Digital Events Archive

The Crisis of Human Trafficking Globally and in Wisconsin

How Can We Make a Difference: A Symposium on Housing, Education, and Employment Segregation

Where Do We Stand? A Student Panel on Gun Control in America

Lt. General Michael Flynn

What Happened In the Elections?

Looking at the 2016 Election: A Student Debate on Key Domestic Issues

Matters of State: The Mathematics of Power in the Electoral College

Discussion with Wisconsin State Senator Luther Olsen

Reforming U.S. Immigration Policy

The Current State of Nonproliferation

The 2016 Elections and Money in Politics and Policymaking

Presentation by U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman

An Evening with Joan Ballweg, Republican Representative in Wisconsin’s 41st Assembly District

Media and the 2016 Elections

A Discussion with Brian Smith, Candidate for Wisconsin’s 14th Senate District

Presentation by Dr. Sarah Lloyd, Democratic Candidate for WI’s 6 h Congressional District

Democracy in Francophone Africa

The Current Political Situation in Syria

Students Debate the Minimum Wage

Police and Community Relations

The Audacity of Hoop Basketball and the Age of Obama

Where Do We Stand? A Ripon College Student Panel on Key Domestic Issues

You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Presidents, Promises and Foreign Policy: A Talk on Foreign Policy

LGBT Rights and Religious Freedom: Implications of Obergefell vs. Hodges

A Life in the NSA with Rick Estberg ’75

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