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Global Studies


Ripon’s global studies program was established in 1994 because of the growing recognition of the dramatically accelerating interdependence of our world in every sphere. Students who will live the bulk of their lives in the 21st century must be prepared to take advantage of the many new opportunities for cooperation and mutually beneficial partnerships which transcend national boundaries.

They also must understand that global compression and radical increases in mobility – of people, resources and information – simultaneously will create some negative reactions and new arenas for possible conflict. If we are to maximize the possibilities and ameliorate the difficulties of this new era, the coming generation of educated men and women must have a broad and deep comprehension of the cultural, social, political, economic and scientific forces that will shape it. It is toward this goal that Ripon’s global studies program is directed.

Program Spotlight


Michael Mahoney

Michael Mahoney

Associate Professor of Global Studies

[email protected]


Requirements for a major in global studies: core courses: GLB 111 and 112. Foreign Language: completed coursework or demonstrated competence through the fifth semester of college work. All language courses must be passed with a grade of C- or better. Those studying a foreign language other than their primary foreign language as part of a study-abroad program may count that experience as their fifth semester of foreign language work. Study Abroad: at least one semester in a study abroad program endorsed by Ripon College or approved by the coordinator of Global Studies. Senior Seminar: GLB 500


Ripon College faculty and professional staff are dedicated to helping you reach your goals, whatever they may be and however often they may change along the way. It’s part of our value statement to you.

As a student at Ripon, you will be assigned a faculty adviser based on your area(s) of interest. You will meet with your faculty adviser throughout your time as a student to discuss your current aspirations, plan your course schedule and plot a future trajectory. We also work collaboratively with Ripon College Career and Professional Development to help match your interests and skills to concrete goals and construct a plan for professional success offering personalized career counseling, off-campus learning opportunities and an online job board with potential to connect with local, national and international employers. Our collaboration with Student Support Services provides tutoring and additional academic and skill development, as well as tools to help with note-taking, exam preparation, goal-setting and time management. Likewise, Mentors in the Collaborative Learning Center provide in-depth, one-on-one or group mentoring for students about class projects and college-level writing, and can share problem-solving strategies to overcome academic obstacles.

Advising at Ripon.

Career Tracks

Global studies can lead to careers in a variety of fields in the United States and abroad. The foreign language competence and international experience our graduates possess make them attractive and valuable to employers.

Recent graduates have taken many paths, including graduate school programs in international affairs, accounting and public service. They also continue on in careers as lawyers, international analysts and educators.

Recent graduates of our program work for:

  • Corporate Translations Inc.
  • Earth-Appraisal Company Ltd.
  • Heidel House Resort
  • Lakefront Brewery
  • State of Kansas
  • TEKsystems Inc.
  • Warshafsky Law Firm

Job titles of recent graduates include:

  • Lawyer
  • Associate linguistic validation project manager
  • Analyst – International Division
  • Flood recovery
  • English teacher (China)

Off-Campus Study

Study Abroad

Students may take advantage of pre-approved programs in Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, India, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Costa Rica. Programs in other countries may be approved if they meet Ripon’s academic standards.

Whether you choose a program that is international or domestic, it is an experience bound to change your view of the world. Click to learn more about Off- Campus Study and Liberal Arts In Focus at Ripon College.


Advanced students may obtain credit for work in companies, agencies and charitable organizations dealing with foreign countries or global issues.

Unique Opportunities

Co-Curricular Activities

Students are invited to participate with foreign students in an active International/Multicultural Club, attend Sunday night foreign films, eat at foreign-language tables in the dining hall and go on field trips to culturally diverse festivals, performances and exhibits.