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Watch a sampling of Catalyst 300 videos

Session A | Moderators: Mark Kainz/Megan Gannon

Quality Food in the Heartland of America: Feeding Our Local Community

Abby Anderson, Michael Burke, Mattie Ryback, Lori Hess, Jacob Zuehlke

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Session B | Moderators: Zach Messitte/Andy Prellwitz

Giving New Life to a Dying Breed: Reclaiming Malls for Sustainable Urban Development

Andrew Betcher, Austin Krause, Brianna Skelly- Kirvan, Devin Smith, Madison Rostollan

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Making Ends Meat: Food Deserts in Chicago

Tyler Bair, Mary Marchlewski, Margareta McKinnon, Jacob Pankratz, Lindsey Wigand

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Session C | Moderators: Erin Munro Krull/Becky Matzke

Turning Up the Heat with Pyrolysis

McKenzie Schmidt, Kaitlyn Von Behren, Kassidy Walters, Jordan Brawner, Mason Lesley, David Potter

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The Biodegradable Single-Use PPE in Healthcare Settings

Theodore Conrad, Abbigail Grieger, Bradley Guell, Ivy Hoffman, Sarah Weber

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