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Computer Science – Interdisciplinary



Computer and Data Sciences combines technical skills with the liberal arts to hone problem-solving skills that may be used in a wide array of settings. The interdisciplinary computer science major allows a student to craft a personalized approach to computer science, data science and the liberal arts by working with an academic adviser to select a sequence of courses from other disciplines to create innovative combinations of technical skills and liberal arts inquiry.

Program Spotlight


McKenzie Lamb

McKenzie Lamb

Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences

[email protected]
Rajinder Mavi

Rajinder Mavi

Visiting Professor of Mathematical Sciences

[email protected]


44 credits that include:

  • CSC 101 Introduction to Programming
  • CSC 236 Data Analysis and Visualization
  • CSC 336 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CSC 371 Artificial Intelligence and Applied Machine Learning
  • 4 credits in CSC
  • 20 credits in a defined field of study, approved by the student’s academic advisor and the Director of Computer and Data Sciences; these courses may be in a single department or multiple departments
  • Either a departmental seminar or Directed Study at the 500 level, in which a project is completed integrating computer and data science with the cognate discipline

Unique Opportunities

  • Skills in problem-solving, oral presentation writing and critical thinking are refined and developed in upper-level courses.