John Ingemann

Educational Background:

  • B.A. in English and Theatre, Ripon College (2012)

Q & A with John Ingemann

What do you think makes Ripon unique?

The people. While it’s a common thing you hear on college tours, I think Ripon takes it to the next level. Faculty have you to their homes for dinner. Staff members participate in campus groups. Students leave their backpacks in a big pile at the Commons and knows it’ll be there when they get done. People really watch out for one another and support each other in a way that goes beyond just educational assistance. It’s a family style environment and it makes all the difference.

What is your favorite activity or thing to do in the Ripon community?

It’s a small thing, but I love going downtown to grab a meal or see a movie and running into students. It gives me a chance to catch up with them and see how their semester is going, but also talk to them about themselves and their interests. A favorite memory of mine was going to see the newest “Avengers” movie and I bumped into 10 students in a row and they all went, “John!!! How’s it going?” I talked to them all before the previews started and learned who their favorite superheroes were and what they thought was going to happen during the movie. It was a great time!

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