Life Well Lived

Life Well Lived® is a set of goals to which we all aspire, beaming as bright and audacious as our forward-thinking founders who staked their claim to this beacon on the hill in 1851. It is true and resolute, bold and flourishing as our alumni who graduate and achieve success in their communities and at every level of society. It’s part of our pennant of pride and progress. And it certainly is way more than a steppingstone to your first career.

During your time at Ripon College, your professors, advisors, coaches and fellow students will challenge you to pursue your passions and identify the goals and values that you will carry throughout your lifetime.

We use the following values to explain what Life Well Lived® means to us.

At the core of our student life experience is fostering healthy relationships, respecting the environment, exercising regularly, and eating fresher and more locally sourced foods.

We place a premium on innovation and seek to develop a campus community that is constantly challenging the status quo and pursuing answers to new and old questions.

Inspired Inspired
We aim to create spaces and experiences both on campus and off that inspire and prepare our students for a lifetime.


Our students are encouraged to confront issues of diversity and inclusion en route to becoming engaged and productive citizens of the world.

Scholarly Scholarly
Our students will be exposed to rigorous academics and be actively involved in developing research-based methodologies.


We seek to develop in each student a lifelong dedication to alma mater and to create a campus environment that exhibits pride in our athletic traditions.

Sustainable Sustainable
Our students exhibit a strong sense of pride of place and environmental stewardship on campus and in the surrounding community.


Our academic programs promote better understanding of the world, increase cultural awareness, prepare students for a variety of careers and open up a lifelong love of travel and international ideas.

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