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Women’s and Gender Studies


Ripon College’s minor in women’s and gender studies offers students the opportunity to uncover and understand the effects of gender categories and sex roles on our history, knowledge, cultures and individual experiences. To that end, the women’s and gender studies minor is resolutely interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary, drawing on the insights of a new generation of scholars and teachers who encourage analysis of all gender roles in critical and creative ways.

The minor allows students to take classes in disciplines including sociology, history, English and anthropology, among others, and culminates in a senior project where students work closely with a faculty member in a small seminar to produce a sizable work of scholarly or creative significance.

Program Spotlight


Barbara McGowan

Barbara McGowan

Professor of History, Delmar D. Wensink Professor of Political Economy

[email protected]
Sarah Mahler Kraaz

Sarah Mahler Kraaz

Professor of Music, College Organist

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Ripon College faculty and professional staff are dedicated to helping you reach your goals, whatever they may be and however often they may change along the way. It’s part of our value statement to you.

As a student at Ripon, you will be assigned a faculty adviser based on your area(s) of interest. You will meet with your faculty adviser throughout your time as a student to discuss your current aspirations, plan your course schedule and plot a future trajectory. Staff in the Office of Constituent Engagement and Career Services help to match your interests to concrete goals and construct a plan for success, offering support through three stages of career development – planning, exploration and search. Student Support Services provides tutoring and additional academic and skill development, as well as tools to help with note-taking, exam preparation, goal-setting and time management. Mentors in the Collaborative Learning Center provide in-depth, one-on-one or group mentoring for students about class projects and college-level writing, and can share problem-solving strategies to overcome academic obstacles.

Advising at Ripon.

Career Tracks

What can I do with a women’s and gender studies minor?

Women’s and gender studies provide students with a focus to their liberal arts and sciences programs that can lead to careers and graduate programs in a variety of fields. It often provides a background for further work in other disciplines of the social sciences, humanities and biological sciences, as well as for professional careers in government, business, law, social services and other fields.

Recent graduates have taken many paths, including graduate school programs in information science and library studies. Others have moved directly into the professional workforce in public relations, human resources, community outreach and other careers.