#OneDayRally 2020 Game Changers

Thank you for participating!

#OneDayRally may look different this year, but the spirit of the day will remain the same. Please view our giving page at to keep track of the day, or find more ways you can contribute.

On behalf of the entire Ripon College community, we’d like to say thank you to our 2020 Game Changers who have inspired the Red Hawks to give back today!

Game Changers will match every 50 donors with a $50,000 gift to the College. This year, we have more than 300 Game Changers who will greatly alter the course of #OneDayRally 2020.

You can see the full list of names below (alphabetically, by first name).

Abby Carlstrom Humphrey ’66
Abigail R. Quackenboss ’15
Alyssa R Retza
Amanda Zahn Przybyl ’05
Amy J. Browender ’13
Amy L. Stephens
Andrew J. ’02 and Kristina Braund Attwood ’02
Andrew P. ’06 and Laura Kitslaar
Andrew R. ’10 and Jessica Mann Peck ’10
Ann M. Rawding ’83
Anonymous Class of ’71 and Class of ’72
Barbara Volk Rivera ’70
Benjamin D. Vorpahl ’17
Brandon T. Parrott-Sheffer ’08
Brian H. and Mary Kaye Smith
Brian M. and Leigh Skamra
Brooke Tireman Konopacki ’94
Charles A. Van Zoeren ’53
Charles E. Estberg ’75
Charles L. III ’00 and Kersten Holm Larson ’00
Charles P. ’91 and Ellen Reap Merwin
Christina A. Schwengel ’97 and Robert Knotts
Christine A. Kersting ’95
Christophor M. Ogle ’80
Connie L. Moser ’84 and Michael D. Moser
Corey A. Beecher ’18
Courtney S. Bernd
Daniel F. Yost ’95
Daniel J. Curran ’98
Danielle Paiz Gunter ’06
Dante A. ’01 and Jennifer Adam Houston
David A. ’81 and Kristin Kohles Janssen ’82
David A. Fellingham ’60
David E. Freisleben ’07 and Tomissa Porath Freisleben ’10
David F. and Sandra Brusin
David F. Cook ’72
David G. ’64 and Kitty Hartman
David J. ’89 and Kimberly Jacobson Stapelfeldt ’90
David T. ’66 and Judith Iwamura Fukuda
Deborah Jensen Lahteine ’93
Dena G. Willmore ’67
Dennis G. Frahmann ’74 and Robert S. Tieman
Derek J. Blackmore ’01 and Nicole L. Baumann-Blackmore ’01
Donald E. ’94 and Ckeotre A. Roca-Dawson ’94
Donna M. Bukowski
Doreen Conforti Chemerow ’73 and David I. Chemerow
Douglas M. Cassell ’74 and Ann W. Devenish-Cassell ’75
Elayne Monnens Norweb ’03
Elizabeth Pecha-Poelker ’78
Emma A. McDonald ’18
Eric F. Rieders ’79
Ernest W. III ’81 and Jeanne Spychalla Lietzan ’78
Eugene A. Jr. ’90 and Joyce Libby Schneider ’90
Frederic J. Jr. ’88 and Kristen Diemer Hawley ’88
Gary G. Yerkey ’66
Gary L. ’72 and Jean Kirkpatrick Lederer ’73
Gary L. ’72 and Jean Kirkpatrick Lederer ’73
Gary S. Rodman and Colleen M. Byron
George H. and Michele Baran Wittler ’76
George J. Zornada ’87
Gregg E. Petersen ’78 and Shirley E. Reddoch
Gregory L. Flegel ’95
Gregory T. Rieder ’82
Guy R. ’68 and Susan Siegel Henshaw ’68
H. Andersen and Jeanne Lyke
Heather M. Nennig ’11
Henrik M. and Jolene Rueden Schatzinger ’07
Hilary Smith Uyhelji ’07
Jack Meyer ’73
James C. McKay Jr. ’60
James R. ’68 and Martha Conrad Clark
Janine A. Emmer ’05
Jean E. Black ’77
Jeffrey D. ’09 and Elizabeth Leach Morrell ’07
Jennifer Lovejoy Craddock ’74
John C. Diedrich ’62
John E. Romberg ’64
John H. ’83 and Barbara Williams Clay ’83
John H. Wolfe ’69
John P. ’73 and Jane Runkel Frederick ’74
Jolande K. Gumz ’75
Jon A. Granberg ’97
Jon R. and Suellen M. Domencich
Joseph M. ’81 and Anne Ullman Tolan ’83
Joshua M. Satzer ’98
JuliAnna Tamraz Cimaglio ’98
Kathleen Burrall Justic ’92
Kathy E. Goodbout ’80
