Summer Orientation 2020

Please read this notice if you were planning to attend any type of event or visit at Ripon College.

Keep in mind that Ripon College is scheduling a virtual Summer Orientation between June 22nd and June 24th. More details will be announced soon.


Countdown to College!

Fall 2020 Summer Orientation: June 22-23, or 23-24, 2020
New Student Move-in: Friday, Aug. 14 or Saturday, Aug. 15, 2020 (based on assigned times from Residence Life)
Welcome Week: Aug. 17-Aug. 21, 2020
Classes Begin: Aug. 17, 2020



In order to ensure that students have all the necessary information they need to prepare for their first semester of college, we’ve put together a five-part plan:

Step 1 | June 10-19 | Virtual Summer Orientation Sessions
Step 2 | June 22-24 | Faculty Advising Appointments
Step 3 | June 22-24 | Course Registration
Step 4 | July-August | Peer Transition Support
Step 5 | Fall 2020 | Extended Welcome Week

On June 10, we will be launching a digital Summer Orientation platform. This platform will host a series of virtual orientation sessions informing you about services and resources available on campus. We will contact you in June with your login credentials to access this platform. You are required to complete these sessions by June 19 in order to register for classes during the June 22-24 registration period.

After you’ve completed your virtual sessions, you will receive an appointment with your faculty advisor to register for your fall semester courses. These sessions will occur between June 22, 23 and 24 (The original dates for our on-campus orientation.) During these virtual appointments, you will meet one on one with your faculty advisor, plan your fall semester course schedule, and submit it for registration.


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