Admission | Requirements

Admission Requirements

Ripon College encourages applications from those students who are best prepared to benefit from and contribute to both the academic and extracurricular programs that it offers. In evaluating applications, attention is paid to evidence of academic achievement, as indicated both by the distribution of courses taken in secondary school and by performance in those courses.

A minimum of 17 units of college preparatory work should include:

Mathematics: Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II

English: 4 years
Social Studies: 3 years
Natural Sciences: 3 years
Additional units from the subject areas listed or foreign language, fine arts or computer science
Average secondary school cumulative GPA: 3.40

Secondary school class rank:

Incoming students graduated in:
The upper one-tenth: 23%
The upper one-quarter: 50%
The upper half: 87%

Candidates must submit the following:

  • Completed Ripon Application
  • $30 Application Fee (will be waived if you apply by January 15th!)
  • Secondary School Transcript
  • Secondary School Recommendation
  • Results of ACT or SAT Tests
  • Personal Statement
  • Interview (Optional)

Ripon Student

Test Scores

Average score on the ACT: 24
(Three-fourths of incoming students scored above 21, and one-fourth scored above 27.)

Average score on the SAT: 1149
(Three-fourths of incoming students scored above 980, and one-fourth scored above 1270)

Preference normally is given to students who present more than the expected 17 units of college preparatory work. Other factors considered in admission decisions include evidence of significant extracurricular and community service activities. Applicants are encouraged to provide any additional information that they think might be helpful in evaluating their credentials.