UniverseTransfers
UW MadisonATM OCN 100 Weather and ClimateTransfers
UW MadisonB M I 541 Intro to BiostatisticsTransfers
UW MadisonB M I 546 Pract-Clin Trial Data AnalysisTransfers
UW MadisonBIOLOGY 101 Animal BiologyTransfers
UW MadisonCHEM 103 General ChemistryTransfers
UW MadisonCHEM 109 Advanced General ChemistryTransfers
UW MadisonCLASSICS 322 The RomansTransfers
UW MadisonCOM ARTS 260 Commun & Hum BehTransfers
UW MadisonCURRIC 501 Health Info for TeachTransfers
UW MadisonECON 101 Economics 101Transfers
UW MadisonECON 390 Essential Mathematics for EconTransfers
UW MadisonED PSYCH 301 Human Abilities & LearTransfers
UW MadisonED PSYCH 320 Human Dev-Infan/ChilTransfers
UW MadisonENGLISH 167 Modern British & American Lit Before 1914Transfers
UW MadisonENGLISH 168 Intro to Modern Lit Since 1900Transfers
UW MadisonENGLISH 169 Intro to Modern AmerTransfers
UW MadisonENGLISH 203 Creat Writi: Beg Fict&PoTransfers
UW MadisonENGLISH 301 Intermed Fiction WrTransfers
UW MadisonENGLISH 626 19th C Afro-Amer WomTransfers
UW MadisonENVIR ST 120 Global Phys EnvironmTransfers
UW MadisonFOLKLORE 347 Kalevala&Finn FolklorTransfers
UW MadisonGEOG 305 Introduction to the CityTransfers
UW MadisonGERMAN 204 Fourth Semester GermanTransfers
UW MadisonHISTORY 412 His-American EducaTransfers
UW MadisonHISTORY 458 His SE Asia Since 1800Transfers
UW MadisonJOURN 201 Intro to Mass CommTransfers
UW MadisonLCA LANG 353 First Semester HindiTransfers
UW MadisonLCA LANG 354 Second Semester HindiTransfers
UW MadisonLINGUS 101 Human LanguageTransfers
UW MadisonLIT 275 Lit in Translation: The Tales of Hans Christian AndersonTransfers
UW MadisonM H R 305 Human Resource ManagementTransfers
UW MadisonMATH 171 Calculus with Algebra and Trig ITransfers
UW MadisonMATH 217 Calculus with Algebra and Trig IITransfers
UW MadisonMATH 221 Calculus & Analytic GeometryTransfers
UW MadisonMATH 234 Calc-Functions of VariablesTransfers
UW MadisonNAV 101 Naval Science 101Transfers
UW MadisonNUTR SCI 132 Nutrition TodayTransfers
UW MadisonPHYSICS 103 General PhysicsTransfers
UW MadisonPOLI SCI 104 Intro-Amer Pol & GovTransfers
UW MadisonPSYCH 202 Introduction to PsychologyTransfers
UW MadisonSPANISH 101 First Year SpanishTransfers
UW MadisonTHEATRE 362 Drama in EducationTransfers
UW MadisonWOMEN ST 102 Women-Soc Inst & Soc ChangeTransfers
UW MadisonZOOLOGY 102 Animal Biology LaboratoryTransfers
UW ManitowocSee UW CollegesTransfers
UW Marathon CountySee UW CollegesTransfers
UW MarinetteSee UW CollegesTransfers
UW MarshfieldSee UW CollegesTransfers
UW MilwaukeeANTHRO 101 Intro to Anthro-Human OriginsTransfers
UW MilwaukeeANTHRO 102 Intro Anthro-Culture & SocietyTransfers
UW MilwaukeeANTHRO 103 Approaches to ArchaeologyTransfers
UW MilwaukeeANTHRO 301 Human Evolution/VariationTransfers
UW MilwaukeeART 102 Basic Drawing IITransfers
UW MilwaukeeBIO SCI 100 Survey of ZoologyTransfers
UW MilwaukeeBIO SCI 104 Plants in Today's WorldTransfers
UW MilwaukeeBIO SCI 150 Found Bioloc SciTransfers
UW MilwaukeeBIO SCI 202 Anatomy and Physi ITransfers
UW MilwaukeeBIO SCI 203 Anat & Physiol IITransfers
