Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Special gifts honoring alumni, faculty, parents, and friends of Ripon College have been received from the following individuals.

A memorial gift is a thoughtful way to remember a loved one who has passed away by making a gift in his or her memory. A tribute gift is a unique way to celebrate a special occasion or recognize someone dear to you.

Honorees are noted in bold with their donor(s) listed beneath.


Memorial Gifts

Key: P=Parent | GP=Grandparent | GGP=Great-Grandparent

Bernard S. Adams
   Louisa Gebelein Jones '78
Steven J. Adolphson '66
   Judith G. Adolphson
Don L. Allan '61
   Karen Konrad Allan '62
Ann Di John Anderson '59
   Bruce P. Anderson '57
Daniel G. Anderson '59
   Ronell Bradbeer Anderson '59
John J. "Jack" and Barbara Arnold GP'09
   Shawn F. '09 and Carissa Zuercher Karsten '10
Elaine Walters Baker '65
   Andrea Walters Fritz '62
William A. Baker '69
   Thomas W. Scharbach '69
Ronald J. Balej '53
   Mary Alice Miller Balej '55
   Carlton L. Blochwitz '51
   Ned Lufrano '54
Jeffrey Dayle Balliett '67
   Richard D. '67 and Lea Ann Kuehl
Charles C. Bate '71
   John J. Bennett Jr. '71
Amanda M. Bauer
   Timothy H. Bauer '72
Marilyn Jones Baur '64
   Marnee Johnson Grefe '64
Rebecca L. Birkholz '93
   Melinda Trainor Hutchinson '93
   Stephanie Hinz Kirkland '93
Rhoda Hill Bloom
   David N. and Judith Gray
Clarence L. Bourland P'86
   Dana L. Bourland '86
R. Nate Boya III '79
   William A. Schnese '79
Robert S. Bradbury '12
   Alicia Rhyner Rytlewski '10
Nathan F. Brand '59
   Burton D. '59 and Eva Eudy Jay '60
William R. and Mary A. Brandt
   Jane Burge Terry '69
Erwin M. Breithaupt Jr.
   David A. Babler '64
William F. Brennan '52
   Helen Kuhn Brennan '55
James P. Brost '56
   Harry G. Snyder '60
Terry L. Burkoth '63
   Sharolyn Howard Burkoth
   Andrea Walters Fritz '62
Pamela Prullage Burrall P'91, P'92
   Kathleen Burrall Justic '92
Glenn R. Butters '53
   Ned Lufrano '54
DeLores K. Campbell P'82
   Patrick L. Campbell
Laurence and Hedwig Capes
   Terence L. Capes '71
Raymond and Beverly Carlson P'76
   Julie B. Carlson '76
Robert D. Carrier '64
   Barbara Carrier Best
Daniel F. Carson '61
   Patricia Carroll Carson '60
Paul Case '68
   Thomas G. Willard '68
Rhoda Rodeghier Christensen '58
   Richard A. Christensen '58
   Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Kirk John Christopher
   James R. Christopher '65
Gloria Philippi Churchill '53
   Ned Lufrano '54
Verne B. Churchill Jr. '54
   Ned Lufrano '54
   The William Rumbley Family
Kenneth C. Cink '57
   Vincentia Cink
Joanne Klawiter Cochrane '51
   Mary Jane Bumby '52
   James F. Cochrane '52
   Kathy Dugdale
   James Mayhall
   Donald W. and Dolores R. Morris
   William A. '67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill '68
   Bennett J. and Mary J. Porter
   David C. and Norma L. Reynolds
   Dennis and Sherrill Roof
   John A. and Carolyn O. Vukich
Edwin H. Comfort
   Ronald S. '64 and Kathleen D. Heiderich
   David W. Mawdsley '61
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Comfort P'62, P'78
   Joseph R. Comfort '62
Thomas K. Connolly '76
   Mark F. Rechner '77
Thomas P. Coynes '53
   Barbara Gidlof Coynes '53
