1851 Club & Other Leadership Societies

The 1851 Club

During fiscal year 2010-11, Ripon College established the 1851 Club to recognize alumni, parents and friends whose leadership financial support helps secure Ripon’s proud heritage and tradition of academic excellence, now and well into the future.

Membership in the 1851 Club is offered to those who support the College at or above the $1,000 level in a given year or whose lifetime support is $50,000 or more. Membership in the 1851 Club also is offered to young alumni who have supported the College at a level equivalent to $100 for each year post-graduation. For instance, for someone who graduated five years ago, a gift of $500 or more will qualify the alumnus for membership in the 1851 Club, and a gift of $600 or more would be needed to renew the membership next year.

Leadership Gift Societies

By joining one of the following Leadership Gift Societies, you can be confident that your generous commitment is helping to further Ripon’s academic mission and support a quality education for Ripon students.

Founders’ Society – $25,000 or more
The founders of Ripon College demonstrated their commitment to an excellent liberal arts and sciences education with leadership gifts. Members of the Founder’s Society confirm their dedication and continue the tradition of excellence.

Jeremiah W. Walcott Society – $10,000 to $17,999

In 1853, the Rev. Jeremiah W. Walcott provided the funds which made possible the first classes at Brockway College. Gifts from members of the Jeremiah W. Walcott Society provide the means to enhance and expand the programs offered at Ripon College today.

Orrin H. Ingram Society – $2,500 to $4,999

Board of Trustees member Orrin H. Ingram challenged alumni, faculty and friends to join him in making leadership gifts to the College to ensure greater financial stability. Orrin H. Ingram Society members continue to heed his challenge and strengthen Ripon’s financial foundation.

William S. Brockway Society – $500 to $999

Without William S. Brockway’s initial investment, Ripon College would not exist today. Members of the William S. Brockway Society invest in the future of Ripon, confirming their commitment to a quality, personal liberal arts and sciences education.

Presidents’ Society – $18,000 to $24,999
The presidents of Ripon College have maintained a consistent focus on the students. By making a minimum gift of $18,000, members of the Presidents’ Society show their support for today’s students.

Clarissa Tucker Tracy Society – $5,000 to $9,999
Known to many as the “mother of Ripon College,” Clarissa Tucker Tracy served as teacher and mentor to students from 1859 to 1905. Contributions from members of the Clarissa Tucker Tracy Society allow future students to grow and learn under the tutelage of today’s dedicated faculty.

Wilfrid of Ripon Society – $1,000 to $2,499

Seventh-century prelate Wilfrid of Ripon was one of the first to articulate the concept of the liberal arts. The College recognizes individuals who show their support of Ripon’s liberal arts and sciences mission with membership in the Wilfrid of Ripon Society.

Heritage Society – $150 to $499
The Ripon College heritage is a proud tradition of excellence and growth. Heritage Society members make possible the continuation of Ripon’s reputation as an institution of the highest order.

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