UW MilwaukeeBIO SCI 315 Cell BiologyTransfers
UW MilwaukeeBMS 232 Introduction to NutritionTransfers
UW MilwaukeeBUS ADM 201 Intro to Financial AccountingTransfers
UW MilwaukeeBUS ADM 231 Bus Schlr: Intro to Info SystTransfers
UW MilwaukeeBUS ADM 350 Principles of FinanceTransfers
UW MilwaukeeBUS ADM 370 Production & Operations MgmtTransfers
UW MilwaukeeBUS ADM 444 Human Resources ManagementTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCHEM 100 Chemical ScienceTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCHEM 102 General ChemistryTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCHEM 104 Gen Chem & Quant AnalTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCHEM 223 Elem Quantitative AnalysisTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCHEM 281 Dead Men Do Tell TalesTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCHEM 343 Organic ChemistryTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCHEM 344 Organic Chemistry LaboratoryTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCHEM 345 Organic ChemistryTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCHEM 501 Intro to BiochemistryTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCL SCI 480 Toxico/Therapeutic Drug MoniTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCLASSIC 101 Latin & Greek in English WordsTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCLASSIC 170 Classical MythologyTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCOMMUN 103 Public SpeakingTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCOMMUN 105 Business & Professional CommunTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCOMPSCI 536 Software EngineeringTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCRM JST 110 Intro to Criminal JusticeTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCRM JST 150 Intro Research in Crim JusticsTransfers
UW MilwaukeeCURRINS 100 Intro to Teaching-Colloq/FieldTransfers
UW MilwaukeeDANCE 111 Beginning Ballet ITransfers
UW MilwaukeeDANCE 117 Tap ITransfers
UW MilwaukeeDANCE 122 Beginning African Dance ITransfers
UW MilwaukeeDANCE 220 Body SenseTransfers
UW MilwaukeeECON 103 Principles of MicroeconomicsTransfers
UW MilwaukeeECON 104 Principles of MacroeconomicsTransfers
UW MilwaukeeECON 302 Intermediate MacroeconomicsTransfers
UW MilwaukeeED POL 112 Intro to Community EducationTransfers
UW MilwaukeeED POL 375 Cultural Foundations of EducationTransfers
UW MilwaukeeENGLISH 101 Intro to College WritingTransfers
UW MilwaukeeENGLISH 102 College Writing and ResearchTransfers
UW MilwaukeeENGLISH 201 Strategies-Academic WritingTransfers
UW MilwaukeeENGLISH 205 Business WritingTransfers
UW MilwaukeeENGLISH 233 Intro to Creative WritingTransfers
UW MilwaukeeETHNIC 101 US Ethnic-Am Indn EurTransfers
UW MilwaukeeFREN 145 Views of FranceTransfers
UW MilwaukeeGEO SCI 105 Earth, Air, Fire, and WaterTransfers
UW MilwaukeeGEO SCI 106 The Earth EnvironmentTransfers
UW MilwaukeeGEOG 110 World: Peoples/RegionsTransfers
UW MilwaukeeGERMAN 204 Fourth-Semester GermanTransfers
UW MilwaukeeGERMAN 270 German Myths and LegendsTransfers