Donald B. Cuthbert
   Michael D. '77 and Suzanne Monoe Poulos '75
Donald D. Dalton
   Margaret Dalton Herzberger
Carroll B. Dana '54
   Alice C. Brown
Alan M. Daus '86
   Catherine Grogan Daus '86
Richard V. Dietrich
   Sylvia Richards
Carl H. Doehling
   James G. '61 and Susan Ritter Kalanges '63
Erich J. Doll
   Mary Ellen Weis Doll '75
Elaine H. Dykstra P'83 GP'16
   Kevin L. Dykstra '83
Richard A. Edwards '78
   Richard L. Edwards '53
Thomas G. Edwards '80
   Richard L. Edwards '53
Kathryn E. Ellis
   Lisa M. Ellis
Patricia Reed Erdman
   George F. Erdman '44
President and Mrs. Silas Evans 1898
   Eleanor Healy Anderson '48
Carol Pickhardt Fancher '62
   James R. Fancher
Michael W. Farrell '72
   Bryceson L. Maus
   Tracy Maus
   Philip and Anne E. Zumwalt
Ann Franklyn Forest '53
   Ned Lufrano '54
Donald E. Forest '54
   Ned Lufrano '54
Therese DesLauriers Fox '78
   Louisa Gebelein Jones '78
May Bissell Gamble 1900
   Nelson S. Weller
Anne S. Gero P'80, P'82, P'84, P'85
   Margaret Gero DaValt '80
Robert B. Gero P'80, P'82, P'84, P'85
   Margaret Gero DaValt '80
   Anne Gero
Gordon A. "Gordie" Gillespie
   Matthew J. Denure '98
   William A. '67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill '68
John F. Glaser
   Andrew T. '79 and Lori Knaak Dickson '80
Owen P. Gleason '73
   William A. '67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill '68
Barry J. Goldman '54
   Ned Lufrano '54
Mary Jane Gordon '42
   Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Diann Waterbury Graeber '68
   Mary LeFevre Chavez '68
Rupert J. Groh Jr. '55
   Evelyn Rausch Groh
Chauncey C. Hale 1928
   Nancy E. Hale
Arthur G. Hall Jr. '51
   Robert V. '51 and Roberta Abendroth
Marguerite L. Hamilton P'73
   Deborah A. Williams '73
Neola Hannaford
   Robert V. Hannaford
Howard C. Hansen '37 & Helen Exner Kilbourne '36
   Helen E. Hansen '66 and Robert E. Collier
David L. & Elizabeth (Bette) Harris
   William A. '67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill '68
David L. Harris
   Daniel W. '62 and Nancy Steeno Behring '62
   Ronald S. '64 and Kathleen D. Heiderich
   Timothy B. Mahoney '63
   John F. Jr. '65 and Sharon Patterson Newhard
   K. Patrick Yarbrough '83
Herbert M. Haseltine '40
   JoAnn Ellen Haseltine
Robert W. Haubrich '62
   Donna Haubrich Reichle '59 and David E. Reichle
Richard H. Hendricks
   Justin R. Anderson '95
   James E. '89 and Katherine Linnen Czarnik
   Erin M. McCormack '92
   Lori Stich Obluda '91
   William M. II '99 and Emmylou Litschke Swartz '97
Theodore P. Hines '73
   Lee W. Huffman '73
Ione G. Hoehne-Harris
   MaryJo MacSwain '77
Norman L. Hull '68
   Donald R. Park II '69
Thomas P. Imse Sr. P'80
   Fern-Aileen Imse
Jerry K. James '55
   Geraldine Jensen James '56
   Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
Alwin L. Jarreau '62
   Jackson V. Parker III '61
Julie Heinz Johnson
   Brent E. Anderson
   Catherine E. Astrauskas
   Mitchel A. '15 and Jill VanEperen Beilfuss '14
   John and Anne Bruckner
   C & S Electric
   GE Foundation
   Daniel H. Ige
   Stephen H. Johnson
   Linda S. Kinziger and William R. Kinziger
   Clarence Jr. and Kathleen Krentz
   Matthew J. Lueptow '84
   Lyn Rosenberg McCarthy '83
