Ethics Bowl team points champion at regional competition

11th Annual Upper Midwest Regional Ethics Bowl Champions Ripon College

The Ripon College Ethics Bowl Team was the overall points champion at the 11th Annual Upper Midwest Regional Ethics Bowl at Harper College this past weekend.

The team earned a spot in the National Ethics Bowl held in association with the Association of Practical and Professional Ethics Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas, in February 2017 for the fifth year in a row. Overall, Ripon placed fourth among the 26 schools participating.

Members of the team are: Grace Sullivan ’20 of Oshkosh, Wisconsin; Haley Stowell ’20 of Eau Claire, Wisconsin; JJ Grinde ’16 of Ripon, Wisconsin; Wyatt McGillen ’19, Kalispell, Montana; Dennis Jaeger ’20 of Waupun, Wisconsin; DeLou Wilson ’18 of Madison, Wisconsin; Erika Issacson ’18 of Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Cass Larsen ’20 of Neenah, Wisconsin; Zach Matson ’17 of Minnetonka, Minnesota; Rose Hogmire ’18 of Lake Elmo, Minnesota; and Mitra Kermani ’20 of Louisville, Colorado.

Subjects included:

  • Round 1: Students discussed whether political correctness in comedy suppresses ideas/freedom of speech on college campus. They also discussed whether laws prohibiting women going topless were ethical.
  • Round 2: Students debated the merits of legalizing all drugs as a way to reduce the number of imprisoned individuals. They also discussed the Apple vs. FBI situation in the wake of the San Bernadino shooting.
  • Round 3: Students debated the solutions to climate change refugees and their cultural heritage. They also discussed the consequences of those with bodily integrity disorder and their wishes to self-harm.
  • Round 4: Students debated the topic of Sikhs who wish to serve in the U.S. Army. They also discussed banning guns/weapons on campus and its relation to the 2nd amendment.