Ed Wingenbach

Vice President, Dean of Faculty, Professor of Politics and Government

[email protected]
Office: Carnegie

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Basic Information


  • Ph.D., government and international studies, University of Notre Dame
  • M.A., government and international studies, University of Notre Dame
  • B.A., politics, political philosophy and religion, Lake Forest College

Courses Taught

  • POL 231: American Political Thought


  • Institutionalizing Agonistic Democracy: Post-Foundationalism and Politics, (Ashgate Press, 2011)
  • “Heidegger,” Palgrave Advances in Continental Political Thought, eds. Terrell Carver & James Martin (Palgrave Press, 2006), pp. 91-105.
  • “Liberalism and Conservatism,” Polling America: An Encyclopedia of Public Opinion, eds. Benjamin Radcliff and Sam Best, (Greenwood Press, 2005), pp. 411-423.
  • “Survivor, Social Choice, and the Impediments to Political Rationality: Reality TV as Social Science Experiment,” Survivor Lessons: Communications Issues Under a Watchful Eye, eds. Matthew J. Smith and Andrew F. Wood (McFarland and Company Press, 2003), 132-150.
  • “Preference Aggregation, Functional Pathologies, and Democracy: A Social Choice Defense of Participatory Democracy” (Ben Radcliff, co-author)*, The Journal of Politics 62 (November 2000), pp. 977-998.
    *Won the 2001 JOP Award for best article published in the Journal of Politics.
  • “Refusing the Temptation of Innocence: Levinasian Ethics as Political Theory,”
    Strategies: Journal of Theory, Culture and Politics 12 (November 1999), pp. 219-238.
  • “Unjust Context: The Priority of Stability in Rawls's Contextualized Theory of Justice,” American Journal of Political Science 43 (January 1999), pp. 213-232.
  • “Justice After Liberalism: Democracy and Global Citizenship,” Citizenship After Liberalism, eds. Mark Denham and Karen Slawner (NY: Peter Lang, 1998), pp. 147-166.
  • “Liberating Responsibility: The Levinasian Ethic of Being and Time,”
    International Philosophical Quarterly 36 (March 1996), pp. 29-45.
  • “Sexual Difference and the Possibility of Justice: Irigaray's Transformative Politics,” International Studies in Philosophy 28 (April 1996), pp. 117-134.


  • "Populism, Partisan Identity, and the Reconstruction of the Political," invited plenary talk, Conference of the German Society for Phenomenological Research, 2017