UW MilwaukeeHCA 101 Intro to Healt & DisTransfers
UW MilwaukeeHCA 212 Drugs Used and AbusedTransfers
UW MilwaukeeHIST 101 Western Civ: Ancient Wrld-1500Transfers
UW MilwaukeeHIST 102 West Civ-1500 to the PresentTransfers
UW MilwaukeeHIST 151 Amer Hist 1607 to 1877Transfers
UW MilwaukeeHIST 152 Amer Hist 1877 to PresTransfers
UW MilwaukeeHIST 192 Freshman SeminarTransfers
UW MilwaukeeHIST 206 Europe/Modrn Wrld: 1815-PresentTransfers
UW MilwaukeeHIST 262 N Am Indian History, to 1887Transfers
UW MilwaukeeHIST 374 Europe: Dictators 1914-1945Transfers
UW MilwaukeeHMS 200 Intro to KinesiologyTransfers
UW MilwaukeeHMS 270 Stats in Hlth ProfTransfers
UW MilwaukeeITALIAN 145 Views of ItalyTransfers
UW MilwaukeeJMC 214 Advertising in American SocietyTransfers
UW MilwaukeeKIN 230 Health Aspects of Exercise and NutritionTransfers
UW MilwaukeeLINGUIS 100 Diversity of Human LangTransfers
UW MilwaukeeMATH 106 Contemporary Application MathTransfers
UW MilwaukeeMATH 111 Intro Logic Critical ReasoningTransfers
UW MilwaukeeMATH 211 Survey-Calc/Analytic GeometryTransfers
UW MilwaukeeMATH 232 Calculus and Analytic GeometryTransfers
UW MilwaukeeMUSIC 102 American Popular MusTransfers
UW MilwaukeeMUSIC 150 Beginning GuitarTransfers
UW MilwaukeeMUSIC 151 Intermediate GuitarTransfers
UW MilwaukeeMUSIC 31 University BandTransfers
UW MilwaukeePHILOS 101 Intro to PhilosTransfers
UW MilwaukeePHILOS 217 Intro to MetaphyTransfers
UW MilwaukeePHYS 107 Physics in EverydayTransfers
UW MilwaukeePOL SCI 103 Intro to Political ScienceTransfers
UW MilwaukeePOL SCI 215 Ethnicty, Religin, Race-PoltcsTransfers
UW MilwaukeePOL SCI 250 Law and SocietyTransfers
UW MilwaukeePOL SCI 310 Politics - Soviet Union, StatesTransfers
UW MilwaukeePOL SCI 337 International Organ & UNTransfers
UW MilwaukeePSYCH 101 Intro to PsychTransfers
UW MilwaukeePSYCH 205 PersonalityTransfers
UW MilwaukeeRELIGST 101 Introduction - World ReligionsTransfers
UW MilwaukeeSOC WRK 250 Humn Behavior/Social EnvironmtTransfers
UW MilwaukeeSOCIOL 101 Intro to SociologyTransfers
UW MilwaukeeSOCIOL 102 Social Problems in Amer SocietyTransfers
UW MilwaukeeSOCIOL 193 Freshman SeminarTransfers
UW MilwaukeeSPANISH 204 Fourth Semester SpanishTransfers
UW MilwaukeeSPANISH 308 Advanced Writing and ReadingTransfers
UW MilwaukeeSPANISH 318 Advanced Speaking and ListeningTransfers
UW MilwaukeeSPANISH 341 Introduction to Spanish LinguisticsTransfers
UW MilwaukeeSPT & REC 100 Sports OfficiatingTransfers
UW MilwaukeeSPT & REC 112 Yoga ITransfers
UW MilwaukeeSPT & REC 113 Yoga IITransfers
UW MilwaukeeSPT & REC 161 Bowling ITransfers
UW MilwaukeeTHEATRE 102 Intro-Desgn & Prod for PerfTransfers
UW OshkoshACCT 301 Intermediate AccountingTransfers
UW OshkoshAF AM ST 101 Intr Afrcn Am StdsTransfers
UW OshkoshANTHRO 102 Intro to AnthroTransfers
UW OshkoshANTHRO 123 American EthnographyTransfers
UW OshkoshANTHRO 232 Cultural AnthroTransfers
UW OshkoshART 105 Understanding the ArtsTransfers
UW OshkoshART 112 2-D Design and ColorTransfers
UW OshkoshART 203 Art: Concepts & CreationsTransfers
