Staff member Ric Damm featured in newspaper profile

Ric Damm showing a camera image to children

Ric Damm, director of creative and social media, is featured in a profile published Sept. 9 in the
Ripon Commonwealth Press. “The Man Behind the Lens: Ric Damm explains passion for photography, how he got started and why he does it,” explains that Damm works full time for the College and part time as a freelance photographer with his own business.

He also does photography as part of his duties at the College, and has been with Ripon for 25 years.

Damm has and continues to volunteer his talents to organizations such as the Ripon Area School District, Ripon Education Foundation, Green Lake Association, Green Lake Town Square, Saving Sully Dog Rescue and the Thrasher Opera House.

“For me, in a lot of ways, I see it as a way of giving back to the community,” Damm says, adding it is his way of investing in wonderful programs in the community that he believes in.

But the biggest takeaway, Damm told the Commonwealth, is knowing that he is creating memories for others for years to come.

“The most rewarding thing that I find is capturing a moment in time for someone, whether that be a high school senior or family portraits,” he says. “It’s knowing that it will survive another 50, 60 more years for people to look back and remember their life at that time.”