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Publicity/Publications Requests

There are countless events on the Ripon College campus each year and many great stories to tell. However, since any external mass communication that originates from a College-sponsored group is an “official” Ripon College communication in the eyes of the recipient(s), certain standards must be followed. The Office of Marketing and Communication is responsible for maintaining these standards.

Before filling out the Office of Marketing and Communications request form for PR, web, publications or marketing requests, please review the lead times for projects below.

Lead Times:

These lead times are meant to provide a guide to understanding the time it takes to complete the average request. Please consider work load around key times of the year, your own availability to provide resources throughout the process and other factors that may affect production time.

Small Requests

  • Editorial: 2 days to 1 week
  • Graphic Update (Web): 1 week
  • Poster/Flyer: 2 weeks
  • Table Tents: 2 weeks
  • Advertisement (Reformat Existing): 1 week
  • Advertisement (New Digital): 3 weeks
  • Advertisement (New Print): 3 weeks
  • Postcard: 4 weeks
  • Social Media: 1-2 weeks
  • Media Relations: 2-4 weeks

Medium Requests

  • Trifold Brochure: 3 weeks
  • Newsletter (digital): 3 weeks
  • Power Point Presentation: 3 weeks
  • Event Program: 3 weeks
  • Landing Page (static): 4 weeks
  • Landing Page (dynamic): 6 weeks
  • Booklet Brochure:  6 weeks
  • Student Handbook: 6 weeks
  • Photographer (outside contractor): 4 weeks
  • Photographer (internal): 2 weeks

Large Requests

  • Web Form: 2 weeks
  • Newsletter (print): 6 weeks
  • Formal Invitation Set: 6 weeks
  • Annual Report: 12 weeks
  • Marketing Campaign: 12-24 weeks
  • Video (simple, nonedit): 2 weeks
  • Video (scripted): 2-4 weeks
  • Video (unscripted): 4-8 weeks