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Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded United States Department of Education TRIO program and provides a network of academic, personal and career services to 160 students on the Ripon campus who are first generation, lower income or physically or learning disabled.

Student Support Services provides:

  • Academic guidance
  • Tutoring in subject areas
  • Skill development and workshops on various themes
  • Paper-writing assistance
  • Information about note-taking, exam preparation, goal setting and time management.
  • Assistance with career direction and orientation

For those students who hold documentation of a physical or learning disability, Student Support Services, in conjunction with faculty members, offers individualized writing support, test-taking accommodations, note takers and specialized computer programs.

Why does Student Support Services exist?

  • To increase the retention and graduation of our students
  • To help ensure academic, personal and professional success
  • To enhance academic skills
  • To facilitate adjustment to college

Who qualifies?

  • First-Generation Students (students whose parents did not graduate from a four-year college)
  • Low-Income Students (per Federal guidelines)
  • Learning and/or physically disabled students who have appropriate documentation

How much does it cost?

Student Support Services programs are provided free of charge to active participants.

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About the National Student Support Services Program

Student Support Services and all other TRIO programs are represented by The Council for Opportunity in Education (COE), a nonprofit organization representing institutions of higher education, administrators, counselors and teachers committed to advancing equal educational opportunity and promoting diversity in America’s colleges and universities.

Students are served at more than 900 colleges and universities nationwide by Student Support Services programs, which function to retain and graduate college students. Many students use the program every year on a drop-in or appointment basis and receive guidance and information about adjustment to college life, tutoring, study skill strategies, preparation for examinations, paper writing, employment opportunities, selection of a major and other personal concerns.


Bridge Program

Ripon College Bridge Program

The Ripon College Bridge Program is a two-day event designed to enrich the transition to college for eligible students. The program consists of a variety of fun and informative experiences to help students become acquainted with their new environment. Students will:

  • Form a support network with other first year students, staff, and faculty.
  • Hear about unique opportunities available during your time at Ripon College, including educational workshops, cultural events, graduate school information, and tutoring opportunities.
  • Develop valuable study skills and improve their writing skills.
  • Meet peer contacts, current Ripon College students who serve as an invaluable resource to first year students.
  • Move in early! Become familiar with Ripon and expectations in college before most students arrive to campus.

What students share about the benefits of the Bridge Program:

“Having guidance to accompany the transition into college life and being able to move in early allowed me to get to know campus.”

“I liked having the opportunity to meet new people and meet the staff.”

“The activities were fun, as well as the classes were a good heads up for what’s to come. All of it was great.”

“It really helped to ease a lot of my fears. I was excited about starting school.”

“I’m very glad that I was able to participate. It really helped me get a jump start on the academic year!”

“It’s a very good program, and I like that I was able to get used to campus a couple days before other students came to campus.”



Student Support Services OfficeTutoring is available to all Ripon College students. Tutors are students who have been recommended by their professors and trained by the Student Support Services staff. These tutors serve as a supplement to faculty assistance. If you have questions about tutoring, email

Costs: Free tutoring is available for selected participants in Student Support Services, with a small fee charged to non-participants and inactive program-eligible students. Tutoring fee waivers are available to students who are active in the program but have not been selected as participant members.

Academic, Life & Career Guidance

Guidance in choosing a career and in choosing a major is available. Career shadowing opportunities are made available to students when possible.

Student Support Services & McNair Scholars Staff

Dan Krhin
(920) 748-8394

Assistant Director & Disability Services Coordinator
Lisa Zeman
(920) 748- 8837

Assistant Director & Tutoring Coordinator
Jessi Budzisz
(920) 748-8702

Office Manager
Ellen Plantz
(920) 748-8107


Amanda Flannery ’10

Amanda FlanneryThe services of Talent Search, Student Support Services, and McNair Scholars Program have helped me realize my passions and goals and allowed me to achieve them.

In high school, I knew that I loved history and science but I never understood how I could combine my interests into a future career. Talent Search administered a career test and my ideal career results were anthropologist/archaeologist. This led me to research the profession and I realized it was the perfect life path for me.

The Talent Search office then set up a job shadow opportunity with an archaeology firm in Minocqua in which I spent a week learning the highlights of being an archaeologist. This experience solidified my resolve and I knew I had to attend a college with an anthropology major. The Talent Search office provided trips to view colleges around Wisconsin and the neighboring states so I could make an informed decision on the college I wanted to attend.

I did not even know that Ripon College existed until the Talent Search office financed a trip there and I fell in love with the college! I knew that it was the right place for me and that if I attended Ripon College I would be able to reach my full potential. Once I was accepted and started attending I relied on the Student Support Service office to tutor me on the ins and outs of college life because no one in my family had ever gone to college.

I would have been lost without them. They helped me find a tutor for a political science class that was out of my realm of comprehension. They gave me a job working in the office so I had enough money to pay for my car payments every month. The SSS office really made the difference in the success I achieved at Ripon College.

