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Greetings & welcome to Greek Life at Ripon College!

There are numerous benefits to being a part of a Greek organization at Ripon. Fraternity and sorority members learn valuable life skills, develop strong bonds of unity and friendship with other Greek members, and excel in performing charitable work for local and national organizations. Additionally, Greek organizations plan and participate in various community service and campus activities such as social gatherings, educational presentations, and fund-raising. New members feel joining a Greek group is a life changing experience.

Greek organizations provide members with a family support system, leadership opportunities, and a feeling of belonging while attending Ripon College.

We encourage you to explore the many benefits of Greek Life on our campus. If you have any questions about Greek Life or how to get involved, please follow the links below, contact a current member of a Greek group, or give us a call at 920-748-8190. We would love to hear from you, and we hope you explore the many benefits that come with being a fraternity or sorority member at Ripon College.


Greek Organizations

Alpha Chi Omega (Sorority)

Alpha Chi Omega at Ripon CollegeAlpha Chi Omega is a national sorority that has been on the Ripon Campus since 1959. The purpose of Alpha Chi Omega is to encourage the true spirit of sisterhood, develop through personal effort a high moral and mental standard, advance academic achievement, promote financial responsibility, create competent leaders and develop healthy character in each member. With the wide variety of personalities, we have members participating in any number of activities and programs offered on campus, including varsity sports, intramurals, Orientation Committee, RA staff, Student Senate and Peer Contacts. We promote altruistic activities on the campus, within the community of Ripon as well as outreach to neighboring communities.

Click here for more information about the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega!

Kappa Delta sorority

Kappa DeltaKappa Delta is the newest edition to the Ripon College Greek Community. It was brought back to campus in the spring of 2008. The women of Kappa Delta support many different philanthropies, including Prevent Child Abuse America, Girl Scouts of the USA, Orthepedic Research and the Virginia Children’s Hospital.   Through our work with the Confidence Coalition and our very own National Girls Day, Kappa Deltas work to instill this confidence into both young girls and women world wide.

Learn more by clicking here.

Phi Delta Theta

Phi Delta Theta at Ripon CollegePhi Delta Theta was founded in 1848 at the University of Miami in Ohio on three principles: Friendship, Sound Learning and Moral Rectitude. Ripon’s chapter is one of more than 158 active chapters in the United States and Canada. Phi Delta Theta enjoys a long and colorful history, and its members have achieved some of the highest military honors, awards and offices including the President of the United States.The Phi Delts at Ripon are involved in many different organizations on campus, with members in all levels of leadership. Their philanthropic efforts have worked to educate Ripon students each fall on the dangers of fire in the residence halls with their Fire Safety programs. Also working with the local Fire Department, brothers have raised money and awareness for such a “hot” issue. Along with the 6,500 other undergraduate members around the world, the Phi Delta Thetas work to uphold those founding principles set forth more than 150 years ago.

Find out more about Phi Delta Theta by clicking here.

Theta Chi

Theta Chi at Ripon CollegeThe Theta Chi Fraternity is a social fraternity founded in Vermont in 1856. It has been at Ripon College since 1954 when Alpha Omega Alpha, a local fraternity that began in 1906, petitioned to become a national organization. Theta Chi is dedicated to creating an environment of Truth, Temperance and Tolerance, enabling gentlemen of the fraternity to assume leadership positions, prosper academically and form brotherhood bonds. Beyond being a home away from home, we strive toward contributing to the campus and community. One must be a man of outstanding character based on the general consensus of current members to be admitted into Theta Chi. He also must exhibit qualities which further Theta Chi’s ideal of the helping hand. We encourage everyone to stop by and meet the men of Theta Chi.

Click here for more information about Theta Chi.

Order of Omega Honor Society

AdvertisementThe Order of Omega was founded at the University of Miami in the fall of 1959 by a group of outstanding fraternity men, who felt that individuals in the Greek community should be recognized for their service to the fraternity community and the University. Today, Order of Omega is a co-ed organization that recognizes the top 3% of the Fraternity & Sorority Life leaders for their efforts in the areas of community service, academic achievements and leadership skills.

The Chi Chi chapter of Order of Omega was founded at Ripon on September 17, 2012.

To apply to join the Order of Omega, please fill out the Membership Application here (PDF)

Click here to visit the National Order of Omega website

Alpha Delta Pi sorority

Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delta Pi was the first sorority in the United States, chartered in 1851 in Macon, Ga. The Delta Pi chapter encourages its members to contribute their talent and personality to enhance the sorority while giving its members opportunities for leadership, academic enhancement, personal growth and social activities within a mutually supportive sisterhood. The members of Alpha Delta Pi are a diverse group of women belonging to various organizations on campus and who are highly involved with the community. Our national philanthropy is the Ronald McDonald House, and our motto is “We Live For Each Other.”

Click here for more information about Alpha Delta Pi.

Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi at Ripon CollegeThe Sigma Chi Fraternity is founded on three main principles : Friendship, Justice and Learning.  These principles are practiced everyday in more than 300,000 living brothers worldwide.  The fraternity was started in 1855 at the University of Miami (Ohio) by seven very noble and well-respected men, who later on became leaders in the church, the court and on the battlefield.  Since its founding, Sigma Chi has overcome many great obstacles but has managed to spread itself across North America with 240 active chapters in the United States and Canada, as well as 145 alumni chapters around the world.

The Ripon Sigma Chi chapter is a premier example of a leadership building organization.  The Epsilon Lambda chapter was chartered in 1955 at the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Sigma Chi. Since then, the Ripon Sigs have led the campus in many different aspects.  Each year the Sigs hold campus-wide events like Derby Days to raise money for the Children’d Miracle Network and Huntsman Cancer Institute. 

Sigma Chi has an outstanding reputation worldwide and, because of this, there are strict requirements in admitting new members.  For example, all potential pledges must have a minimum GPA of at least a 2.5 and be a man of good character, a student of fair ability with ambitious purposes, a congenial disposition, possessed of good morals, have a high sense of honor and a deep sense of personal responsibility. Click here for more information about Sigma Chi.

Phi Kappa Pi

April 17, 1920, a group of Ripon College men formally banded together as Phi Kappa Pi with three ideals: scholarship, participation in college activities and decent conduct. Conversations between two of the founding members led them to think more of the organization as a men’s fraternity with primary interest in scholastic achievement. In the summer of 1920, the fraternity secured residence in a house adjacent to campus. In this building hung a portrait of William E. Merriman, Ripon College’s first president. The building was called Merriman, and the group soon became known as Merriman Club. For 20 years, through times of economic prosperity and the great depression, Merriman Club remained housed in this building. In 1939, Ripon began building new residence halls for men, and a new building was constructed for the fraternity on Congress Street and inherited the name Merriman House. The Phi Kappa Pi fraternity was relocated to east Anderson Hall, one of the four Quad residence halls on campus.

Theta Sigma Tau

thetasigmatauTheta Sigma Tau prides itself on being an alternative, coed Greek organization in step with the times, for the discerning few. In short, Theta Sigma Tau is more than an organization; it is a collection of individuals who have become close friends. We’re the other guys. The Creed of Theta Sigma Tau: We, the members of Theta Sigma Tau, recognize the differences that set us apart from each other; and come together as a fraternal organization dedicated to the unity of the disunity. We pledge to support our fellow house members regardless of beliefs and convictions; and in the event those convictions conflict with our own, we pledge to respect our individual differences and to support those house decisions passed without absolute unanimity. This is the creed of Theta Sigma Tau.

Click here for more information about Theta Sigma Tau.


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