Class of 2021 Halina Decker

Halina Decker '21

We celebrate the Class of 2021, what they have achieved during their years at Ripon and what they hope to achieve in the next chapter of their lives.

Halina Decker ’21 of St. Paul, Minnesota, majored in psychology and English with a minor in studio art. After graduation, she will take a year off to work before applying to graduate schools. She hopes to earn a doctorate in psychology.

The most important lesson she learned at Ripon College, she says, is that “it isn’t worth it to worry over the sorts of things that you think will hold you back. If you want to do something, you’ll find a way to do it even if it’s not the way you originally thought you would.”

Among her special memories, she says, “One of the things I got to experience for my level 400 portraiture course was having my art shown in a gallery. As amazing as this was, the night of the show was very up and down.

“The ups were selling two of my pieces and meeting the buyers who were all very engaging to talk to and I could tell really loved my work. The down was spending about an hour being accosted by a clingy drunk lady who I could not find a polite way to disengage from, and who has made that night a favorite story to recount to friends!”

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