Small-school setting, choice of exercise science majors sparked transfer to Ripon

kevin wopat

Before coming to Ripon College, Kevin Wopat ’05 of Brandon, Wisconsin, was undecided about his future. “I was attending Madison Area Technical College and didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life,” he says. But, thanks to some good influences in Wopat’s life, he was convinced to transfer to a four-year institution. While searching for new schools, Ripon caught Wopat’s attention.

“As I looked at schools, Ripon’s small-school setting fit into what I needed,” he says. “I’ve always been passionate about sports, and the exercise science department had majors that intrigued me.” These positive attributes fueled Wopat’s decision to transfer to Ripon.

The transfer process was easy for Wopat, but because of his attendance at a technical school, not all of his credits transferred. He was not deterred. “Once I was on Ripon’s campus and met professors, I knew I made the right choice,” he says.

We heard Kevin’s transfer concerns! Ripon College recently signed a transfer agreement with Madison College to make more of their credits transferrable to Ripon College.

Being a transfer student came with some benefits for Wopat, as he already had experience with higher education. “I had been through a variation of the college experience already,” he says. “I also felt being a transfer student had me focused on achieving goals instead of wondering what I was going to do.”

At Ripon, Wopat felt welcomed and at home. He majored in exercise science and found his new school a perfect fit. “Ripon College was the perfect place at the perfect time for me,” he says.

Currently,Wopat works as the activities director for Lourdes Academy in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.