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Joe Hatcher

Joe Hatcher

Professor of Psychology, Chair of the Psychology Department, Pieper Family Chair of Servant Leadership

[email protected]
920-748- 8334
Office: Todd Wehr B17

Basic Information


  • B.A. in psychology, Dartmouth College
  • Psychology, Katholieke University of Leuvan, Belgium
  • Ph.D. in psychology, Vanderbilt University
  • Licensed psychologist December 2011

Courses Taught

  • Interdisciplinary Studies 200: Peace Studies in Jamaica InFocus
  • PSC 110 General Psychology
  • PSC 211 Research Design and Statistics
  • PSC 300 Forensic Psychology
  • PSC 300.03 Department Studies: Topics in Motivation: Training for a Half-Marathon
  • PSC 310 Advanced Clinical/Counseling Psychology
  • PSC 313 Social Psychology

Internships supervised

  • Crossroads Academy: Ripon students working with students at Ripon’s alternative high school
  • Various other counseling/clinical internships in the Ripon area

Awards & Honors

  • Senior Award 2000, 2005, 2008, 2013
  • Severy Teaching Award 2011
  • Invited Speaker, Baccalaureat Ceremony, 2011
  • Dick Ringler Distinguished Peace Educator Award 2011-12



  • Hatcher, J., Cares, S., Detrie, R., Dillenbeck, T., Goral, E., Troisi, K., & Whirry-Achten, A.M. (in press). Conformity, Arousal, and the Effect of Arbitrary Information. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations.
  • With Rachel Detrie '15, chapter in Internationalizing the Undergraduate Psychology Curriculum: Practical Lessons Learned at Home and Abroad, published by the American Psychological Association in January 2016.
  • Various publications on general theories of: behavior, peace studies, happiness


Areas of Interest

  • The use of positive psychology in correctional settings
  • 33 Happy moments: What do people remember and what is the effect of remembering?

Professional/Scholarly Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association
  • Wisconsin Psychological Association


  • "A Community Like Any Other? Positive Psychology Goes to the Nursing Home," September 2017, Ripon College Faculty Scholarship Series
  • Poster presentation and participation in a Participant Idea Exchange about internationalizing the psychology curriculum, specifically on the Jamaica Peace Studies class, National Institute of Teaching Psychology conference, January 2016.

Professional Experience

  • Worked in the Department of Corrections doing group and individual therapy.
  • Groups run include:
    • Positive thinking
    • Coping with incarceration
    • Mental wellness groups
    • Half-marathon/10K group