Madeline McCoy

Educational Background:

  • B.A. in Communication, Ripon College (2017)

Q & A with Maddie McCoy

What are some of your Ripon College favorites?

As a graduate of Ripon College myself, I greatly appreciate that many of the original buildings of the College are included in today’s campus community. These historical buildings tell thousands of student stories and hold numerous lifelong memories. My favorite part of my job as an admission counselor is sharing these incredible experiences with new families as they begin to write their own “Ripon story.”

What do you think makes Ripon unique?

“When I chose Ripon College at the end of my college search, there were two things I didn’t realize were incredibly special about this place. The first is the fact that we are a residential campus, meaning students live on campus all four years. This immensely enriches a student’s experience, providing an opportunity for students to get to know one another well and have friends from every graduating class. (Don’t worry, there are several different living arrangement styles, including apartments for upperclassmen).

The second, arguably most important, factor I didn’t initially realize when I chose Ripon, is the College’s connected and generous alumni network. Because students create such strong relationships while here, alumni are constantly giving back to their College community and truly wanting to benefit current students on a daily basis. Their time here changed their lives, and they want to help current students in every way they can.”

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