David J. Hutson

  David Hutson

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  • Ph.D.(2012), Sociology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • M.A., Sociology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • B.A., Sociology, San Francisco State University, San Francisco
  • B.A., English, Indiana University, Bloomington

Current Courses Taught

  • Sociology 110: Introduction to the Sociological Imagination
  • Sociology 210: Special Topics: Sociology of Women, Men, and Gender
  • Sociology 210: Special Topics: Sociology of Sexualities
  • Sociology 210: Special Topics: Sociology of the Body




Recent Publications and Presentations


  • Hutson, David J. 2013. “‘Your Body is Your Business Card’: Bodily Capital and Health Authority in the Fitness Industry.” Social Science & Medicine, 90, 63-71.
  • Hutson, David J. 2011. “Looking Within from Without.” Advances in Medical Sociology, Vol.12: Sociology of Diagnosis, pp. xxix – xxxvii, PJ McGann and David J. Hutson (eds). Emerald Publishing Group: Wales, UK.
  • Hutson, David J. 2010. “Standing OUT/Fitting IN: Identity, Appearance, and Authenticity in Gay and Lesbian Communities.” Symbolic Interaction, 33(2), 213-233.
  • Martin, Karin A., David J. Hutson, Emily Kazyak, and Kristin S. Scherrer. 2010. “Advice When Children Come Out: The Cultural ‘Tool Kits’ of Parents.” Journal of Family Issues, 31(7), 960-991.

Under Review and In Preparation

  • Hutson, David J. “Plump or Corpulent? Lean or Gaunt? Historical Categories of Bodily Health and the Contemporary ‘Obesity Epidemic.’” (Under Review)
  • Hutson, David J. “Negotiating Status in Personal Trainer-Client Interactions: The Relationship of Bodily Capital to Gender and Age Hierarchies.” (In Preparation)


Areas of Interest

  • Health and Illness
  • Gender
  • Body/Embodiment
  • Sexualities
  • Interaction
  • Culture
  • Qualitative Methods