Robert Lee Wallace

  Robert Wallace



  • 1970 B.S. University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI (major Zoology; minor Chemistry)
  • 1975 Ph.D. Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH (Aquatic Ecology; Invertebrate Zoology)
  • 1975-1977 Postdoctoral Fellowship (Aquatic Ecology), University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Current Courses Taught

  • Biology 110 – Topics in Biology: Plagues (non-majors)
  • Biology 121 – Introductory Biology
  • Biology 200 – Scientific Writing and Communication
  • Biology 215 – Invertebrate Zoology
  • Biology 247 – General Ecology
  • Biology 338 – Aquatic Ecology
  • Biology 450 – Intensive Field Studies
  • Biology 501,502 – Independent Study




Awards and Honors

  • Teaching Awards — Severy Teaching Professor (1981, 1982, 1993, 1996, 2006); Underkofler award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2001); Ripon College nominee for the CASE Professor Award (1994, 2001).
  • Professional Memberships — American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Microscopical Society; American Society of Limnology and Oceanography; Association of College and University Biology Educators; Ecological Society of America; International Carnivorous Plant Society; Societas Internationalis Limnologiae. Honorary Societies– Phi Kappa Phi (Academic Honor Society); Phi Sigma Society (Biological Academic Honor Society); Sigma Xi (the Scientific Research Society of N.A.)

Grants Awarded

  • 1975 Ecology of Sessile Rotifers (W.T. Edmondson & R.L. Wallace, co-principal investigators) N.S.F. BMS 75-03107.
  • 1977 Above renewed. DEB 75-03175 A01.
  • 1980 Small-College, Faculty Supplement Award to Research Grant DEB 78-02882; R.L. Wallace, Small-College Faculty Member.
  • 1981 Above renewed.
  • 1982 Clearance Rate of Sessile Rotifers. American Philosophy Society, Research Grant. (Penrose-21000).
  • 1984 Acquisition of research microscopes and accessories. NSF-RUI grant for research microscopes and related materials; BSR-8405157.
  • 1988 Distribution of the Gregarine Parasite Monocystis in the EarthwormLumbricus terrestris. Associated Colleges of the Midwest Minority Scholar Grant to J. Hayashi (R.L. Wallace, mentor).
  • 1989 Above renewed. Associated Colleges of the Midwest.
  • 1989 Aquatic Research. Bing Farms, Inc. R.L. Wallace.
  • 1992 Unpalatability of a colonial rotifer, Sinantherina socialis, to small zooplanktivorous fishes. Associated Colleges of the Midwest Minority Scholar Grant to A. Felix (R.L. Wallace, mentor).
  • 1999 Ripon College, Professional Collaboration Grant: Limnological Investigations on Green Lake (Green Lake, WI).
  • 2001 Ripon College, Professional Development Grant: Rotifer Taxonomy.
  • 2003 Ripon College, Professional Collaboration: Limnological Investigations on White Lake (Marquette Co., WI).
  • 2004 WISC Grant to Drs. E.J. Walsh (PI) & R.L. Wallace (Co-PI). Life on the Edge: Community Structure of Basal Microinvertebrate Consumers in Endangered Springs and Ephemeral Waters of the Chihuahuan Desert (U.S. & Mexico).
  • 2004 Ripon College, Professional Collaboration Grant: Limnological Investigations on White Lake.
  • 2005 Associated Colleges of the Midwest, FaCE Project: Enhancing scholarship and teaching in one bite.
  • 2005 National Science Foundation: Community composition and phylogeography of microinvertebrates of Chihuahuan Desert waters (U.S. and Mexico). (Dr. E.J. Walsh with UTEP as lead institution.) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 – supplemental awards for undergraduate researchers.
  • 2009 Carnivory in the aquatic plant Utricularia macrorhiza McNair Grant to B. Wiggins (R.L. Wallace, mentor).
  • 2009 Nitrogen and phosphorous levels in the sediments of Bing Lake. McNair Grant to S. Anderson (R.L. Wallace, mentor).
  • 2010 The Impact of Biological Invasions. Ethical Leadership Grant to L. Kelly (R.L. Wallace, mentor).
  • 2012 Ripon College, Trustee Grant: 3-D visualization of rotifer trophi. Ripon’s 3D printer.
  • 2013 National Science Foundation (DEB 1257116): Collaborative Research: Integrating genetics, life history, and morphology to understand the diversification of an enigmatic metazoan lineage. 2013–2017. (Drs. E.J. Walsh (UTEP), R. Hochberg (UML), and R.L. Wallace (Ripon).
  • 2014 National Science Foundation (CHE 1429616): MRI: Acquisition of a Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer for Accurate-Mass Determination and Complex Mixture Analysis. (Drs. P.H. Willoughby, C.M. Bryon, and R.L. Wallace.



Recent Publications and Presentations

(* = student co-authors)

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Textbooks and Related Educational Publications

(* = student co-authors)

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Edited Volumes

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Commentaries, Editorials, & Related Popular Works

  • Wallace, R.L. 1994. On the debate over the destruction of variola – the smallpox virus: “U.S., Russia can work together to destroy last smallpox virus” The Oregonian, 12 May 1994; The Houston Post, 16 May 1994; “No Mercy for Variola, a Mass Murderer” St Louis Post-Dispatch, 28 May 1994; “Big decisions about smallpox” Providence Journal-Bulletin, 4 June 1994; “Mass Murderer that Deserves to be Zapped — Smallpox Virus” Valley News, 7 June 1994; “It’s time to put a mass killer – smallpox – to death” Ripon Commonwealth Press, 23 June 1994, The Milwaukee Journal, 26 June 1994.


  • Photographs posted on the teaching web site of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography at



Areas of Interest

  •  Ecology; Limnology; Marine Biology; Invertebrate Zoology; Zooplankton Ecology; Rotifera