Ripon, Medical College of Wisconsin collaborate on pharmacy dual degree

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A new collaboration with the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Pharmacy School in Milwaukee will allow students to earn dual degrees from Ripon College and MCW in only six years.

Students in the accelerated program will earn a liberal arts degree from Ripon and a doctor of pharmacy degree from MCW.

With the 3+3 PharmD program, students will complete their major requirements and the Catalyst curriculum requirements at Ripon in three years, then attend MCW for three years. The first year of credits at MCW will transfer back to Ripon to complete the student’s bachelor’s degree.

Associate Professor Biology Barbara Sisson, chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee, said, “We are excited to offer this new program to our students. Medical College of Wisconsin offers the only three-year pharmacy program in Wisconsin, and this partnership allows students interested in pharmacy the opportunity to explore their interests in their major at Ripon College and earn their PharmD degree in a short period of time.”

This program is similar to accelerated affiliated programs with partner schools that Ripon offers in law and engineering.

More information can be found here.