   Zachariah P. and Julia Messitte
   William A. '67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill '68
   William R. Nolan '07 and Jena M. Kramer '06
   Todd R. '94 and Sarah Gray Novitske
   Kenneth A. Piaro and Carol Mau-Piaro
   Lee A. Prellwitz
   Lenae L. Reinschmidt
   Judson J. and Helga Rikkers
   Christina M. Sabel and Mark H. Sabel
   Scott D. and Natalie K. Sondalle
   Scott P. Steinike '91
   Nicole Gorske Sutter '01
   Teri H. Tomaszkiewicz
   Webster's Marketplace
Martha Joy P'99
   Dennis M. Joy
Judith Pallett Kaestner '57
   James A. Kaestner
Donna E. Kantner '68
   Gary R. '69 and Mary O'Brien Forbess '67
Muriel R. Keipe
   Barbara J. Kuter '76
   Merck Company Foundation
Randal Kessinger '73
   Wiley Kessinger
   A. Zohair Khalil '51
   Karen Boudreau
   Julie De Santis
   Maria Fernandez
   Kathleen Franklin
   Abraham and Jean Khalil
   Peter Kim
   IIya Kofman and Stephanie Wank Kofman
   Kathleen Laurent
   Shirley Marquez
   Christina Mulvihill
   Sony Corporation of America
   Marla Trugerman
   Joe Turner
Timothy K. Kingston '77
   Rebecca A. Galloway '78
Corinna Kirchgeorg 1912 & Clemens G. Kirchgeorg 1928
   John Kirchgeorg '63
Robert E. Kuehlwein '58
   Terry Hall Kuehlwein '61
James C. Lamb '51
   Carlton L. Blochwitz '51
Velta Latsons
   Martin A. Latsons '61
Dale A. LaVallee '62
   Nancy LaVallee
Harry C. Layne
   Stacy Heinrich Shuda '85
Harold J. Lisberg '46
   Mark Weiss
John Livingston '49
   Chadwick R. Nelson '65
   Kenneth R. Pinckney '81
   B. Harton Wolf '66
John '49 and Nancy W. Livingston
   John T. Howe '62
Barbara Blank Lueck '64
   John C. Lueck '64
Margaret Griffiths Maitland 1920
   Shirley Pohlman
Melissa A. Mann '97
   Ellen M. Onsrud '97
James P. Martin '78
   Leslie Spoon Balestracci '78
   Kevin J. Leavitt '78
William J. Martz
   Jennifer Lloyd Maxson '65
Michael P. McCarthy '70
   James M. Walsh '70
Susan Fox McGuire '80
   David W. and Mary Ann Fox
David M. McKinney P'98
   Shannon L. McKinney-Freeman '98
James "Maggie" Megellas '52
   William A. '67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill '68
Peter A. Mihaly
   A. Michael and Penny Mihaly
   William A. '67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill '68
George H. Miller
   Todd I. and Betty Berens
   Peter M. '68 and Linda W. Uhrig
David L. Morrell '52
   Edward L. '77 and Patricia Krug Morrell '78
   Jeffrey D. '09 and Elizabeth Leach Morrell '07
Jane Stauffacher Moy '56
   Forrest S. Moy '56
Mary Munro '74
   Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
   John P. '73 and Jane Runkel Frederick '74
   William W. Leiner Jr. '74
   Michael D. '77 and Suzanne Monoe Poulos '75
Charles Nichols
   Theodora Lee Gregg '62
Lynne Limpus Norbery '72
   ExxonMobil Foundation
   Edward F. Norbery Jr
Lynn P. Northrop
   Douglas A. Northrop
Carl M. Patterson Jr. '51
   Joseph E. Mazza '51
Spence C. Peterson '70
   Cedar Street Charitable Foundation
   Christine Lydon Jones '70
Samuel W. Pickard '55
   John P. '73 and Jane Runkel Frederick '74
   William A. '67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill '68
   David K. and Karen M. Berg Williams
Fred O. and Helen K. Pinkham
   Judith Stibbe De Leeuw '60
Robert J. Pluta Jr. '95
