Class of 2020 – Senior Art Show


Questions or Comments?

Art can induce curiosity, questions and thoughts.

If you have a question or comment for any of the artists regarding their creations, please reach out here.

This spring, many of our Ripon College traditions have been disrupted. Seniors majoring in Studio Art could not have an in-person exhibit and opening to showcase their artwork, but it’s important that this art is shared with the world!

We are planning to host an exhibit in Rodman this fall to coincide with the graduation ceremony so that the seniors get a chance to display their art live.

Please enjoy the creations of our Class of 2020 Studio Art students. We also invite you to reach out to any of the artists via the link provided.

dark background with clown face

Alli Schloer

“I create characters that depict both the entertaining aspects of circus performance as well as the more unsettling history that many are unaware of today.”

two human shadows surrounded by light

Jessica Luhman

“This body of work is a collection of images that illustrates a broken narrative with two figures posing as titans, within a broken world.”


black and white empty street with buildings

Kailee Betler

“While I have a fascination for photographing human figures, I also find myself having an excitement for works that depict natural lifestyles.”


black background with light circle

Lena Levity

“This series defies the traditional function of a mirror, creating a situation where the viewer is not in the reflection.”


outline of a person with mountains in background

Lucinda Izzo

“I am working with the concept of absence versus presence in photography. The beginning of this project started with an interest in my memories of family and friends.”


dark image of alien-like object

Samuel Audisho

“We are surrounded by objects that we know so well, we eventually overlook them. These objects, due to our constant exposure to them, can easily become mundane, everyday, and uninteresting.”

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