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100 Days Party

100 Days Party for Class of 2020.

2v2 Modern Warfare Tournament

Ripon College Gaming is excited to announce that we are hosting a 2v2 Modern Warfare tournament! This tournament requires you to have a partner to […]

43 year update from David Albright ’76

I’ve been married to Kris for 39 years. Two daughters Jennifer and Jessica. Retired in July after 38 years as a trial lawyer. I’ve lived […]

1851 Club

The 1851 Club recognizes alumni, parents and friends whose leadership of financial support helps secure Ripon College’s proud heritage and tradition of academic excellence, now […]

1968 – Fall ’19 Class Letter

Bob Martin [email protected]     Dear Classmates: I suspect that, like a lot of you, I left Ripon with a feeling that I could have done […]

1965 – Fall ’19 Class Letter

John C. Hyde 414-530-4041 / [email protected]   Donna and I enjoying pleasant weather here in Pensacola. I’m  flying to our Conover, Wisconsin, house for two […]

1964 – Fall ’19 Class Letter

Pat Ostrom Kohnen 925-201-7377 / [email protected] Greetings Classmates: It is time for the fall class letter, but I am enjoying summer. Life is still great […]

1963 – Fall ’19 Class Letter

Wayne Wolfgram 313-882-1712 / [email protected]   Greetings, Classmates! I hope this finds everyone doing well. LARRY HAMILTON ’63 of Dallas, Texas ([email protected]): “Ripon organized a […]

1960 – Fall ’19 Class Letter

Deborah Johnson Van Slyke 480-284-5564 / 619-889-5061 / [email protected]   DELORES GREY HOLDEN ’60: “When I opened our copy of this current issue, I was […]

1955 – Fall ’19 Class Letter

Art Lundeberg 520-296-9281 / [email protected]   Dear Class of 1955: This will be my last Class Agent letter. During the years, I have tried to […]

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