Gary Young

Visiting Instructor of Psychology

Office: Todd Wehr B34

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Basic Information


  • Ph.D., educational psychology, specialization in counseling and health psychology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • M.Div., theology, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
  • B.A., liberal arts, Martin Lutheran College


  • Tate, K., Fouad, N.A., Reid-Marks, L., Young, G., Guzman, E., & Williams, E. (2014, March). "Underrepresented first-generation, low-income college students' pursuit of a graduate education: Investigating the influence of self-efficacy, coping efficacy, and family influence." Journal of Career Assessment.
  • Fouad, N.A., Chang, W., Santana, M., Young, G., Kim, S., Ghosh, A. (2015, June). "First- to second-year college student retention: A research synthesis." Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice. Submitted for publication.
  • Young, G. (2014, December). "The clinical implications in Jewish identity and Jewish issues in psychotherapy. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. Submitted for publication.


  • Cathey, A.J., Parra Brownrigg, J., Coenen, E., Young, G., & Wetterneck, C.T. (2015, April). "Third wave enhanced treatment of severe/complex PTSD." Poster session presented at the Association for Contextual Behavioral Sciences conference, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Chang, W., Fouad, N.A., & Young, G. (2014, August). "Career Decision-Making Self-efficacy, Career Transition and International Students' Acculturation Experience." Poster presented to the American Psychological Association Convention in Washington, D.C.
  • Chang, W., Young, G., Fouad, N.A., Figuereido, C., & Kim, S. (2014, March). "Examining the Role of Family Influences in Career Decision-Making in India." Poster presented to the Society of Counseling Psychology Conference in Atlanta.
  • Ramos, E., Young, G., Lambrou, K,. Reinders-Saemen, R., Wilson, C., Chang, W., & Kim, S. (2014, March). "When Supervisors Lack Diversity Competence." Roundtable discussion presented at the Society of Counseling of Psychology Conference in Atlanta.
  • Fouad, N.A., Bocanegra, H., Chang, W., Ghosh, A., Holcomb, B., Kim, S., Opelt, B., Olle, C., Reinders, R., Wilson, C., & Young, G. (2012, March). "Retention: Voices, findings and recommendations." Presented to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Young, G., Treat, R., & Bragg, D. (2016, April). "Hitting the Mark: Examining the Effectiveness of First-Year Residents' Self-Assessments." Poster presented to the Medical College of Wisconsin Innovations in Medical Education Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Young, G. (2014, August). "The Road of Ethnic Identity and the Roadmap of Career Interest for Adolescent Black males." Poster presented to the American Psychological Association Convention in Washington, D.C.
  • Young, G. (2007, January). "An Exegetical Study of John 1:1-5, 10-14: The Word Became Flesh." Presented to the Chicago Pastors' Conference of the Southeast Wisconsin District, Resurrection Lutheran, Aurora, Illinois.