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Information Technology Services provides staffing and facilities to support the technological needs of students, faculty and staff.

Ripon College is a charter member of WiscNet, the non-profit association created to provide Internet access to non-profit institutions and organizations in Wisconsin. All students have access to network storage, high-speed wifi in every residence hall and academic building, as well as a fast-ethernet (100 Mbps) network that connects all academic buildings, administrative buildings and student residence hall rooms. This network is directly connected to the Internet via 200Mb/s.

ITS staff are available for general day-to-day help desk support for issues related to the campus network, computing, hardware and administrative software for Ripon students, faculty and staff.

Open-use computer resource centers are located across the campus, offering both Windows and Apple machines, and projectors.

Multi-functional devices are located in every academic and administrative building to service the printing, copying and scanning needs of the campus. A 3D printer is available for use on a request basis in Lane Library.

Physical Address:
300 W. Seward St. Ripon, WI 54971
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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 920-748-8115
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