International Scholarships

We understand that exploring the cost and financial aid options of higher education abroad can be overwhelming. While the primary responsibility for financing your college education rests with you and your family, to the fullest extent possible, Ripon College will assist you with financial aid to help meet the difference between your resources and the total annual costs.

Merit Based Scholarships

International Student Award: Ranging from $23,000 to $36,000 USD per year.

Academic Scholarships and Awards

GPA Award
3.85 to 4.00 Pickard Scholarship $36,000/yr
3.70 to 3.84 Presidential Scholarship $32,000/yr
3.55 to 3.69 Faculty Scholarship $29,000/yr
3.40 to 3.54 Dean’s Scholarship $26,000/yr
3.00 to 3.39 Honor Scholarship $23,000/yr
Below 3.00 Evans Award $20,000/yr
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