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Sustainability at Ripon College

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Bee Hive Installation at Ripon College – Earth Week 2013

As part of this year’s Earth Week celebration, Ripon College community members, led by Liz Walsh ’14, installed bee hives on the Ceresco Prairie Conservancy on the edge of campus. To learn more about sustainability efforts at Ripon College, visit

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Earth Week: Tree Planting at Ripon College

Ripon College students, staff from Sodexo, and Samara Hamze, Coordinator of the President’s Sustainability Initiative work together to plant trees during Earth Week.

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Sustainability at Ripon College – The Ceresco Prairie Conservancy

A look at the Ceresco Prairie Conservancy on the campus of Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin. The 130 acre conservancy serves as not just a conservation effort, but provides the school with a laboratory, a classroom, a cross country race course, a sustainable bike trail, inspiration for art and literature projects, and a resource for the entire Ripon community.

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A Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

studentsceresco2 In addition to making Environmental Studies a focus in our academic life, Ripon College is committed to environmental initiatives and goals.  Our campus community is committed to environmental sustainability in ways large and small. We hope you will join us in these efforts to preserve, protect, and improve not just our campus, but the global environment.



Institutional Efforts

Ripon College hybrid vehicleRipon’s Physical Plant has made a dramatic difference in the College’s consumption of natural resources. With an extensive campus recycling program and intelligent investments, such as variable speed fan systems in the school’s kitchen hoods that save $30,000 in electrical costs every year and LED light fixtures replacing older incandescents, Ripon is saving natural and financial resources in myriad ways.

The College makes an effort to purchase fuel-efficient and hybrid vehicles whenever possible and continues to update heating and cooling systems for campus buildings. In addition, newly installed low-flow showers and toilets saved 6 million gallons of water at Ripon last year alone, and more installations are planned in the near future. Ripon has installed six water bottle filling stations in Spring 2013 to reduce the number of plastic bottles purchased and discarded on campus, and a number of other exciting efforts, from on-campus composting to solar powered lighting, remain on the docket for the near future.


Thanks to student organizations such as the Environmental Group of Ripon (EGOR) and the Ripon Outdoors Club, students with a passion for environmental causes have a strong peer group and a voice on campus that collectively make a difference.

EGOR has established a 100% student-run campus garden and programs focused on recycling everything from batteries and cellphones to shampoo bottles and cosmetics containers. Spring semester, 2014, saw the introduction of Ripon’s first on-campus composting system. Learn more about these and other efforts by visiting EGOR on Facebook. EGOR on Facebook