   Michelle R. Sirinek '95
Andrew A. Polk '97
   Jeffrey D. LeCount '92
Christopher M. Quon
   Diane Moy Quon '79 and David C. Quon
Paul B. Ranslow
   Jacob M. Sumner '01
Michael R. Reese '65
   Richard Bennett '65
Emery R. Reich '50
   Timothy M. Reich '74
Eleanor S. Reinecke P'68, P'70, P'74
   Kenneth J. Reinecke '70
Leonard H. Reinecke P'68, P'70, P'74
   Kenneth J. Reinecke '70
Amy Ecker Reisdorf '92
   Bret T. '92 and Jennifer Hanson Reese '94
Robert P. Ridpath Sr. '60
   Beth McMillan Ridpath '62
Tracey Hoffman Roberts '88
   Charles R. and Kathryn Hoffman
Robert W. Rosenberg P'83, GP'99, GP'00
   Benjamin D. Vorpahl '17
Samuel F. Rulon-Miller Jr. '74
   Lee W. Huffman '73
Charles R. Rutkowski '60
   John T. Benka '60
Josephine Ryskalczyk GP'14
   Deborah A. Mapes
Stanley Ryskalczyk GP'14
   Deborah A. Mapes
John Sappington '67
   Ann Follett Liebert '68
Linda Sasaki Scanlon '73
   Robin Mathews Cox '73
William J. Schang
   Juanita Baatz Gutbrod '05
   Knox Family Foundation
   William A. '67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill '68
   Susan E. Palmer '79
   Mark A. Teslik '76
Ernest J. Schneider 1923
   Patricia R. Porter '52
Nancy L. Schneiders-Krejci '78
   Louisa Gebelein Jones '78
Louis C. Schubert III '91
   Louis C. Jr. and Rae M. Schubert
   Clarence L. '91 and Katherine Gatchell Searles '92
   Michelle R. Sirinek '95
June Eggert Schuett '59
   Nancy Reno Meinel '60
Earle S. Scott
   Leslie J. Scott
   Michael A. '80 and Catherine Galica Scott '80
   Patricia J. Scott
Anna M. Sherwood
   Connie Jess Zolkoske '77 and Charles J. Zolkoske
Anne Murphy Slowik '88
   Christine Volpe Carrigan '88
Roderick S. Spindt '41
   Mary Lou Spink Spindt '40
Mary Patterson Stevenson '69
   Wayne L. Stevenson '67
   J. Timothy Trier '69
Don Stewart, J. Russell Stewart, J. Russell Stewart Jr.
   Terry G. Stewart
Elizabeth Jayn Stewart
   Zachariah P. and Julia Messitte
John M. Storzer
   Ronald S. '64 and Kathleen D. Heiderich
   Richard D. '67 and Lea Ann Kuehl
Rebecca L. Stuver '73
   Mary Breese Ray '74 and Charles E. Ray
Earle H. Swanson '51
   Jane Cappell Dovenbarger '54
David Thomas 1906
   Robert W. Thomas
H. Jerome Thompson P'69
   Steven J. '69 and Nancy B. Thompson
Jeff A. Thompson '87
   Debora A. Thompson-Widmer '82
Marguerite A. Thompson P'69
   Steven J. '69 and Nancy B. Thompson
Richard D. Threlkeld '59
   Sharon Adams Threlkeld '61
Nick J. Topetzes '42
   Greater Milwaukee Foundation
   Sophia Topetzes Strelka
William E. Tyree
   David L. Kennicott '68
   Gary L. Wetzel
Livio A. "Lee" Valli Jr. '60
   Charles H. Morgan '60
Jean Sakrison Velarde '68
   David and Christal R. Sakrison
Joseph J. Wallace III '74
   Mary Breese Ray '74 and Charles E. Ray
   John G. Winklepleck '73
James F. Waugh '73
   Robin Mathews Cox '73
Edwin W. Webster 1919
   James E. '58 and Karlyn Reath Webster
John T. Webster '51
   Holly Webster Murphy
   Wilda G. Webster
Mary Eva Webster
   James E. '58 and Karlyn Reath Webster
Maryetta Chewe Wegener '58
   Flora Toms O'Hagan '59
Kermit G. "Doc" Weiske '50
   Gregory C. Capper '77
   Richard A. Hansen Jr. '67
   Richard D. '67 and Lea Ann Kuehl
   Scott C. Mathot '68