UW OshkoshART 317 Art Ind Chi JpnTransfers
UW OshkoshBIOLOGY 104 Ecosphere in CrisisTransfers
UW OshkoshBIOLOGY 105 Bio Concpt UntyTransfers
UW OshkoshBIOLOGY 108 Bio Concpt UntyTransfers
UW OshkoshBIOLOGY 150 Functional Human Biology-LectTransfers
UW OshkoshBIOLOGY 152 Funct Human Biology II-LectureTransfers
UW OshkoshBIOLOGY 211 Human AnatomyTransfers
UW OshkoshBIOLOGY 233 Microb SurveyTransfers
UW OshkoshBIOLOGY 373 Biology Field TripTransfers
UW OshkoshBUSINESS 207 Managerial AccountingTransfers
UW OshkoshBUSINESS 301 Intermediate Accounting ITransfers
UW OshkoshBUSINESS 302 Intermediate AccountingTransfers
UW OshkoshBUSINESS 303 Cost ManagementTransfers
UW OshkoshCHEM 101 Gen Org/Biochem ITransfers
UW OshkoshCHEM 102 Gen Org/Biochem IITransfers
UW OshkoshCHEM 105 General Chemistry ITransfers
UW OshkoshCHEM 106 General Chemistry IITransfers
UW OshkoshCOMM 111 Intro to Public SpeakingTransfers
UW OshkoshCOMM 161 Apprec of DramaTransfers
UW OshkoshCOMP SCI 221 OO Design & Programming ITransfers
UW OshkoshCOMP SCI 251 Architecture & Assembly LangTransfers
UW OshkoshCOMP SCI 262 OO Design & Programming IITransfers
UW OshkoshCRIM JUS 110 Intro to CJ for CJ MajorsTransfers
UW OshkoshECON 106 Gen EconomicsTransfers
UW OshkoshECON 206 Prin Economics I-MicroTransfers
UW OshkoshECON 307 Discrim Gender EconTransfers
UW OshkoshECON 403 Pub Sector EcTransfers
UW OshkoshECON 420 International Finance and TradeTransfers
UW OshkoshED 102 Found of EducationTransfers
UW OshkoshED 103 Human Relations for TeachersTransfers
UW OshkoshED FOUND 235 Child & Adolescent DeveTransfers
UW OshkoshED FOUND 380 Educational PsychTransfers
UW OshkoshED LDRSHP 205 Intro Computers in EdTransfers
UW OshkoshED LDRSHP 325 Instruct TechnologyTransfers
UW OshkoshED LDRSHP 406 Foundations of Multicultural EDTransfers
UW OshkoshEL ED 201 Ind School & SocTransfers
UW OshkoshEL ED 311 Tch Lang ArtsTransfers
UW OshkoshEL ED 384 Teach Math PreK-8Transfers
UW OshkoshELEM ED 110 Educ Policy: LiesTransfers
UW OshkoshELEM ED 304 Practicum in ECETransfers
UW OshkoshELEM ED 312 Working W/Infants & ToddlersTransfers
UW OshkoshELEM ED 313 Theories & Practices of ECETransfers
UW OshkoshELEM ED 314 Org and Admin Preschool ProgTransfers
UW OshkoshELEM ED 318 Assess Early ChildhoodTransfers
UW OshkoshELEM ED 322 Curridulum & Mthds Yng ChldrnTransfers
UW OshkoshELEM ED 323 EC Guidance & Behavior MgntTransfers
UW OshkoshENG 214 American Lit 2Transfers
UW OshkoshENG COMP 100 College WritingTransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 101 College English ITransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 103 Culture & Civilization: LiteratTransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 104 Intro to WritingTransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 188 Theme Based Inquiry SeminarTransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 204 Intro to Creative WritingTransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 211 British Lit ITransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 212 British Lit IITransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 