Library Card

To borrow materials from the library, you need to be registered in the library’s computer system and have a library barcode. Ripon students, faculty, administrators and staff are registered automatically, and may pick up a library barcode at the Circulation Desk. Community members can obtain a library card by joining Friends of Lane Library.

Loan Period

Group Books DVDs & Videos
Students Due on the last day of classes for the current semester. 7 days
Faculty & Staff Due on the last day of spring semester classes. 7 days
Friends of Lane Library 45 days 7 days
Community Members In-library use only.

Overdue Items

Items are stamped with a due date at checkout. Please be courteous and either renew or return an item by the due date. If the item is not returned within 21 days, you will incur a fine of $5.25 and an extra $0.25 for every day thereafter. Items more than 120 days overdue will be replaced at rate of replacement cost of item + $30.00 fines accrued, charged directly to your student account. In the case of graduating seniors, your student account will be billed the cost of replacement for all items still overdue on the last day of finals. Overdue charges affect student standing with the Registrar’s Office.

Overdue reserve items will charge a fine of $1.00 per day for every day it is overdue.

Faculty and staff are not charged overdue fines, however they will be charged cost of replacement if an item is 120 days overdue and may not be able to borrow or interlibrary loan until this cost is paid.

Any items checked out in your name become your sole responsibility. If you make the choice to loan them to others, those items are still your responsibility. You will be billed for any fees, fines, and/or replacement cost per item, should they not be returned. We do not, under any circumstances, transfer charges from one patron to another.


Students: all books must be returned before leaving campus for break unless there is an on-going project that they are needed for. Please speak with Karlyn Schumacher ([email protected]) if you need to keep an item over break. Students may renew DVDs once. Reserves are not eligible for renewal.

Professors: all books may be renewed once. After this, the item must be physically checked back in before being lent again. DVDs may be renewed three times.

There are no renewals on items with a hold on them.

To renew an item:

  • Online: Log on to your student account in the catalog and go to the tab “My summary”. Check the box labeled “Renew” by each item you would like to renew and hit “Renew selected”. You can also choose to “Renew all”.
  • In person at the circulation desk
  • By phone to the circulation desk: (920) 748-8175 (or x175 on campus)
  • By e-mail to [email protected]


If you would like an item to be set aside for you, you can place a hold on it through the catalog or ask at the front desk. It will be pulled from the shelves and brought to the circulation desk for pickup, usually within a day. If it is checked out at the time, it will be set aside for you when it comes in. You will be notified by email when it is ready. If you need it quickly, contact Karlyn Schumacher ([email protected]) and request that an item be recalled. It is possible to recall an item from another patron after they have had it for two weeks.

One week after notification of a recall, a recall fine of $5.00 per day per item begins to accrue. No patron is exempt from recall fines. Items recalled to be put on the reserve shelf must be brought in within a day of being notified. Recall fines of $5.00 per day will accrue after this period.


Books and articles put on reserve by the faculty for student use are available at the circulation desk. A student should know the course number and item title to facilitate requests. Most materials are available for two-hour, in-library use only; however, some materials are available for longer periods. Heavy fines are charged for overdue reserve materials.

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