Kelly A. Nielsen and Eli Black
Kevin A. ’07 and Nekia Mena Goyert ’06
Kevin L. Dykstra ’83
Kevin R. and Linda Jensen Hall ’82
Kimberly M. Larson ’08
Kimberly Woolley ’94 and Alistair M. Barr
Kirbie L. Petersen ’92 and Brian B. Stephens
Kyle Ruedinger ’13
Laura M. Norris ’82
Lauren A. Ott ’13
Laurie B. Wallace ’97 and Robert L. Wallace
Laird S. ’77 and Linda Glaubitz DeCramer ’89
Leila C. Keita ’08
Leonard D. Kachinsky ’75
Linda S. Kinziger and William R. Kinziger
Lois Quinney
Ludwig L. ’78 and Jane Erickson Wurtz
Lyn Rosenberg McCarthy ’83
Marcus D. Hoffman ’70
Mark J. ’83 and Janice Heinz Franzen ’83
Mark N. and Penelope Pate Greene
Mark S. Kainz
Martin M. ’87 and Heidi Walker Lindsay ’87
Mary Ellen Weis Doll ’75
Mary Stake Hawker ’65
MaryJo MacSwain ’77
Masoud F. ’83 and Alexandra Shepard Kermani ’83
Maynard C. ’76 and Sue Rewolinski Wiff ’75
Memuna Z. Khan and Karl Loewenstein
Michael E. ’79 and Gail Goodrich Tracy ’79
Michael J. ’82 and Celina S. Allan
Michael J. Milburn ’97
Michael J. Modl ’77 and Margaret Littlefield-Modl ’77
Michael L. McLaughlin ’84
Myles P. Gibbons ’86
Nicholas P. ’03 and Corryn Siegel Greenwood ’02
Nicholas P. Retson ’69
Noel B. Taylor ’57
Paul and Lavonne Schroeder
Paul G. ’10 and Erin Lukas Williams ’11
Paul J. Schoofs
Pearl Terbilcox
Peter E. ’82 and Nancy Buck Hintz ’82
Peter H. Engelking ’67
Peter R. Jochimsen ’61
Peter W. ’76 and Nancy Sanders Tuz
Phil and Jean Austin
Philip K. ’69 and Patricia Nixon McCullough
Ramzi B. ’86 and Margaret Latocha Baydoun ’87
Randall H. Roeper ’88 and Tanya R. Schwartz-Roeper ’88
Ric and Chrissy Damm
Richard A. Rowe ’77
Richard A. Wueste ’71
Richard G. and Sandra S. Scamehorn
Richard J. Krueger Jr. ’80
Richard J. Lewandowski ’75
Richard K. Sr. ’76 and Kathy C. Russo
Ripon College Class of 2020
Robert ’15 and Kamelle Van Der Leest Waters ’15
Robert E. ’55 and Patricia Shea Witt
Robert E. Nied Jr. ’66
Robert G. and Joan B. Murray
Robert G. Cruickshank ’55
Robert J. ’71 and Francie Turner
Robert J. Bruce ’11
Robert J. Kirkland ’81
Robert L. and Heidi D. Hanley
Robert R. Meyer ’78
Robert V. ’51 and Roberta Abendroth
Robert Welch ’92
Rodney V. Thieleke ’72
Ronald L. and Janet Ernst
Ronald R. ’70 and Loretta Law Peterson
Sabrina M. and Julie Hinchman
Samantha E. Kay ’15
Sandra Lee Heckman ’72
Scott B. Reynolds ’74
Scott L. ’74 and Linda Mohr Dicks ’74
Shawn F. ’09 and Carissa Karsten ’10
Sheila Chummers Scott ’59
Sophia Klingenberger ’14
Soren Hauge and Katherine Griffith
Stephanie Gehring Wilkening ’89
Stephen H. Peters ’65
Stephen J. Kennelly ’98 and Emily A. Meyer ’09
Steven B. Leitschuh ’69
Steven C. Sparks ’75 and Nancy S. Andrews ’75
Steven J. Hopp ’83
Steven J. Lehman ’79
Susan Lennon Solberg ’77 and Curtis H. Solberg
Susan S. Meier ’79
Thaddeus A. Uczen III ’91
Thomas B. Kloosterboer ’77 and Linda Bier Kloosterboer
Thomas H. Broman ’76
Thomas I. ’72 and Suellen Reigle Altholz ’73
Thomas J. Ebert ’75
Thomas W. Abendroth ’81 and Terri L. Mascherin
Tyler J. Sturzl ’19
Tylor ’08 and Katie Loest
W. John ’90 and Julie Wiberg Kross ’88
Walter G. Page ’82
Weston W. Radford ’07
William A. ’67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill ’68
William B. ’68 and Barbara Paine Cramer ’68
William C. ’73 and Karen MacLeod
William C. Quistorf ’80
William K. Grieb ’70
William L. ’18 and Abby Hilker Penterman ’18
Zachariah P. and Julia Messitte

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