About The Presidential Staff Awards

Introduced in 2013, the Presidential Staff Awards recognize the many significant contributions Ripon College staff members make to the long-standing success of the campus community. Award winners were nominated by the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of Ripon College and determined worthy by a selection committee of their peers for outstanding job performance in one of five areas critical to our mission: Admission, Administration, Advancement, General Excellence, and Student Life.

The 2013 Presidential Staff Award Winners

John Tobin was recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Administration. John has been Grounds Manager for the Physical Plant since February, 2007. “John helps make Ripon College a special place by his genuine kindness, his approachability, and his can-do attitude … He is great at taking the initiative and doing what needs to be done, without direction.”

Paula M. Schultz was recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Admission. Paula has served as the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Admission and Financial Aid since July, 1993. “Paula is the voice of the first impression and she does it just right all day, every day … She keeps all of us calm, and makes every day a little more manageable for everyone.”

Michelle K. Lippart was recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Advancement. She has worked as the Development Associate for Major and Planned Giving since July, 2011. “Michelle’s knowledge about the College, her positive spirit and unassuming generous nature have impressed alumni and friends of the College and have been directly responsible for our constituents wanting to become more involved with Ripon and provide greater financial support. She has been described by them as “a real Ripon person.””

Christina M. Sabel was recognized for General Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to the College. Chris has served as the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Finance since July, 1991. “Chris handles a wide variety of projects. She is efficient and easy to work with – a person that others know will offer to assist and in doing so, offer quality.”

Jessica L. Joanis received an award for her Outstanding Contribution to Student Life. She has worked in this area of the College since August, 2004, and was promoted to Director of Residence Life in 2011. “Jessica exudes a positive attitude, high energy and enthusiasm in all aspects of her job as Director of Residence Life …She is incredibly dedicated and a real team player.”

Winners were evaluated based on the quality of job performance, service and dedication to Ripon College and community involvement as demonstrated by personal and professional activity or achievement. In order to qualify, staff members must be appointed for at least two consecutive years as of March 29, 2013. Faculty, student, temporary employees and executive officers of the college are not eligible for recognition through this program. Respective Vice Presidents will establish a selection committee comprised of staff for each of the five awards.

Jessica Joanis

Chris Sabel

John Tobin

Michelle Lippart

Paula Schultz