#OneDayRally Student Support Initiative

Thank you for participating!

#OneDayRally may look different this year, but the spirit of the day will remain the same. Please view our giving page at to keep track of the day, or find more ways you can contribute.

At Ripon College, it is our goal and expectation that each student who passes through our doors will have an education that leads them to a career. Our faculty and staff work hard to make sure that happens, but having extra support from the College’s network of professionals can make a world of difference. This #OneDayRally, we wanted to extend the meaning of the word “give” and ask you to volunteer to assist a current student in the following ways:

Career Bytes

Give a student your best byte-size piece of career knowledge or advice. What do I wish someone would have told me about career preparation? What have I learned about the world of work? What are the top skills a student should develop? Are there any emerging trends you want to share? Send it to us in an email, record it on video or stop by and tell us in-person the next time you’re on campus! Sign up here!

Lingo Lunch

It’s a vocabulary lesson amplified! Share with students the common terminology used in your world of work over a lunch hour. Can be done in-person or virtually, cover 12-15 terms and their definitions in 40 minutes to help develop student’s skills for future work in cross-functional teams. Sign up here!

Mock U

Practice makes perfect! Work with students to help develop and hone their skills for successful interviews. We can provide the questions and evaluation rubric or you can use your expertise to prep a student for a future interview, whether it be in-person, over the phone or virtually. These typically last 30 minutes: 20 minutes for questions and 10 minutes for feedback. Sign up here!

Career Trex

Grab your smartphone and give a virtual tour of your world of work and a peek into your day-to-day. Share this live with students or pre-record it. Show off where you work, who you work with, what you do and maybe recruit your next hire! Sign up here!

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