The Office of the Registrar oversees the following functions of the College:

  • enrollment of new students
  • registration of all students
  • transcribing of all records for students during the period of their enrollment at Ripon
  • scheduling of classes and examinations
  • certifying students for graduation
  • preparing of transcripts upon the written request of the student within the guidelines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • maintaining the computer database for all undergraduate academic records
  • reserving rooms in the College’s academic buildings for classes.

It is important that students provide the Registrar with up-to-date information concerning address changes and/or marital status for themselves and their parents. To make a change, fill out a form available from the Registrar. Contact us by calling (920) 748-8119 or emailing

Dean’s List

A searchable listing of the latest Ripon College Dean’s List can be accessed here.

Graduation Rates

The Student Right to Know Act requires colleges and universities to make available to currently enrolled students and to prospective students graduation rates. The rates are calculated for a cohort. A cohort is established each fall and contains all first time, full-time degree seeking students who began their studies that fall. The rate reflects the percentage of that group which earns a degree from Ripon College within four years (eight semesters), five years (ten semesters), and six years (twelve semesters). Those who earn a degree from a different college or university are not counted in the Ripon College graduation rates. Questions regarding this report should be directed to the Registrar.


Ripon College maintains a complete academic record of a student’s enrollment at the College. An official transcript is a copy of the student’s academic record, signed by the Registrar and embossed with the College seal. In compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, all transcript requests MUST BE MADE BY THE STUDENT. Requests from a third party, including parents, will not be fulfilled.

Normal processing time for all transcripts is 24-48 hours after the request is received. During peak work times, holiday breaks and end-of-term activities the processing time may be extended. Transcripts are not released until all financial obligations to Ripon College are met.

Official transcripts may be ordered in three ways:

1. Online: Secure electronic transcript delivery or paper transcripts: this method requires payment for the transcript with a credit card. The fee per transcript is $7.00. Order online here.

2. Mail: Paper transcripts only: complete the following form and mail along with a check, money order or cash payment. The fee per transcript is $4.00. Transcript Request Form (PDF)

Optionally, you may send a letter to the Registrar indicating:

  • Where the transcript should be sent
  • Dates you attended Ripon College
  • The name you had when you attended the College
  • A contact number in case we would need to contact you
  • Check, money order, or cash payment of $4.00 per transcript

It is important to include your signature, which is needed in order to authorize Ripon College to release your academic record. Make the check payable to Ripon College. If you have a deadline, indicate it in your request and we will try to meet it. Send your request to:

Ripon College
Office of the Registrar
P.O. Box 248
Ripon WI 54971

3. In Person: Paper transcript forms are available in the Office of the Registrar. The fee per transcript is $4.00. Online options are available in the office; payment must be made with a credit card. The fee per transcript is $7.00. Office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Physical Address: 300 W. Seward St. Ripon, WI
Mailing Address: PO Box 248 Ripon, WI 54971-0248
Phone: 800-947-4766
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