The study of foreign languages develops students’ understanding of themselves as world citizens and an appreciation for the world through the study of languages and […]


Sociology focuses on the structure of technologically advanced societies, their related social problems and the many ways these problems affect the individual. As societies continually […]


Self-designed majors are for the mature student with special interests and abilities and the motivation to design a unique major not available through existing college […]


Psychology majors gain the background they need for admission into graduate programs of many types, at both the master’s and Ph.D. levels. Advising throughout the […]

Politics and Government

Politics and Government students are inducted into the timeless debates of politics while also becoming conversant with the actual functioning of the political systems of […]


Students studying physics interact with, measure and explain systems in the universe from subatomic particles to galactic clusters. They learn to apply principles of physics […]


Philosophy students pursue their own paths to wisdom by encountering the best that has been thought and said about basic human concerns throughout civilization. They […]


The Department of Music offers a diverse program of musical studies, including appreciation, history/literature and theory courses, as well as ensembles and applied music lessons […]


The program serves two kinds of students: abstract thinkers who are drawn to mathematics’ structural beauty, and students who desire to use mathematics to solve […]

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The study of Latin America and the Caribbean addresses the region’s history, culture and contemporary affairs and the diversity of peoples. These have given shape […]

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