213 American Lit ITransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 214 American Lit IITransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 218 Int Multiethnic LitTransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 219 Afri-Am LitTransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 220 Native Amer LitTransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 225 Mod British LitTransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 226 Modern Am Lit: OCTransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 227 Mod World LitTransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 231 Literature & FilmTransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 247 Int ShakespeareTransfers
UW OshkoshENGLISH 281 Introduction to English StudyTransfers
UW OshkoshENV STDS 101 Environmental IssuesTransfers
UW OshkoshFRENCH 110 Intro French ITransfers
UW OshkoshFRENCH 111 Intro to French IITransfers
UW OshkoshFRENCH 203 Fr Int Str/ & ExpTransfers
UW OshkoshFRENCH 204 Fr Interm RdgTransfers
UW OshkoshGEOG 102 Western Reg. GeographyTransfers
UW OshkoshGEOG 111 Human GeographyTransfers
UW OshkoshGEOG 121 Phy Geog WthrTransfers
UW OshkoshGEOLOGY 150 Environmental GeologyTransfers
UW OshkoshGERMAN 204 Intermed Str. & Expr. IITransfers
UW OshkoshGERMAN 248 Frth S Ger CAPPTransfers
UW OshkoshGERMAN 312 Adv German GrammarTransfers
UW OshkoshHEALTH 240 Human SexualityTransfers
UW OshkoshHEALTH 250 Intro to Ex Sci & Hlth PromoTransfers
UW OshkoshHEALTH 310 Consumer HealthTransfers
UW OshkoshHEALTH 315 Environmental HealthTransfers
UW OshkoshHEALTH 410 Current Health IssuesTransfers
UW OshkoshHEALTH 440 Sem in Death and DyingTransfers
UW OshkoshHHP 100 Intro Lifetime FitnessTransfers
UW OshkoshHIST 101 Early CivilizationTransfers
UW OshkoshHIST 102 Modern CivilizationTransfers
UW OshkoshHIST 103 World Views: History-LectureTransfers
UW OshkoshHIST 201 US Hist to 1877Transfers
UW OshkoshHIST 202 Mod US Since 1877Transfers
UW OshkoshHIST 205 Topics Early US HistTransfers
UW OshkoshHIST 362 American RevolutionTransfers
UW OshkoshHLTH EDU 106 Pers Hlth & WllnssTransfers
UW OshkoshHLTH EDU 211 Nutrition & Weight ControlTransfers
UW OshkoshHLTH EDU 315 Environmental HealthTransfers
UW OshkoshHNRS 175 Honors Seminar (Food)Transfers
UW OshkoshINTRL 205 Cont Intnl IssTransfers
UW OshkoshJAPANESE 110 Intro Japanese ITransfers
UW OshkoshJAPANESE 111 Intro Japanese IITransfers
UW OshkoshJAPANESE 210 Japanese IIITransfers
UW OshkoshJAPANESE 248 4th Sem Japanese CAPPTransfers
UW OshkoshJOURNAL 141 Intro Jrn Mass CommTransfers
UW OshkoshKINESIOL 105 Active LifestyleTransfers
UW OshkoshKINESIOL 191 Innovative Games/Lead-Up ActTransfers
UW OshkoshKINESIOL 192 Outdoor Rec & Leisure ActTransfers
UW OshkoshKINESLGY 171 Prev, Rec, & Trtm Ath InjTransfers
