Infant Cognition Lab FAQs

Why do you want my baby to come in?

We are looking at what your infant looks at. He/She will sit on your lap and be looking at pictures on a large TV screen. We are testing infants’ learning and memory of these pictures using their looking times and preferences.

How long will the study take?

The study only lasts about 3-5 minutes on average. The whole appointment will last approximately 20-30 minutes since we try to leave time for other things such as paperwork, diaper changes, etc.

Am I leaving my baby with you? / Do I get to stay with my baby?

Your infant will be with you at all times. During the study he/she will be seated on your lap.

What is the study looking for?

We have a couple of different studies right now.

1. For our study on scene memory, the purpose is to provide a better understanding of how infants develop the ability to remember scenes (e.g., a forest, a kitchen). Specifically, we are interested in the development of infants’ working and long-term memories for scenes.

2. For our categorization study, the purpose is to examine if young infants’ experience with cats and dogs outside of the lab influences their learning in a lab experiment. In addition, we are interested in the process of comparison (i.e., how much they look back and forth when we show them two pictures of cats side-by-side).

Will my baby's data be shared with anyone?

No. Your baby’s name is not connected with the data. As researchers, we do not specifically match your child’s name with his/her data. That being said, not even outside sources will know your baby’s results.

I have other children that I would need to bring along, is that okay?

Absolutely! We have many assistants at the lab that will be able to stay with your other children during the time of the study. We have a play area that includes toys such as blocks, trucks, coloring, and puzzles.

What if I can no longer make the appointment, can I reschedule or cancel?

Yes. To reschedule, you can call us at (920) 748-8716, or email our lab at and we can figure out another convenient time. Please feel free to leave a voicemail if we do not answer.

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