Mark Rospenda

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Meet the Artist | Mark Rospenda’s meticulous nature always presents itself through his work. Using paper as a means of exploring the delicate, mutable nature of our thinking processes, he physically cuts into, shreds, and converts his drawings into pulp. Parts and elements are exchanged between works with some evolving over a number of years. The images that result are moments within a stream of thinking and forgetting — records of memories lost, found and transforming. His work has been exhibited at the Spartanburg Art Museum, Spartanburg, SC; DEMO Project, Springfield, IL; Herron Galleries, Indianapolis, IN; and other locations nationally. As the winner of the Director’s Choice Award in the 2016 Art From the Heartland exhibition, he was granted a solo exhibition at the Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN, in early 2019. Rospenda lives and works in South Bend, IN, where he is Curator of Exhibitions and Collections at the South Bend Museum of Art. He has organized and overseen more than 70 exhibitions during his time at the museum.

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gray, white and tan art piece
“Incredulity (After Caravaggio)”


blue vein-like structure close-up
“A Related Series of Events”


gray hand on top of a gray globe
“Already Here”


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