Being from a small secluded town in Northern Wisconsin I did not understand how graduate school worked and did not expect that I could attend because it was such a privilege for me just to attend a well-known private liberal arts college as an undergraduate. But then the McNair Program began at Ripon College and the director made me realize for the first time that I could receive my doctorate and my background did not exclude me from reaching the highest echelon of academia. So with the aid of the McNair Scholars Program I learned how to conduct scholarly research and present the findings at a national conference. I was able to tour prestigious graduate schools from around the country and have cultural experiences I never even dreamed of having. They helped me study for the GRE and financed the supplies and registration fee. Through all of their guidance, recommendation letters, and financial support I was accepted into the UW Milwaukee graduate program with a Fellowship!

I am in my second year in graduate school, I have completed the certificate program for Museum Studies, and I am writing my thesis on the archaeological investigation of a lumber town in Northern Wisconsin. I will be forever grateful for the Talent Search, Student Support Services, and the McNair Program because it allowed me to be on a level playing field with the rest of my peers despite my background and has made me the academic professional I am today.

More Student Success Stories

Jenny Schroth’s Story

Jenny Reese-Schroth

Jenny Reese-Schroth

As a senior at Shiocton High School, I was not sure I wanted to attend college. However, as valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA I was expected to further my education. I chose to attend Ripon College because I was very impressed with the support offered by the staff and faculty and the “small” town feeling. I soon discovered that being a college freshman was harder than I had imagined. New friends, a new community, sharing a room with someone with very different values, and homesickness was a lot to handle! I found support from Ripon’s SSS Program. As a low-income, first generation student, I was an active member of the SSS Program. I met several times a month with the staff (Dan and Jessica) to discuss the challenges I was facing. I shed several tears and even seriously thought about dropping out of college. However, Dan and Jessica’s belief in me never waivered. They knew I could succeed in college if only I found my niche and learned to believe in myself.

One of several benefits of being involved in SSS my freshman year is that I had a peer contact – an upperclassman that served as a mentor and offered support and resources along the way. I soon discovered that I no longer wanted to be the mentee; I wanted to be the mentor! Interviews were held the end of my freshman year and I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to become a peer contact starting my sophomore year. I had been through hard times and wanted to help students in similar situations! I thrived as a peer contact and continued the position through graduation. Little by little, I was discovering that my long term career goals included mentoring young people and encouraging them to continue to pursue their education and their own dreams and goals. As a result, junior and senior year, I also tutored numerous students in several different classes. This experience made me realize that the one on one aspect is what I really enjoyed!

In addition to SSS assisting me in both personal and professional endeavors, they also helped me secure Supplemental Grant Aid, which was an important factor in my ability to continue my education. In addition, SSS introduced me to research opportunities available through the McNair Program, which proved to be life changing! The McNair Program is intended to introduce low income, first generation, or minority students to graduate school with the hope that they will then attend and graduate from a grad program.

I attended the McNair Program at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, which allowed me to explore my career interests, while conducting research within the Sociology Department at a graduate school level, all expenses paid! I had the freedom to create my own research project based on my own personal interests and had the opportunity to work closely with a professor, which created a personal learning environment.

The McNair Research Program opened my eyes to possibilities I didn’t even realize existed. Prior to McNair, I hadn’t even considered attending graduate school. How could I afford it? However, after my McNair experience, graduate school became my immediate educational goal. As a McNair scholar, I was eligible for graduate application waivers and for scholarships to attend graduate school. I was honored to receive a scholarship worth approximately $30,000 to attend graduate school at the University of Minnesota, where I graduated with a M.A. degree in Counseling and Student Personnel in May 07.

Recently, I became the Director of Career Services at Globe Universtiy in Appleton. Prior to this, I was employed at St. Norbert College as the Assistant Director of Internships in the Career Services Office. Both positions have allowed me to continue my dream of mentoring students and helping them to realize and achieve their own educational and career goals.


Peer Contacts

Peer Contacts are upper level students hired by SSS to meet regularly with first year eligible students to assist with the academic and social transition from high school to college. Peer Contacts are Ripon College students who have gone through training and serve as a positive influence and resource to first year students.


Resume Assistance

Students can receive assistance on creating and editing their resume and formulating cover and thank-you letters. A resume writing workshop is offered every spring to all students on campus.


Cultural Enrichment Experiences

Student Support Services provides opportunities for participants to experience cultural activities and events on and off campus. Past events have included trips to Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and Appleton to see productions like The Lion King, Wicked, Stomp, Lord of the Dance, and more.


Financial Literacy Workshops

All are welcome and encouraged to join us at our three-part series of Financial Literacy and Intelligence workshops for the semester starting on Tuesday, November 5, in Todd Wehr 104, sponsored by Student Support Services & McNair Scholars. These classes have been very well attended every year and focus on topics that are extremely important for everyone to hear about regarding planning for a sound, reasonable and workable financial future.


  • Tuesday, November 5th
  • Tuesday, November 12th
  • Tuesday, November 19th

Time: 4:15– 5:45 p.m.

Location: Todd Wehr 104

Finances Beyond Graduation

About the Presenter:

The presenter, Jeff Kemp, has received a number of community volunteer and service awards for providing these workshops free of charge to organizations and schools throughout NE Wisconsin. He looks forward to coming to Ripon College every year because of the level of interest displayed by the community.