   William A. '67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill '68
   Warren H. and Charlotte W. Sherman
   David Weiske
Julianne "Julie" S. Wenker P'05
   LeVerne A. and Julianne S. Wenker
Milton H. Westhagen
   Suzan Helgerson Pruiett '66
Frank M. Wheeler '67
   Cheryl Wheeler
Warren & Virginia Wheeler P'63
   Roger E. Wheeler '63
Ralph L. Wickstrom P'83
   Steven C. Sparks '75 and Nancy S. Andrews '75
Ruth Beerheide Yeomans '50
   Leroy A. Yeomans '50
Scott R. Zahn
   Gail Gillette Zahn '62
Dino Zei P'69, P'88
   Carolyn E. Jordan '84
   Robert E. Nied Jr. '66

Tribute Gifts

Key: P=Parent | GP=Grandparent | GGP=Great-Grandparent

Ruth Anne Gero Adams '85
   Anne Gero
Robert L. Amsden
   Tylor S. '07 and Katie M. Loest
Paul M. Axelrod
   Andrew T. '79 and Lori Knaak Dickson '80
Karl A. and Diane L. Beres '65, '65
   David S. Hayes '83
   Verizon Foundation
Travis J. Bitters '13
   Ronald J. and Shari L. Bitters
Arthur W. Bratton '08
   Geoffrey P. and Kathryn Bratton
Jordan S. Brawner '22
   John Mrotek
A. William Brody
   David A. Bardwick '72
Leigh Joy Carson '83
   Patricia Carroll Carson '60
Doreen Conforti Chemerow '73 and David I. Chemerow
   Teri H. Tomaszkiewicz
Jack M. Christ
   Larry P. Malchow '77
Class of 1970
   Douglas A. Dewey '70
   William K. Grieb '70
   Phyllis J. Hollyer '70
   Christine Beltz Maas '70
Class of 1980
   Amey Case Callahan '80
Class of 1985
   Frederick A. W. Girard '85
Class of 1995
   Michelle L. Buss '95
Class of 2010
   Theresa M. Kedinger '10
Linda M. Clemente
   Derek H. Sire '13
Elaine M. Coll
   Louisa Gebelein Jones '78
   Zachariah P. and Julia Messitte
Genevieve A. Covert '09
   Tracey M. Sullivan-Covert
Keith L. Craker '15
   Calvin L. and Sharon R. Craker
Richard T. Damm
   John P. and Lynne E. Senkerik
Margaret Gero DaValt '80
   Anne Gero
Karalyn Dehn Massen '06
   Lynne Dehn
Tara McMaster Dufresne '92
   Bruce M. and Anne-Marie McMaster
Robert L. Duley
   Jolene A. Rueden-Schatzinger '07 and Henrik M. Schatzinger
Douglas N. Duncan '75
   James T. Jr. and Shirley A. Duncan
Joelle Shady Dunlavy '07 and John Dunlavy '07
   Kim M. and Diane Shady
London Egebrecht
   Ashley A. Skoczynski '09
Kathryn Erich
   John A. Erich '69
Martin F. Farrell
   Douglas A. Borer '85
   Jolene A. Rueden-Schatzinger '07 and Henrik M. Schatzinger
Jon A. Fasanelli-Cawelti '75
   Steven C. Sparks '75 and Nancy S. Andrews '75
Female Athletes at Ripon College
   Suzanne E. Shade '63
Helen Firer Finch '00
   John B. and Gail Firer
Paul F. Gero '82
   Anne Gero
Eric P. and Ann Marie Godfrey
   David M. '83 and Tracie K. Clanaugh
David M. Graham
   Rachel A. Kemper '91
Corryn Siegel Greenwood '02
   Robert C. Siegel
Mary Gero Gronholz '84
   Anne Gero
Robert V. Hannaford
   Terry M. '66 and Pamela Kurz Goode '66
   Frances L. McCain '66
   Susan Bradley Sorenson '71 and Steven R. Sorenson
   Lawrence C. Tice '65
History Department
   Jeffrey A. Liddicoat
John C. Hughes
   John W. and Judith M. Meisner
Cindy L. Hutter
   Sarah Eng '98
   V. Leilani Kupo '98
Bret K. Jaeger '84
   Dennis G. and Barbara Jaeger
Todd D. Jaeger '83
   Dennis G. and Barbara Jaeger
Linda J. Jess
   Connie Jess Zolkoske '77 and Charles J. Zolkoske
William C. Jordan '69
   The Teagle Foundation, Inc.