UW OshkoshLITERACY 420 Lit/Lang Young ChildTransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 108 Pre-CalculusTransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 109 Elementary StatisticsTransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 171 Calculus ITransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 172 Calculus IITransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 204 Math Bus Analysis ITransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 211 Fun Geom MeasTransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 212 Mathematics for Comp SciTransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 216 Data ExploreTransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 217 Data ExploreTransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 222 Intro Abstract MathTransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 256 Intro Linear MathTransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 273 Calculus IIITransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 301 Intro Prob & StatTransfers
UW OshkoshMATH 317 Prob/Stat El & MidTransfers
UW OshkoshMUSIC 102 Theory Music Gen StudentTransfers
UW OshkoshMUSIC 215 Afrom Am Music RocTransfers
UW OshkoshMUSIC 219 Music and Culture-OCTransfers
UW OshkoshPHIL 101 Elementary LogicTransfers
UW OshkoshPHIL 104 EthicsTransfers
UW OshkoshPHIL 105 EthicsTransfers
UW OshkoshPHIL 109 Intro to PhilosophyTransfers
UW OshkoshPHIL 225 Philosophy of LoveTransfers
UW OshkoshPHY ED 103 Jogging (PE)Transfers
UW OshkoshPHY ED 105 Active LifestyleTransfers
UW OshkoshPHY ED 192 Outdoor Rec & Leisure ActTransfers
UW OshkoshPHY ED 193 Adventure/Challenge/Coop ActTransfers
UW OshkoshPHY ED 224 PreK-12 Meth Swim & Adpt AqtcTransfers
UW OshkoshPHY ED 266 DanceTransfers
UW OshkoshPHY ED 275 Function Anatomy for PE MajorsTransfers
UW OshkoshPHY ED 290 The Child, The Tchr & Phy EdTransfers
UW OshkoshPHY ED 307 Coaching of BasketballTransfers
UW OshkoshPHY ED 324 Dance IITransfers
UW OshkoshPHY ED 373 Adapted Physical EducationTransfers
UW OshkoshPHYS SCI 101 Workshop Physic SciTransfers
UW OshkoshPHYS/AST 104 Stars Galxs & UnivrseTransfers
UW OshkoshPHYS/AST 107 General PhysicsTransfers
UW OshkoshPHYS/AST 108 General PhysicsTransfers
UW OshkoshPHYS/AST 114 Stars Gal & Univ-No labTransfers
UW OshkoshPOL SCI 101 Intro to Cmpartive PolitTransfers
UW OshkoshPOL SCI 105 Amer Gov & PolTransfers
UW OshkoshPOL SCI 175 Ntl St Lc US GovtTransfers
UW OshkoshPOLS 201 American GovernmentTransfers
UW OshkoshPSYCH 101 General PsychologyTransfers
UW OshkoshRELSTDS 101 Explor ReligionTransfers
UW OshkoshRELSTDS 102 World ReligionsTransfers
UW OshkoshRELSTDS 104 Religions AmericaTransfers
UW OshkoshRELSTDS 106 Bible & Cur EvTransfers
UW OshkoshRELSTDS 107 Religious EthicsTransfers
UW OshkoshRTF 110 Introduction to Radio-TV-FilmTransfers
UW OshkoshRTF 120 Introduction to Audio/RadioTransfers
UW OshkoshRTF 344 Prime-Time Television WritingTransfers
UW OshkoshSEC ED 110 Educ Policy: LiesTransfers
UW OshkoshSOC 101 Introductory SociologyTransfers
UW OshkoshSOC 151 Modern Social ProblemsTransfers
UW OshkoshSOC 261 Envnmnt & SocietyTransfers
UW OshkoshSOC 382 Soc Through FilmTransfers
UW OshkoshSPA 110 Intro to SpanishTransfers
UW OshkoshSPA 111 Intro to Spanish IITransfers
UW OshkoshSPA 203 Interm Struc ExpressionTransfers
