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Tom Abendroth ’81 of Evanston, Illinois, is a dedicated Benefactor of Ripon College and has supported numerous initiatives across campus and in other parts of the country. He also gives generously of his service. He has been on the Board of Trustees since October 1996 and in the fall of 2019 was named chair.

Ripon College names these alumni and friends as Ripon College Benefactors in recognition of their lifetime philanthropy and significant gifts. 

Their philanthropic efforts have played a pivotal role in the life of the College since its founding in 1851. The generosity of these Benefactors continues to assist generations of students and enhance the liberal arts and sciences mission and financial stability of Ripon College. We gratefully acknowledge and thank them for their altruism and tradition of caring for the College community.


  • Robert V. Abendroth 1951 and Roberta Abendroth
  • Thomas W. Abendroth 1981 and Terri L. Mascherin
  • Marilyn Dixon Anderson 1945 and Donald W. Anderson 1942
  • Lois Ripley Arnegard
  • Blanche Bartizal Babcock 1953 and Thomas C. Babcock 1951
  • The Boldt Company
  • The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
  • Franklin C. Brewster, Jr. 1965
  • Sherlock Bristol
  • William S. Brockway
  • Thomas E. Caestecker
  • Doreen Conforti Chemerow 1973 and David I. Chemerow
  • Barbara Baldwin De Frees 1930
  • Densmore R. Dickinson 1933
  • Cornelius B. Erwin
  • Catherine A. Falconer and Kenneth B. Falconer 1932
  • Harrison E. Farnsworth 1918
  • Shirley Farr
  • Harold D. Foulkes 1924 and Cora “Coco” Trautman Foulkes 1924
  • The Ford Foundation
  • Patricia Parker Francis and Robert E. Francis
  • Mark J. Franzen 1983 and Janice Heinz Franzen 1983
  • Roxanne S. Gleason and Owen P. Gleason 1973
  • Viola S. Hale and Chauncey C. Hale 1928
  • Frank J. Harwood
  • Guy R. Henshaw 1968 and Susan Siegel Henshaw 1968
  • Edward D. Holton
  • Orrin H. Ingram
  • Irene Parcell Johnson and Herbert F. Johnson
  • Curt and Cora Kanow
  • Harry William Knop, Jr. 1942
  • Robert G. Lambert 1952 and Margaret M. Lambert
  • Rollin B. Lane 1872
  • Mildred C. Schwiesow and Mabel E. Schwiesow Lent 1940
  • Douglas Lyke and Audrey R. Lyke
  • Mead Witter Foundation, Inc.
  • George H. Miller
  • Robert G. Murray and Joan B. Murray
  • Sir Francis Neilson and Helen Swift Neilson
  • OshKosh B’Gosh Foundation
  • Nancy A. Oyster 1958
  • Andy M. Palm 1953
  • Edgar E. Peters 1924 and Elizabeth Lyon Peters 1924
  • Gretchen “Mitzi” S. Pickard and James C. Pickard 1949
  • Samuel N. Pickard and Dorothea W. Pickard
  • Samuel W. Pickard 1955 and Carmen K. Pickard
  • Suzanne & Richard Pieper Family Foundation
  • Michael R. Reese 1965 and Kaye Reese
  • Ralph Hale Ruppert and M. Lenore Ruppert
  • May Bumby Severy 1908 and Harold A. Severy
  • Clarence A. Shaler
  • Frank C. Shattuck
  • S. Frank Shattuck and Ruth Harwood Shattuck
  • Richard J. Srednicki 1973 and Ginny Srednicki
  • Valeria G. Stone
  • Marie Zarwell Uihlein
  • Charles A. Van Zoeren 1953 and Joan Hurley Van Zoeren 1953
  • DeVere L. Vandervort 1945
  • Jeremiah W. Walcott
  • Elizabeth J. Wegner and Clarence B. “C.B.” Wegner 1931
  • The Todd Wehr Foundation Inc.
  • Delmar D. Wensink 1916 and Stolper-Wensink Foundation
  • Dena G. Willmore 1967
  • Rachel A. Woods
  • Thomas R. Wyman 1950 and Shirley F. Wyman
  • R. Douglas Ziegler
  • The Ziegler Foundation Inc.
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