Why the Liberal Arts and Sciences?

Learning to think critically, interact collaboratively, write and communicate effectively and develop career skills is serious business, and it opens doors today and throughout your lifetime.

Ripon College prepares students of diverse interests for lives of productive, socially responsible citizenship. Our liberal arts and sciences curriculum and residential campus create an intimate learning community in which students experience a richly personalized education.

At Ripon, you will learn the skills necessary to become an immediate contributor to any organization and the academic grounding for a lifetime of learning.

As a student, you will be taught a deep appreciation of your history and challenged to up your game, think bigger, contribute to society, engage the world and be the crown jewel of our world class educational experience.

Your Ripon professors will inspire you to unleash your creative potential inside and outside of the classroom. They will engage you as they pursue answers to serious research questions or help you launch an independent project of your own choosing. They will serve as your mentors, connect you to colleagues across the world and offer personalized critiques all along the way.

While here, you will experience a strong sense of community. Some of your finest teachers will be fellow students, with whom you will form lifelong friendships, learn tolerance of personal differences and develop character and leadership skills.

Compared to graduates of top public universities and top private research universities, alumni at small, private, residential liberal arts colleges like Ripon rate their experience most highly in preparing them for first jobs, career changes and advancement, and overall preparation for life after college. They are more likely than any other group to have graduated in four years and to credit their undergraduate experience for helping them solve problems, make effective decisions, think analytically, write and speak effectively and work as part of a team.

As a graduate of Ripon College, you will be prepared for your first career and your last, and the many ways the world will change in between.

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