UW OshkoshSPA 207 Interm Conversation ITransfers
UW OshkoshSPA 248 4th Sem SpanishTransfers
UW OshkoshSPA 248 Advanced Spanish Grammar ITransfers
UW OshkoshSPA 300 Conversaciones CulturalesTransfers
UW OshkoshSPA 304 Advanced Composition IITransfers
UW OshkoshSPA 309 Advanced Spanish ConversationTransfers
UW OshkoshSPA101 Spanish la-Proj SucTransfers
UW OshkoshSPA204 Interm Str & Expr IITransfers
UW OshkoshSPA312 Advanced Spanish Grammar ITransfers
UW OshkoshSPA332 Spanish CivilizationTransfers
UW OshkoshSPEC ED 352 Child & Youth w/Dis in Gen EdTransfers
UW OshkoshTBIS 188 Theme-Based Inq SemTransfers
UW OshkoshTHEATRE 161 Intro to TheatreTransfers
UW OshkoshWBIS 188 Wrtng-Bsd Inq SemTransfers
UW OshkoshWG STDS 201 Intro Wom & Gndr StdsTransfers
UW ParksideACCT 201 Financial AccountingTransfers
UW ParksideBIOS 102 Organismal BiologyTransfers
UW ParksideCOMM 202 Group CommunicationTransfers
UW ParksideCRMJ 101 Intro to Criminal JusticeTransfers
UW ParksideECON 120 Principles of MicroeconomicsTransfers
UW ParksideECON 121 Principles of MacroeconomicsTransfers
UW ParksideENGL 100 Fund of EnglishTransfers
UW ParksideENGL 112 Women in LiteratureTransfers
UW ParksideENGL 167 Introduction to LiteratureTransfers
UW ParksideENGL 201 Advanced CompositionTransfers
UW ParksideENGL 204 Writing for Business/IndustryTransfers
UW ParksideENGL 258 History of Film to 1950Transfers
UW ParksideENGL 259 History of Film From 1950Transfers
UW ParksideENGL 268 Intro to Holocaust StudiesTransfers
UW ParksideENGL 358 Film GenresTransfers
UW ParksideENGL 458 Studies in FilmTransfers
UW ParksideENVS 101 Intro to Environmental StudiesTransfers
UW ParksideGEOG 100 Physical GeographyTransfers
UW ParksideHIST 128 Wrld Hist III: 1800 to PresentTransfers
UW ParksideHPEA 141 GolfTransfers
UW ParksideHPEA 270 Lifetime WellnessTransfers
UW ParksideHPEA 271 Lifetime Wellness LabTransfers
UW ParksidePHIL 101 Introduction to PhilosophyTransfers
UW ParksidePHYS 120 Astronomy Native AmericaTransfers
UW ParksidePOLS 105 Political BeliefsTransfers
UW ParksidePOLS 116 Introduction to LawTransfers
UW ParksideSOC 226 Peoples of AfricaTransfers
UW ParksideSOCA 101 Intro to SociologyTransfers
UW ParksideSOCA 491 Anthro FieldworkTransfers
UW ParksideTHEA 110 Theatre AppreciationTransfers
UW ParksideTHEA 124 Basic Acting SkillsTransfers
UW PlattevilleART 2430 Art SurveyTransfers
UW PlattevilleBIOLOGY 1150 General BiologyTransfers
UW PlattevilleBIOLOGY 1650 The Unity of LifeTransfers
UW PlattevilleBIOLOGY 1750 The Diversity of LifeTransfers
UW PlattevilleCHEMISTRY 1140 Gen ChemistryTransfers
UW PlattevilleCHEMISTRY 1240 General ChemistryTransfers
UW PlattevilleENGLISH 1100 Freshman CompositionTransfers
UW PlattevilleENGLISH 1130 Freshman CompositionTransfers
UW PlattevilleENGLISH 1230 Freshmn CompositionTransfers
UW PlattevilleHHP 1000 Fitness Assessment and MgmtTransfers
UW PlattevilleHHP 1440 VolleyballTransfers
UW PlattevilleHISTORY 1020 World Civilization IITransfers
UW PlattevillePHYSED 1000 Fitness Assessment and MgmtTransfers
UW PlattevillePOLISCI 1330 Internatl RelationsTransfers
