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Lane Library is excited to announce that we are now “live” with a new proxy server. What this means for the Ripon College students, faculty and staff is that they are now able to access our electronic resources from off-campus. We now offer a seamless off-campus access experience when using the library tools. If you have internet connection from your location, our new ezProxy server will ask for authentication once (your network ID and password) in a screen similar to this:

Sample log-in screen

Sample log-in screen

You can now do your research from where you are, whether it is from your hometown or studying abroad.

More information

License agreements with the publishers of online resources prohibit our providing off-campus access to anyone other than current students, faculty and staff with a Ripon account. The library uses ezProxy to authenticate remote users (off-campus) to allow access to restricted resources.

EzProxy is a URL rewriting program that dynamically rewrites URLs provided by our database vendors. It allows users to access restricted pages by authentication via IP allowing our users to be anywhere in the world, on any computer, and to use our subscription products with a simple login. This is not to be confused with simple proxy server software (generic products) that control web access; this is not a proxy referral product.

Instructions for Using EZProxy

  • “Cookies” must be activated in your browser settings for this service to work.
  • When you select the link to a resource requiring authentication, you will be prompted for your Ripon username(network id) and password. The network id is usually a combination of your last name and first initial.
  • Students: Use your network id(ie. last name, first initial, with no “”) and password. With the recent change to Gmail, this will NOT be the same as your email password; this will be your network/MyRipon(portal) password.
  • Faculty/Staff: If you have not yet switched over to Gmail, this will be the same Network id/login that you use to get into the computers on campus (ie. last name, first initial, with no “”) and your email login/password. If you have made the switch, it will NOT be the same as your email password; it will be your network login password.
  • Once your status is verified, you’ll be connected to the resource.


  • Computer Accounts: You must be a current student, faculty or staff member of Ripon College with an active network log-in.
  • Losing authorization: If you close your browser session (or if your browser crashes) then you’ll need to login again.
  • Avoiding Additional Login: You must remain within the same browser instance to avoid an additional login. If you open a new instance of your browser (rather than opening a new window or tab in the current instance), you will be required to login again (it is in essence like opening two separate programs).
  • Using Links:You must use the resource links from the Library’s website. Using other direct links may not work properly through the proxy.
  • Questions about Off-Campus Access: Amy Rachuba, Resource Services Librarian, (920-748-8747) or

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