Student Employment

Ripon College offices and departments actively recruit current students for a variety of on-campus positions. Students seeking work will find part-time openings for the academic year as well as part-time and full-time summer openings as they become available.

All on campus jobs for students, both incoming and continuing, are coordinated through the Financial Aid Office located in Smith Hall.

Work Study Handbook for Students and Supervisors

Steps to Obtain On Campus Job(s)

1. Available on campus jobs for students are posted in CareeRed

If you have not accessed “CareeRed” in the past click on “New User”

  • Enter required information including your Ripon College email address
  • When you are asked for your student ID enter 000 + your 6 digit ID number
  • Create a password

Login to CareeRed with your credentials. To “Search” for on campus jobs enter one of the following:

  • Company name = Ripon College
  • City = Ripon
  • Job Type = On Campus

Identify the jobs you may be interested in and follow the instructions in the posting to apply for the job.

2. Prior to applying for job(s) you must obtain a 2018-19 Student Appointment form. Follow the steps below to receive an approved appointment form:

Print the Student Employment Appointment Form and fill out the top section – Student Information.

If you have not worked at Ripon College in the past you must complete the Form I-9.

  • Print the form
  • Complete Section 1 (Employee Information) – use permanent home address
  • Sign the document

You will also need to submit the following documents if you have not worked at Ripon College:

Bring all forms to the Office of Financial Aid along with documents that will verify your identity and authorization to work. See List of Acceptable Documents to complete the process (Do this before you contact the supervisor).

If you wish to have your earnings applied to your student account you must complete the 2018-19 Payroll Deduction Form. This must be done annually.

3. After the Student Employment Appointment Form is completed in the Office of Financial Aid the form can be completed by the job supervisor. This form can be used for up to 3 separate on campus jobs. The Supervisor Section must be completed for each job.

4. Once you have obtained your job(s) return the Student Appointment Employment Appointment Form and all other documents to the Office of Financial Aid.

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