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Eddie R. Lowry Jr.

Eddie Lowry Jr.

Professor of Greek, Professor of Latin, Marie Zarwell Uihlein Chair in Classical Studies

[email protected]
Office: West 301

Basic Information


  • Ph.D., Harvard University
  • M.Div., Harvard University
  • B.A., Hampden-Sydney College

Courses Taught

  • Latin (elementary, intermediate, advanced)
  • Classical Greek (on demand)
  • Mythology
  • Etymology
  • Rome’s Rise to World Power
  • Foundations of Western Civilization


Awards & Honors

  • Distinguished Educator, Wisconsin Association of Foreign Language Teachers, 2013.
  • President, Wisconsin Association of Foreign Language Teachers, 2000-02.
  • OVATIO (award for distinguished professional service), Classical Association of the Middle West and South, April 2000.
  • Chair, Joint Committee on Classics in American Education of the American Philological Association and the American Classical League, 1997-99.
  • Excellence in Leadership: Faculty/Staff Mentor Award, Ripon College, April 1999.
  • Latin Teacher of the Year Award, Wisconsin Latin Teachers Association, November 199


  • “Glaucus, the Leaves, and the Heroic Boast of Iliad 6.146-211,” in The Ages of Homer, A Tribute to Emily Townsend Vermeule, ed. by Jane B. Carter and Sarah P. Morris (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1995), 193-203.
  • Thersites: A Study in Comic Shame, Harvard Dissertations in the Classics Series (New York Garland Publishing, 1991).


Areas of Interest

  • Greek and Roman mythology
  • Religions in the ancient world
  • Classical epic


  • On “Exclusus Amator: The Lover Shut Out”, Latin sessions of the annual conference of the Wisconsin Association of Foreign Language Teachers, November 2.

Professional Experience

  • President of the Wisconsin Association of Foreign Langauge Teachers (2001-2002).