Dean A. Katahira
   Linda N. Clark '85
   Patricia L. Kultgen '97
   Steven G. Kultgen '95
Jenan J. Kharbush '09
   Jamal O. Kharbush and Barbara J. Olson
Sarah Mahler Kraaz
   Gregory L. Flegel '95
Alexandra J. Liska '02
   James R. and Catherine Schultz Liska
Eddie R. Lowry Jr.
   Ariana N. Myers '14
William C. MacLeod '73 and Karen Rodd
   Zachariah P. and Julia Messitte
Lorelei Carson Marshall '81
   Patricia Carroll Carson '60
Robert P. Martin '68
   David M. Minor '68
Barbara A. McGowan
   Linda N. Clark '85
Zach P. Messitte
   Peter and Susan Messitte
Douglas L. Morris
   Michelle Ebert Witt '88
Forrest S. Moy '56
   Richard G. '53 and Anne Barber Hallock '53
Hayley K. Mueller-Milne '12
   Sheila Hansen
Daina Jaeger Mundt '86
   Dennis G. and Barbara Jaeger
Samuel G. Mutschelknaus '12
   John A. and Joan L. Mutschelknaus
William A. Neill '67
   John M. '67 and Jill Williams Bishop '68
   Vanguard Charitable
Lauren B. Nickel '06
   Kathleen Nickel
Laura Plummer Nielsen '04
   Cort O. Plummer
Douglas A. Northrop
   Dale R. Haring '75
Travis Nygard
   Amy J. Browender '13
Mollie B. Oblinger
   Amy J. Browender '13
Matthew J. Ondrus '99
   Martin G. and Eldora Ondrus
Corrie E. Osborne '17
   Sandra Fox Osborne '59
Edward J. Palmer '00
   Richard W. and Jennifer Palmer
Kirsten Anderson Pankau '96
   Linda Anderson
Richard I. Sr. '67 and Pamela Hendricks Preus '67
   Arlene Rose Graham '67
The "Redmen" Name
   Michael A. Francolucci '84
Ripon College Coaching Staff
   Lyn Rosenberg McCarthy '83
Ripon College Faculty
   Doretta M. Miller '70
Ripon College Music Department Faculty
   Lyn Rosenberg McCarthy '83
Jennifer K. Rogers '91
   Gerald M. and Kathleen J. Rogers
Rafael F. Salas
   Amy J. Browender '13
Richard G. Scamehorn
   Rodney V. Thieleke '72
Henrik M. Schatzinger
   Thomas VanDeLoo and Eileen Rueden
Paul J. Schoofs
   Kenneth R. Pinckney '81
William "Rusty" Schultz '11
   Matthew L. Switzler '12
Brian H. Smith
   Linda N. Clark '85
   Christine A. Kersting '95
   Joshua A. Mason-Barkin '02
   Taiyi Sun '08
   John L. Woodard '84
Davida A. Smith '10
   David A. and Carlene Smith
Lorna J. Sopcak
   Linda N. Clark '85
Alison K. Thies '13
   Matthew E. Thies '12
Robert L. Wallace
   Reed B. '82 and Mary Lee Montoure Johnson '82
   Hilary Smith Uyhelji '07
R. Zimmerman, M. Scherzer & Washington Nationals
   Zachariah P. and Julia Messitte
Lindsey A. Wigand '22
   David and Jennifer Wigand
Natalie E. Williams '16
   William Williams and Jean Wiencek
George H. "Skip" Wittler
   Reed B. '82 and Mary Lee Montoure Johnson '82
Jean G. Woolley
   William A. '67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill '68
   Stephen D. Woolley '92 and Maria A. Vittone
William J. Woolley
   Philip M. Jenni '76
   William A. '67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill '68
   Zachary J. Peterson '16
   Michelle R. Sirinek '95
   Stephen D. Woolley '92 and Maria A. Vittone
Robert H. Young P'91, P'93
   W. W. Grainger, Inc.
   Mindy Young '91 and Scott W. Witz
George J. Zornada '87
   M. George and Carolyn E. Zornada

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