Living Options

The residential experience is integral to life at Ripon College. Some of your finest teachers will be fellow students, with whom you will form lifelong friendships, learn tolerance of personal differences and develop character and leadership skills.

There are eight residence halls on campus offering a variety of living options. Typically, first-year students are housed together within groups of fewer than 20. First-year students who pledge fraternities and sororities continue to live in their halls until their sophomore year when they move into upper-class living areas.

All first-year men traditionally live in Scott Hall.

First-year women and men can live in Tri-Dorms (Evans, Shaler or Wright Halls) or Johnson Hall. Scott Hall and Tri-Dorms have either traditional double rooms or suites. Johnson Hall has traditional double rooms. Suites consist of two bedrooms, separated by a common area.

Upperclass students, including fraternity members and independent students, reside in the Quad which includes Bovay, Brockway, Mapes and Anderson Halls. Scott and Johnson Halls are still another option for upperclass students. The campus apartments feature bedroom units, each with four bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and Wifi throughout. Preference for this option is given to groups of seniors and juniors who complete an application that includes a GPA calculation.

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