UW PlattevillePSYCHLGY 1130 General PsychologyTransfers
UW PlattevillePSYCHLGY 1180 General PsychologyTransfers
UW PlattevilleSPEECH 1010 Public SpeakingTransfers
UW RichlandSee UW CollegesTransfers
UW River FallsACCT 231 Principles of Accounting ITransfers
UW River FallsACCT 232 Principles of Accounting IITransfers
UW River FallsAGEC 101 Econ/Mgmt in AgTransfers
UW River FallsANTH 100 Cultural AnthropologyTransfers
UW River FallsART 237 Introduction to SculptureTransfers
UW River FallsBLAW 265 Business Law ITransfers
UW River FallsCOMD 160 Intro to Comm DisordersTransfers
UW River FallsCOMS 101 Fundamentals of CommunicationTransfers
UW River FallsCSIS 215 IS for Business MngtTransfers
UW River FallsECON 100 Modern EconomicsTransfers
UW River FallsECON 201 Principles of MicroeconomicsTransfers
UW River FallsECON 202 Principles of MacroeconomicsTransfers
UW River FallsECON 226 Introduction to StatisticsTransfers
UW River FallsENGL 100 Academic Reading and WritingTransfers
UW River FallsENGL 108 Power, Money and Business in LiteratureTransfers
UW River FallsENGL 200 Read Write DisciplinesTransfers
UW River FallsENGL 230 Intl Short FictionTransfers
UW River FallsESM 105 Intro Env StudiesTransfers
UW River FallsESM 107 Planning for a Sustain SocietyTransfers
UW River FallsFDSC 110 The Science of FoodTransfers
UW River FallsGEOG 110 Physical Environment: Patterns & SystemsTransfers
UW River FallsGEOG 389 Topics in GeographyTransfers
UW River FallsGEOL 101 Introduction to GeologyTransfers
UW River FallsHEAL 262 Human Anatomy & PhysiologyTransfers
UW River FallsHIST 100 Defining Themes in US HistoryTransfers
UW River FallsHIST 202 Intro to Latin Amer CivilTransfers
UW River FallsMATH 156 Calculus for Business and Social ScienceTransfers
UW River FallsMKTG 310 Principles of MarketingTransfers
UW River FallsMNGT 300 Mngt & Org BehaviorTransfers
UW River FallsMUS 100 Understanding MusicTransfers
UW River FallsMUS 151 Intro to Music EducationTransfers
UW River FallsMUSE 160 Univ Community ChorusTransfers
UW River FallsP E 108 Health & Fitness for LifeTransfers
UW River FallsP ED 159 Sports Leadership & DevTransfers
UW River FallsPHIL 151 Living Issues in PhilTransfers
UW River FallsPSYC 101 General PsychologyTransfers
UW River FallsSCTA 101 Fundamentals of Oral CommunTransfers
UW River FallsWMST 200 Intro to Women's StudiesTransfers
UW Rock CountySee UW CollegesTransfers
UW SheboyganSee UW CoursesTransfers
UW Stevens PointANTH 101 Human DiversityTransfers
UW Stevens PointANTH 380 Anth of Hlth&DiseaseTransfers
UW Stevens PointART 181 History Visual ArtsTransfers
UW Stevens PointASTR 100 Unveiling of UniverseTransfers
UW Stevens PointASTR 311 Intro to AstronomyTransfers
UW Stevens PointBIOL 100 Biological PrinciplesTransfers
UW Stevens PointBIOL 101 General BiologyTransfers
UW Stevens PointBIOL 160 Animal BiologyTransfers
UW Stevens PointBIOL 285 Human PhysiologyTransfers
UW Stevens PointBIOL 333 General MicrobiologyTransfers
UW Stevens PointBIOL 399 Independent StudiesTransfers
UW Stevens PointBUS 325 Organizational BehaviorTransfers
UW Stevens Point