Presenters & Presentations

Group One | Justice for Drug Addiction

Brooke Bauer, Mesio Bishop, Beau Cary, Kaitlin Hutchinson, Jeneva Lindsey, Arabella Gauthier

Group Two | Family Homelessness in Washington, D. C.

Austin Anderson, Ezekial Carson, Dominica Cipriani, Selena Luna, Jesi Nay, Ashley Shudy

Group Three | Breaking the Poverty Cycle: Providing Food to Underprivileged Families

Emily Allard, Madira Hall, Alisha Harvat, Aubry Herbon, Kyle Jobke, Quinton Roque

Group Four | Progress, Period: Every Day, Every Month, We Are Here

Erin Bailey, Noah Fish, Kitara Harsh, Madison King, Andie Lemkuil, Tias Larson

Group Five | Affording the Future: Paving the Way for the Elderly Community

Alejandra Cardenas, James DeRose, Nicholas Ditscheit, Erika Herwig, Ellyce Klawitter

Group Six | Overcrowding, Wellness, and Prisoners’ Rights

Tori Braun, Angele Bridges, Morgan Devine, Benjamin Georgia, Tyler Munoz, Brady Spors

Group Seven | Finding a Way: Creating Housing for Homeless Adolescents

Mario Chandler, Shane Nelson, Juan Carlos Razo, Gisselle Tellez, Molly Waggoner

Group Eight | How To Age Like a Fine Wine

Maggie Bouque, Ali Hamza, Maria Reber, Kiera Robe, Bradley Schroeder

Group Nine | Homelessness in Los Angeles City and County CoC, California: The Effects and Proposed Solution to this Detrimental Problem

Gabriela Castellanos, Daniel Garcia, Rebekah Kolenda, Aaron Kurcz, Lauren VanDen Heuvel

Group Ten | You Can’t “Beet” Renewable Energy: Utilizing Wasted Produce for Power

Brittny Brown, Callysta Hansen, Brianna Schnell, Gunnar Winchell, Michael Wlazlo

Group Eleven | Recidivism in Louisiana

Shannon Sorbo, Andrew Fuhrmann, Stephanie Boahen, Hanan Majid, Valerie Doornbos

Group Twelve | Preventing Youth Gang Involvement in California

Emily Wammer, Jaqueline Botello, Madison Tomashek, Tautvydas Rudzinskas, Tyric Martinez

Group Thirteen | Money, Drugs, and the Prison System

Rebecca Groat, Allie Walls, Megan Zimmerman, Thomas Poullette, Quincy Di Loreto

Group Fourteen | College Kids Aren’t the Only Ones Getting Wasted: Imperfect Food Waste Turned into a Tasty Beverage

Jenna Schoenmann, Marcus Austin, Danielle Weninger, Kirsten Funk, Tim Ladewig

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