Class of 2021: Jessica Miles

Jessica Miles '21

We celebrate the Class of 2021, what they have achieved during their years at Ripon and what they hope to achieve in the next chapter of their lives.

Jessica Miles ’21 of Lancaster, Wisconsin, is a music education major and is applying for teaching jobs.

“Ripon College has taught me to celebrate not only my own attributes but to also celebrate others,” she says. “Ripon College focuses so much on diversity and creating a safe place for students to be widely involved in clubs and other organizations. I already believed in a well-rounded education, being an education major, and Ripon College really emphasizes that for its students.”

She says her favorite memories of Ripon involve C.J. Rodman Center for the Arts, the Department of Music and Chamber Singers choir tours she took during her first and second years at Ripon. “If I knew my last choir tour would’ve been my last, due to COVID-19, I would’ve stop to think more about it,” she says. “Chamber Singers is such a close-knit group that we all have very special bond with one another as well as our previous choral director, Dr. John C. Hughes. I’ll never forget the intense rehearsals and the variety of challenging repertoire we learned for these performances in the amazing places we got to perform in!”

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