Center for Politics and the People

The Center for Politics and the People at Ripon College was created to promote constructive political debate, analyze public policy and foster the engagement of citizens and their government.

Inspired by the principles of the American founders and the legacies of our great leaders, the Center creates a forum for dialogue, research, analysis and dissemination of ideas about local, state, national and international issues. The Center connects political thought and effective governance by making scholarly and relevant research readily accessible.

Students and faculty work together to plan meaningful events throughout the year that attract policymakers, academics, experts, candidates and politicians to share their experience and expertise with the Center.

ICYMI: 4/3 Addressing Local Environmental Issues

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Since its founding in Spring 2014, the Center has hosted a number of local and national politicians, government officials and campaign operatives.

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300 W. Seward St. Ripon, WI
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