RecycleMania competition running through March 28

RecycleMania is running through March 28 on the Ripon College campus. We are competing for the second time with other campuses across the country to reduce waste and recycle more. We are keeping track of how much waste we produce on campus, so be a part of the movement to waste less.

All containers on campus with clear bags are for recyclables. Milk cartons, plastic water bottles and paper are examples of things that can be recycled. Also, be sure to use your reusable mug to buy drinks to reduce waste.

Special events supporting RecycleMania include: “Getting Caught Green-Handed,” where you could win random prizes for reducing, reusing and recycling. Students seen making the conscious decision to reduce waste will be awarded prizes.

You also can participate in a quick game of Recyling Hoops in the Commons as a reminder of how to dispose of papers and plastics on campus.

There are weekly recordings of our waste on campus throughout RecycleMania, so be a part of the movement at get Ripon to be the top-ranked campus in Wisconsin. Follow to find out more.